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“I stopped in for some snacks and it was well stocked with your traditional assortment of goods. The place was clean and was being cleaned at the time. Staff was super cool and helpful and kind.”

4.2 Good32 Reviews

“Very nice place to buy Gas they have to Cheapest gas in this area Gas station across the street is $3.29 this Station is $3.09 how is this possible it's easy the one across the street and down the street is ripping folks off. I Highly recommend coming here to buy your gas.”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“I went there today to wash and dry great place, people are friendly there machines are good working order place clean in and out they have onsite staff really good people there's a convenient store and fuel island and a restaurant next to the convenient store.easy access from many different roads.and not far off interstate I--285 plus plenty of eateries and shopping plazas in all directions.”

3.9 Good24 Reviews

“Love this gas station they have scented raw shea butter purse size cups! Also small cups of black soap..trial size...I can only find them there...oh you can also use your kroger points towards your gas!!”

3.6 Good28 Reviews

“?"I stop by my daughter ?house the other day just to pay her a visit while i was out and about doing a little shopping ?. "I checked my Lil hoop de vile and noticed her ?belly was low on fuel, so I stop at this Mobil gas ⛽ station ?to get her some gas." I like these ⛽ stations like ?Mobil, Q T, Ouit trip." Because when am on the highway ?? I don't have worrier if my Lil hoop ? de vile, might start coughing because I filled her stomach up with bad gas." She all I got, I have to treat ? her right. She got get me to ?point ? A and B, and to bingo etc."❤ just have to treat her with tender loving care if I want her to act ✅right!" That's my baby." Stop there all the time when am the area where my daughter live!"Just Saying!" Good ?gas for your car!" That's all for right ✅now!" God bless you all and have a wonderful and blessed day today!??”

4 Good7 Reviews

“This is the most amazing gas station I have ever stepped foot in. The beautiful bald slender man behind the counter sold me a big winner scratch off for FIVE DOLLARS!! I was gifted this money in my most desperate time. I swear the clerk was touched by an angel (and looked like one too.) He helped me that day but kind eyes were I all I really needed. I think about this gas station when times get hard. I even drive by and give him a little smile from my car. I love you Texaco. Kisses.”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“I've lived here for I'd say about 4 years and we always had to drive out of the way just to get to a gas station. This place has everything you need. The ladies behind the counter is always respectful. Mornings are the worse. They get flooded and them ladies gets you in and out fast. I love this store.”

3.8 Good10 Reviews

“I actually just went to the emissions place right beside Sunoco...she only charges $18 and gives great and fast customer service...always in and out with limited or no wait time!”

3.6 Good11 Reviews

“If your on old Dixie, this is one of two stations you always need to check prices before you gas up!! The prices are usually one of the most competitive in the area..hungry??? Check out the chicken wings here, hot, fresh and delicious ?”

3.7 Good7 Reviews

“I had a chicken burrito and it was pure perfection. I can't give a review on anything except for the burritos. This was delicious. It was tender and the sauce left me craving more. The place isn't the most upscale place. But these kind of places have the best food. I think next time I may try a shrimp or steak burrito but this 1 burrito was so big I couldn't finish it in on sitting. They don't skimp on any ingredients. You will definitely get what you pay for.”

3.4 Good36 Reviews

“They have the best crushed ice and thank goodness they have styrofoam large cups I like the remodel so bigger inside comfortable bathroom area so yeah it's great customer service is always great”

3.2 Average12 Reviews

“I stop here almost daily, my grown kids stop here often as well... Local, convenient and friendly. Tonya is great... I found out that she left a few months ago and stopped going! One day I went into another store and there she was we started going there... I'm so glad she's back and I hope y'all realize what a valuable asset she is.. dedicated, hardworking, intelligent... the best! ?”

3.1 Average15 Reviews

“Les expensive gas than surrounding stations, community coffee, courteous clerk, AND the bathroom is open. Apparently, I'm no longer angry with Exxon for the Valdez oil spill back in1989.”

3 Average4 Reviews
3 Average20 Reviews

“I have been coming to this location for over 10+ years, and the customer service is unmatched! They have a very family oriented atmosphere, including playing good music as well! My sister and I have Nick named it ClubBP! Lol. Ms. Teresa has trained them well!! This location has saved me hundreds of dollars in gas each year by being signed up with the BPMe rewards program! I was super happy they were approved for the remodel of their location! It just shows hard work pays off!! Y'all keep up the great work see ya soon!!!”

2.8 Average5 Reviews

“Gas is cheaper, but they jack there prices on everything else way the hell up, like we won't know, and don't use a debit card cause u will be charged like a credit card”

2.6 Average7 Reviews

“One of the best and cleanest Chevrons I've been to. Sleek and spacious interior, well stocked with everyday essentials, top notch customer service and competetive gas prices. Plus you can't ever go wrong with Chevron gas ?”

2.3 Poor6 Reviews

“I'm grateful for this place being, or at least thought to be the ONLY location with kerosene fuel!!! The customer service is Great!! All staff I have talked & worked with. Again, I'm thankful they are here & Open!!”

2.4 Poor8 Reviews

“This shell is consistently good. There's never tons of people loitering. You can enter/exit onto 2 separate streets because it's on a corner. The prices for gas stay pretty low and if you join they're fuel rewards program you save even more. This is where I consistently for gas. 1 star off because all their pumps don't always work and their building seems to constantly be under construction.”

1 Poor3 Reviews

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