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“Not that this place needs another glowing review but after driving 4 places today trying to get an oil change for my 1974 TR6 on my only afternoon off, I was fortunate enough to pull in here. They immediately took interest and got me back on the road quickly. Super super nice people here, I left wanting to apply for a job so I could work here!”

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“what a great experience I had this morning at Amoco. I had a flat tire and Andre was booked for a few days. This very nice gentleman who works there jumped in and took care of everything. He pumped up the flat tire and painstakingly made sure it had extra air without being over the pressure limit. then he checked all of the other tires. and, just like he said, it got us all the way to a tire place that could repair the slow leak. Great service and really high quality workers.”

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“Nice little spot. Has gasoline. Normal gas station with snacks, beverages, candy, and they do have food.From chili, hotdogs, burgers, condiments and diced onions,cut jalapenos, and relish available as well as BBQ sandwiches ,fish sandwiches ,regular square bread ham and turkey sandwiches, deviled eggs, you should find something.Friendly staff i work in the area been going over 20 years.”

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“Best place to get gas in Sandy Springs/Dunwoody! I live right near the perimeter and surprisingly there are like 0 gas stations around. There is just the one Exxon by the mall, otherwise I can never find gas. Honestly a whole Costco membership is worth it for the gas alone! First of all the price! Lots of places around Atl are pushing 4$ a gallon but Costco is 3$! The lines do get long but that's not a problem. Definitely the best place in the area!”

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“Perks of being a Costco member comes with premium quality affordable gas. Unless you come at open lines will be wrapped around this place. Vehicles fill up and move fairly quickly. Always clean with an attendant on duty to assist with anything.”

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“Traveling from ATL and decided to stop and get gas here. Loved the old school look but updated pumps. The store was well stocked and the bathroom was very clean. Excellent service.”

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“Same nail in the tire story. Had a nail from a constrcution site next to our house. Call to see if they were busy and them had me on my way in 20 minutes which worked for me needing to drive out of town in a couple of hours.Service: Tires”

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“The fuel worked, I thought it was like a pretend gas station, to my surprise I put the "fake fuel" into my truck and it worked!I know I probably played a long a little too far but it paid off in the end!”

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“The gas is reasonable people are pretty nice it's a lot of people that hang around and gas station but it's a bit it's a gas station yes and a decent place it's okay”

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“Love the service here. Ronny is always so nice & helpful... greets me with a smile every time i come in. The place is clean and well stocked with what i need. I travel a little further to come here because of the great customer service”

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“We've been coming to this Exxon location since we moved here in at the height of the pandemic during 2020 and we enjoy their munchies while filling up the gas tank. Get their ice packs as well! The best place to acquire everything you need for a morning commute, plus the place is always clean even though customers are sloppy.”

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“The clerk was really nice in helping me out with the ATM at 4:30am this morning! It approved my transaction then temporarily shut down BEFORE it spit my money out!! Thanks again!! :)”

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“What Surprise ... $25 for the BEST Detailed hand car wash Ever ! Sheldon worked on cleaning up my Lexus for almost 2 hours !!! Spit shined it ! I sat outside on this beautiful day in the ATL & caught up on a Netflix show & emails while he worked his self silly. He said " a mans got a job to do" ... Sheldon said it's all Gods strength , when I commented that he must have eaten his Wheaties this morning ! Glad I had no where to be ... cuz this was A Very long Car Wash ... awesome job Sheldon !!!”

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“Only reason I gave 5 stars is because of the black guy that works there... he do all he can to keep that place clean the cashiers however usually seem distracted puzzled confused or high nice gas station but the parking lot is kinda a compacted right fit”

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“This has to be one of the cleanest and most well organized gas stations I’ve ever been to! The bathrooms are especially clean. The employees are nice too. Definitely will be coming back”

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“My wife and I love Costco! My only complaint is with the shrimp cocktail. The shrimp is outstanding and very plentiful. The cocktail sauce is amazing, but it is not enough. It would be great if you could either put in a second one or allow the staff to give a second one upon request. Currently they do not do so.Thank you,Ron [email protected]

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“They won't short change you unless some new hire not knowing the prices is working. There is one tall male thinking he's God's gift with a very nasty disrespectful attitude towards customers along with have the employees not focused because their cellular phones are more important than sales that make it difficult to get in and out respectfully. Plus this place has really went down hill on it's selection”

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“We did so much shopping at Kroger that I got 40 cents off a gallon for gas!! There were plenty of open pumps.BTW I exited the shopping center near the fuel center.”

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“This place is awesome. Great food. Their selection is on point. Deserts are amazing. The apple crumb cake is my go to. Stopped for gas the other day. My wife got stuff to make a charcuterie board and I got an Italian sandwich which was delicious. Looking forward to Savi moving in there.”

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“I think I’m here every day!!!! Can’t wait for the liquor store to open!!! Very friendly staff. ! Cheap gas (something ?) everything you need. & good music ?”

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“Google Maps said closed. But it's 5 am and they are open Had the bicycle tire patch kit we needed, saving the day. Confirmed inside open 24 hours, 7 days a week.”

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“Its a gas station..... I feel reasonably safe here and the pan handlers don't bother me when pumping gas.... an important factor when I consider where to stop.”

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“I have been getting my car washed (and waxed) for many years. I am on car #3 now and drive over 40 minutes to have them wash it by hand. They are fair, consistently thorough, and so nice!Not a fancy place, but the chairs in the lawn are fine with me and worth the drive.”

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“Nice new gas station. Well lit with great selections in store. They do serve cooked chicken, but wouldn't eat that I've seen the staff they have cooking.”

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“Awesome store. They get customers. Our wants and desires. Top notch, high caliber employees. Kudos to the QT owner/owners. Fabulous customer service. Right below arriving flight path of Peachtree/Atlanta GA airport. Awesome.”

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“After trying three gas stations and every possible thing happening EXCEPT getting some gas I saw my gps had been trying to get me to this one and pulled up. The machines are newer and I was able to get gas. The grounds were clean. The space is small enough so it is not as easy for people to be loitering around. I didn’t go inside but I would bet it’s at least fairly clean in there. The first gas station I pulled into I circled right out the ground was so filthy.So I’m thankful for this gas station being there, I wouldn’t have made it to my usual one without running out or coming really close”

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