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“I absolutely LOVE this store! I also shop at the other location in Orange Park Florida, & they take really great care of Me! I'll definitely continue being a customer!~AJ~”

4.8 Superb63 Reviews

“The young lady there was the absolute best. She upsold the heck outta me! Lol. The military discount is another thing that brings me back time and again! Best in the business!”

5 Superb34 Reviews

“I highly recommend Joseph's Clothier to anyone looking for quality men's clothing and exceptional service. The store is well-organized and easy to navigate, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Overall, a fantastic shopping experience that exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend giving Joseph's Clothier a try for all your men's clothing needs.”

4.7 Superb76 Reviews

“I own a few of their pieces. Some I have owned since the first year of them opening which screams great quality products like this dress. They are my favorite in my closet. Highly recommend a visit to their locations to see more.”

4.9 Superb37 Reviews

“Allan saved a wedding. The groom got his rented tux from another store and it looked like a trash bag. We had to leave the next day for the Charleston wedding. The Groom was very upset and didnt think he could get a replacement in one days time.I (the best man) called Allen and explained the urgency of the situation. He said they could absolutely sell a tux and tailor it to be picked up the next next day just n time. John B Rourke gained 2 customers that day. Thank you for everything!!!!”

4.8 Superb30 Reviews

“Love spending lots of time hanging out in here and shopping with my wife. We love picking up some last minute gifts for friends and family's back home from here. Wide selection of stuff in here, something for everyone here.”

4.6 Superb50 Reviews

“This is where you take old clothing to recycle, even rags, as long as they are laundered. 15 percent off card for your next purchase-nice clothing, a good mix of mod and standard pieces to make you stylish- a little or a lot- where your daughter won't cringe shopping with Mom! Not a place of extreme sizes, x-large or super small. I'm usually a med-large. I'm a small here.”

4.5 Superb69 Reviews

“Tried on a pair of dress pants that didn’t fit. The associate found me the right size to order online and they fit great. Very personalized and attentive service.”

4.5 Superb45 Reviews

“Great store for clothing, accessories and home goods.There is a good selection of brands for all ages. Good deals if you search well and discount coupons for your next purchase.Clean and tidy store, not too much crowd and the staff is friendly.”

4.3 Superb148 Reviews

“I got my first board. It's girly which I did not expect them to have feminine options, yay. I don't know the employees name but he was extremely kind and helpful.This is NOT what I expected a skate shop to look like! I really liked it, so clean and beautiful. Thank you!”

4.4 Superb57 Reviews

“Fantastic vintage store! I bought an amazing 1970s jumpsuit for a disco-themed party that fit perfectly. We’ll-curated selection and super helpful staff! Highly recommend.”

4.4 Superb46 Reviews

“The best place to go when looking for something special and unique! As someone who needs a little help with fashion (I work and live in yoga pants) I know that when I walk in there Kathi, will find me the perfect outfit! Best women’s clothing store in Savanna!”

4.6 Superb17 Reviews

“OMGOSH!! Allie was amazing!!! We just left a horrible experience at other places not mentioning shops but the mall can do better in a lot of the shops with customer service. I asked my daughter to go in the Buckle and just look. Allie immediately helped her and paid attention to the details of what my daughter liked. She handed her several pairs of jean options to try on and went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable. We purchased 2 pairs of jeans, and we will be back to get more. Allie wrote her style of jeans on a card and the size, so we would have no issues next time. Everyone was so nice and helpful!! Prices are very reasonable!!”

4.3 Superb53 Reviews

“Can't say enough great things about J Parker and their staff.Our family was in Savanah for a wedding, when, less than 30 minutes before the ceremony, the father of the bride, through no fault of his own, had a unbelievable wardrobe malfunction. We needed help. We googled men's clothing and found J. Parker, only a few blocks from the Church. Without hesitation they stepped up offering to help, going above and beyond anything we could have asked for.Their kindness and generosity saved the day for the bride and her father.On behalf of our entire family, cead mile failte!”

4.3 Superb50 Reviews

“Larry the owner has service many of my family members for years. You can not beat the service and fine merchandise that Larry has to offer. Always a pleasure experience ?.”

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

“I don't know where I've been. Never heard of Shep and Ian before today.But , I looked through their site and I see plenty of clothes I like and I would wear. I will definitely be shopping for S & I from now on.”

4.9 Superb7 Reviews

“It's pricy....that said, the quality is excellent so spending $100 on one T-shirt from here or getting 5 for the same price from a cheaper place...I reckon the one T from this place will last longer.One tiny issue....if you've got a tax exemption card the staff have no clue how to apply it. If not for that, it would be 5 stars.”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“Didn't purchase anything since I was just browsing at the time, but there's definitely a wide range of cute outfits I would totally buy if I wanted them.”

4.1 Good73 Reviews

“One of the best apparel companies in the US. The downtown Savannah store is well-stocked and well-managed. Great selection of Big Frig tumblers. Super friendly and helpful staff. Don't shop here if you aren't proud to be American or don't like freedom.”

4.2 Good24 Reviews

“Very friendly staff, as well as very knowledgeable and helpful! Is the place smells amazing!Is lots of items to choose from, Anywhere from children to adults, great size range for the bigger people in your life.Thoroughly enjoy shopping in prior military businesses! The grounds are clean, plenty of options to sit and relax inside and out. A definite must stop and see and grab some coffee, and food. You definitely will enjoy yourself!”

4.1 Good41 Reviews

“Wonderful little vintage store that is somehow packed with treasures but not overwhelming! They have everything from great dresses, shoes, tees... you name it. I walked out with a great little silk scarf I've been tying around my bags and weaving through my pony tail since I left the store. They have changing rooms so no need to do the awkward over the clothes try ons. Check their hours before making the trip! They close early (around 5 I think) and are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesday. We were staying just a block away but almost didn't make it because we kept leaving the area too early and getting back too late. Worth the trip! Especially since they are right by Forsyth Park, so you'll want to take a little stroll with your new vintage finds right away.”

4.2 Good11 Reviews

“Before our trip to Savannah on a Saturday in October, I did some research to see what activities and areas were dog friendly. The guide mentioned that the Riverfront area had dog- friendly shopping, restaurants, and tours. My Miniature Schnauzer Coco, who happens to be black, and I came across the Black Dog General Store while walking along the Historic River Street. In front of the store were two amicable women handing out treats to anyone walking with a dog. I politely declined the doggie treat since my pup has a very limited diet and could easily get sick by eating a random treat, but it was a nice gesture. We walked into the store, which had clothing, bears, bags, and a bunch of other random things, all with the Black Dog name and logo printed on them. The items were pricey, but the quality seemed to be good. My Coco loves humans and was open to the store associate and customers petting him while admiring his Schnauzer cut. I decided to purchase a duffle bag. While checking out, I was startled by a very large dog tied up next to the front counter, and Coco was terrified. Fortunately, we did not get close enough for the dogs to make contact, but it would have been nice to know the dog was there. If you are a bougie dog owner and have money to blow, then I would definitely recommend visiting The Black Dog General Store: Savannah.”

4.1 Good16 Reviews

“Hidden amidst STARLAND's modern bustle, Vintage Vortex stands as a captivating treasure, where time bends to a symphony of decades. The store's owner, a passionate custodian of the past, curates each corner with a profound love that breathes life into the vintage collection.Step inside and be transported through a well-orchestrated portal to the past. From the roaring '20s to the flamboyant '80s, each era boasts a curated array of garments, memorabilia, and accessories, evoking a nostalgic charm.The owner's presence is infectious, sharing anecdotes behind each artifact with a warm smile. Their dedication to preserving cultural heritage shines through, creating a serene ambiance that beckons patrons to explore at their leisure.Vintage Vortex is more than a store; it's a living museum that offers a profound connection to our collective history. With its carefully arranged treasures and the passionate soul behind it, this thrift store elevates shopping into an elegant journey through time, leaving an indelible mark on every visitor's heart.”

4.1 Good14 Reviews

“Best Store in savannah for Shoes (MY FAVORITE NIKE AND JORDAN STORE) and clothes.....My first time walking inside this store was like walking in a store from new york (thats where i am from originally) and wow I was amazed. They carry pretty much everything you can think off and have sale prizes like no one else...JUST TAKE A STEP INSIDE and GUARANTEE YOU WALK WITH SOMETHING OUTSIDE....YEAH THAT GOOD!”

4 Good29 Reviews

“This place was so fun. It's perfect for everybody at age it doesn't have the kinda stuff that Spencer's does. They range from anime to hello kitty and sometimes you'll find some cute pastels here. And the staff are so friendly!”

4 Good19 Reviews

“The staff was extremely busy; however, greeted me upon entering the store. The store was organized and the Christmas music was festive. The prices were affordable and I was able to get my love one an awesome gift at a decent price.”

4 Good9 Reviews

“I've been a Vans guys for 30 some years and I've never been disappointed with the Oglethorpe store...Great customer service from younge folks who really like their jobs, plus the management seems to always be looking for opportunities to go above and beyond...Had another great experience today...”

4 Good5 Reviews

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