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“The people are super friendly here, although the wait is always super long because its such a busy store. All in all I am satisfied. But the prices could be better.”

4.1 Good64 Reviews

“We have been trying really hard lately to get our store back in order. Please come by and see all the hard work we've been up to and check out all of the newly marked down items! As of 6/13/23, anything in our store specifically, with a little red price sticker is what you're looking for. Discounts from 10% off to 50% off! Those are all items we won't be selling anymore, so we can make room for new, bigger and better things! Come check us out for yourself(:”

4.2 Good31 Reviews

“All Dollar General stores are always a little different. Considering that, this store had to have water cleaned up from a busted sprinkler line the day we were there. They were open & taking care of their customers!!! So they were a little in disarry but, I love the fact they didnt close up! This has always been a great store.”

4 Good59 Reviews

“Dollar General is always a nice place to shop. It's convenient to my house and the prices are fair. I usually even have to go and put money on my sister's Chime banking card for her. We all enjoy having the Dollar General so close to our house. It's only about 3 miles away from my house”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews

“Dollar trees is good on certain household products,but their inventory isn't much at all.. They need to make the store like the ones in Gainesville they have much more products”

3.9 Good33 Reviews

“the manager here was super sweet and was great with a conversation. i highly recommend this dollar general, it’s really organized. if i could 10 stars for the costumer service”

3.7 Good69 Reviews

“Stores you can still get things for around a dollar or two are the best not to mention very needed especially these days. I love the Dollar Tree and this one is my particular favorite to frequent altho I love to shop various ones in the Hall Co areas and other surrounding counties due to the differences in what they have in a different store comparatively with the area or maybe size of the store. And I'm actually glad they have the added $5 isle now for more of certain items u might need u can't otherwise grab at a dollar store. Ty...”

3.8 Good20 Reviews

“People were very nice found alot of stuff i needed store was in order nothing like dollar general,plus they are taking donations for balloons and candy for nursing homes,very nice this one on Atlanta Hwy.first time in this location i liked it..Good Job”

3.4 Good7 Reviews

“Well stocked, easy to maneuver through store without tripping over stock carts, boxes and trash. Beats the dollar general on gillsville hwy by a mile in both customer service and stocked items in store. Lots of frozen/canned veggies to choose, even has pork loins and ground beef.”

3.4 Good44 Reviews

“Wow great job!! It has not looked this nice in years!! Well done and that was a ton of work. Your customer noticed and had to comment. This place is cleaned up and so organized now. Great job. I feel like we got a new dollar general.”

3.3 Good74 Reviews

“Was having a very frustrating day and then came up a dollar short sdsu the register. The cashier promptly reached in her pocket and helped me pay for my order. It wad just a dollar but meant so much to me and saved me a lot of embarrassment since there were customers behind me as well.”

3.1 Average14 Reviews

“Hate going in this place cause I always buy more than I expected to. LolGreat place to shop as long as it's not the Gillsville store.They NEVER PUT STUFF UP !!!!! IT'S ALWAYS PACKED WITH BUGGIES OF MERCHANDISE THEY WON'T PUT UP BECAUSE THERE LAZY !!!!!”

2.9 Average14 Reviews

“I like doing the surveys but I was not happy with the store tonight they put a note on the door and two people was just sitting in there car with each other.They tried to say they closed at 630.00pm I know they supposed to stay open for at least until nine or ten!!!”

2.8 Average12 Reviews

“This location off Waldrip Road is one of the few I can count on to be properly stocked and has employees that care. Always greeted on entry and helped quickly by staff.”

2.7 Average12 Reviews

“Hi everyone! I am the new Store Manager of this location and I promise we have been trying our hardest to get the store back in order and in great condition for you guys! We do NOT open late or close early anymore, for any reasons other than an absolute emergency and I swear you'll be greeted by smiling faces when you visit us. I know this store has had quite the track record but I am too determined/stubborn to not do something about it. Please give us another chance and come see what we've been doing to make our place somewhere you want to shop. If you have any concerns or questions you'll be able to find me, Sara, in store almost 6 days a week. I would be more than happy to hear what you have to say!Update! Our store phone is up and running again so you can call us with any questions or concerns any day of the week from 9am to 9pm!”

2.8 Average17 Reviews

“I’ve never been a dollar general fan. Usually dirty with items spread all over the place or laying in the floor. Like a gross mini Walmart. But this place was very nice. Clean, organized, and helpful staff.”

2 Poor17 Reviews

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