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“Lost my wallet previous night and i went in for coffee and burrito next morning but my bank app wouldn't work properly to verify for wireless gpay on my phone and the 2 ladies working bought my stuff for me on 12/9. Thanks again!”

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“As with all of the Costco gas stations that I have been to, this one is clean, there are a lot of pumps, and they are always much cheaper than anywhere else. The only thing that I wish that they would do is make a dedicated line for large capacity fuel tanks and allow the nozzles and pumps to run faster.I do hope that they can redo the exits from this station in the future. It's very awkward to exit the whole plaza turning right when others are all turning left to go shopping at Costco.”

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“Decent gas station, kind employees who are willing to help. They do tend to get quite busy with the location. My husband and I use a third party app to get discounts on gas here, which is nice.”

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“This station is really close to my home & I try to go there as often as I can. It's great here, fairly inexpensive on the gas/convenience store items.Unfortunately, there is a downside to one thing: NONE of your locations have the physical address on *any* of your receipts. Therefore, when trying to get credit from the Fetch app, it won't accept them bc of that minor detail...Please put your store addresses on the receipts, even the ones from inside.Thank you.”

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“Great place for getting fuel. Super easy access in and out and the prices usually cannot be beat. Also I've never had a batch of bad gas from them. Thank you Fred Meyers fuel station. I'm one happy customer and will continue to come back. Not to mention that one of the most awesome grocery stores in town as well as it's right next door.”

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“The ethanol free fuel in multiple grades is great. The prices are competitive with the ethanol infused fuels at other stations. The premium I use for lawn and garden equipment is so much cheaper than what is offered at other locations. It is worth the drive across town. Unfortunately I don't currently have a vehicle that would benefit from the e85 or race fuel but glad it is there.Update.I have filled up here 3 times recently. I am getting about 7 to 10% better gas mileage. To me it is like buying gas 40 to 50 cents cheaper elsewhere.”

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“If you get gas here go up to the window and put money on a walmart gift card and use that. It gives you 3 cents per gallon discount. I know its not much but every little bit helps.”

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“Thank you Bob for such a a positive and welcoming vibe, you have u made my day I was a bit down but Bob had such a wonderful attitude and was so kind tht I forgot everything I was struggling with ? keep up the awesomeness we need more people like Bob?”

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“Filled up my Shelby on gas, went in to buy a 2L Pepsi... made it back to the Car and opened the Pepsi. The bottle was kinda caved in, I noticed. Took one little drink and it was flat! Brought it back in and exchanged it for a "pumped" up one without no problems. Thanks guys!

Lynn Jason”

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“Stopped for gas, they aired up my tires and replaced my battery terminal when my car wouldn’t start. I can’t thank them enough!! Friendly fast , extremely friendly service. Highly recommend!!”

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“I got better service here than I have gotten at restaurants! The ladies from the bonfire grill are the kindest, most professional human beings. I want to open up a business just to hire them. I’m seriously taken back by how amazing they are. I didn’t get her name but especially the lady that I think is in charge of the bonfire grill. 10/10. Thank you !”

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“Good clean convenience store you might have to take a second down on the house to get a candy bar but hey it's clean organized and you're paying for it LOL”

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“Great place, the cashiers are all very friendly and helpful they always use gloves when serving the popcorn. Fountain drinks and slushie machines are always neat and in working order.”

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“This is a quick and easy station. It is the farthest set of pumps away from the Jackson's mini-mart. There are only a few pumps for Pacific Pride and the other pumps are for a different card system. It is well lit, so no worries after dark. The pumps dispense diesel much quicker than conventional retailers, so be careful!”

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“Amazing service. Ran in on Christmas eve to let my daughter go pee and the girl working was so nice to us. She even bought her a little stuffed animal making her day. We just put our horse down right before. She has no ideas how much she made both of our days.”

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“I usually stop in at the Middleton/Highway 55 location at least once a week. The ladies who work there early in the morning are so kind. They always tell you good morning, tell you to have a good day, and remind you to drive safely. They are sometimes the nicest people I encounter all day. The breakfast burritos are tasty too!”

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“Fill up and buy snacks and some food items…bread, milk, etc. … and never had any issues with products or services. Not much I can do about gas prices but have used Shell gas for many years. Would recommend this station and convenience store when in the area. It is off the beaten path, unlike most other fuel stops; more of a neighborhood store but worth the stop in.”

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“Always nice place to go staff friendly always get a hi or good afternoon...except when they have a floater named falisha working she's rude ALWAYS on her phone could careless about the customers... not a good look for Jackson's....”

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“Very friendly like going to grandmas to gas up and borrow some snacks for the movie your watching tonight, and the coffee in the morning is the best only two dollers and satisfys enough to were I don't have to make it at homeNewly remodeled bathrooms also help tremendously.”

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“EPW... Best truck wash ever. 5 Starz Will come here from now on and ONLY here. BTW, don't bother stopping at the others. This is on a whole other level. They use pure reverse osmosis water. R.O. zero water spots. Fantastic.”

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