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“Clean if you read my reviews you know I'm a fan of publix subs and hot bar but went in to this one and hot bar didn't look hot looked a little old it was around 1 so thought that was weird so went somewhere else . Maybe next time”

4.4 Superb95 Reviews

“My wife was unable to get her progesterone due to a shortage. I tried reaching out to Walmart and Kroger pharmacies but even though they had inventory would not fill it if I was not an existing customer. At the recommendation of the Publix pharmacist I called Dawson Pharmacy. They said no problem, took our insurance and said they would call when ready. Took 15 minutes. Dawson Pharmacy is a compound pharmacy which means they are able to make their own and while I am not sure if that is why they did I was very happy with the results and the staff. It is refreshing to deal with a dedicated pharmacy that is not just a grocery store pill mill so to say. I do not mean to speak badly about in store pharmacies but now that I am a senior I will be moving my prescription needs to a pharmacy where I can build a relationship. Having a pharmacy you know is looking for interaction and alternative treatments is just as important as choosing a physician. My opinion for what it is worth.”

4.2 Good12 Reviews

“Only taking one star off due to the extremely poor customer service delivered by Robert in the self checkout. My mother and I were purchasing groceries for a family dinner this weekend, and she purchased a bottle of wine. Of course she knew she was going to be IDed so she pulled out her concealed carry permit, to which Robert asked her for a “real ID”. My mom very calmly said “that is a real ID sweetie,” and then Robert abruptly told her to calm down and said “I don’t know about that.” I think if we are going to have employees help take care of guests within the self checkout, they must be well trained and knowledgeable, and if a question arises they should be nice, not snarky and defensive. This is all coming from a young women in customer service herself. Disappointed Kroger.”

3.5 Good38 Reviews

“The pharmacist is great. He's always super helpful and very nice. He shows he actually cares. He never fails with answering questions. The ladies up front could be nicer, a smile every now and again would be nice. They always are so grumpy and act like we're killing them to ask for, in some cases, life saving medications.”

3.4 Good25 Reviews

“Great family business wonderful people to deal with I highly recommend them. I enjoy doing business there. They really take great care of their customers a friends. Stop by an give them a chance I’m sure u will see what I mean. Take care an be blessed”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“Paula attended to my need promptly and got my script from my dr office in 5 minutes . Very good friendly service . All the staff are super competant and friendly .”

2.7 Average11 Reviews

“Dawsonville CVS is always busy but they are fast and efficient! Once my prescription is called in or dropped off they are fast. The employees are nice to work with.”

2.3 Poor5 Reviews

“This CVS is great. The staff are friendly and Katelyn was very kind to help me with my insurance situation. I understand their lines are long, but they are long for a reason and usually they are pretty fast.”

2.2 Poor32 Reviews