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“Lost my wallet previous night and i went in for coffee and burrito next morning but my bank app wouldn't work properly to verify for wireless gpay on my phone and the 2 ladies working bought my stuff for me on 12/9. Thanks again!”

4.5 Superb41 Reviews

“This station is really close to my home & I try to go there as often as I can. It's great here, fairly inexpensive on the gas/convenience store items.Unfortunately, there is a downside to one thing: NONE of your locations have the physical address on *any* of your receipts. Therefore, when trying to get credit from the Fetch app, it won't accept them bc of that minor detail...Please put your store addresses on the receipts, even the ones from inside.Thank you.”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“I got better service here than I have gotten at restaurants! The ladies from the bonfire grill are the kindest, most professional human beings. I want to open up a business just to hire them. I’m seriously taken back by how amazing they are. I didn’t get her name but especially the lady that I think is in charge of the bonfire grill. 10/10. Thank you !”

3.9 Good38 Reviews

“Place deserves allstars!and moon rocks! good ole fast mart ! like the Simpsons quickie mart but faster! Sy has got pretty good management skills for his crew! to sling beer Tabaco products and tools for fools located at the chopped an screwed up intersection of good ole 11th st Garrity north side and whatever street starts or ends there!”

4.3 Superb10 Reviews

“I’m putting 1 star not because of the store but the employee that works there. I’ve never seen someone so miserable to be working. You say good morning or thank you, it’s like you’re talking to the wall with no response. Won’t even great you when you walk in, sighs when you need to be checked out. Seems like I’m an inconvenience trying to support a locally owned business but if that’s how the employee acts to patrons, I will take my business elsewhere. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that has mentioned her. Amazing what one sour apple can do for a business. I’ll be going elsewhere for my needs.PS-check your product exploration dates, I’ve bought numerous expired products, have called to let them know and never asked for a refund but to have it happen more than once…not cool.Update:4/12/22 met the owner today while she working this location. Super sweet and I feel for her trying to find good help but just help in general. I changed from 1 star to 5 after hearing it’s hard to find help.”

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“I usually stop in at the Middleton/Highway 55 location at least once a week. The ladies who work there early in the morning are so kind. They always tell you good morning, tell you to have a good day, and remind you to drive safely. They are sometimes the nicest people I encounter all day. The breakfast burritos are tasty too!”

3.7 Good27 Reviews

“Nice clean convenience store with a wide verity of snacks, milk products, etc, etc.FYI, It gets pretty busy in the mornings and evenings and the parking can be tricky with so many vehicles coming in and out.”

3.9 Good12 Reviews

“Lakeshore market is the best gas station and convenience store I've been to. They're kind and personable and always consistent which is rare especially for a family owned and operated business. Raaj and his son take care of you as if they've known ya for a lifetime”

3.8 Good13 Reviews

“I love this fuel station! They have a lot of good stuff here. Fresh hot foods made daily such as mini tacos to jalapeño poppers and chicken fingers. Specials on your favorite hydration drinks and they're trucker friendly. A+ in this valley for sure!”

4.2 Good6 Reviews

“Great place, the cashiers are all very friendly and helpful they always use gloves when serving the popcorn. Fountain drinks and slushie machines are always neat and in working order.”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“Very friendly like going to grandmas to gas up and borrow some snacks for the movie your watching tonight, and the coffee in the morning is the best only two dollers and satisfys enough to were I don't have to make it at homeNewly remodeled bathrooms also help tremendously.”

3.6 Good12 Reviews

“Always nice place to go staff friendly always get a hi or good afternoon...except when they have a floater named falisha working she's rude ALWAYS on her phone could careless about the customers... not a good look for Jackson's....”

3.7 Good7 Reviews

“Amazing service. Ran in on Christmas eve to let my daughter go pee and the girl working was so nice to us. She even bought her a little stuffed animal making her day. We just put our horse down right before. She has no ideas how much she made both of our days.”

4.2 Good3 Reviews

“I have had issues with the Maverick on Franklin in Nampa so I've posted not so good reviews about How rude their staff is at that location. It's only right that I leave a positive review When I have a wonderful pleasant experience. The Maverick on Northside boulevard in Nampa is well put together, clean and the staff is the extreme opposite of the rude nasty women that work at the Franklin Maverick ?Caleb was working late night and just really cool and personable and handled my lottery tickets beautifully with no issues whatsoever. Not even one Repeat and totally stress free. Thank you”

3.4 Good20 Reviews

“Was in the area and heard they had some awesome BBQ. Had the pulled pork sandwich with fries. Both were amazing. If I lived closer, I would be more often. Also it sounds like they weren’t Covid crazy requiring masks a few years ago. Just another reason for me to enjoy this place!”

3.5 Good11 Reviews

“Made a late night stop.on the way out of town. Friendly staff and fellow customersFound a couple items on clearance sale. We didn't know they had clearence on soda and sports drinks.”

3.4 Good10 Reviews

“EPW... Best truck wash ever. 5 Starz Will come here from now on and ONLY here. BTW, don't bother stopping at the others. This is on a whole other level. They use pure reverse osmosis water. R.O. zero water spots. Fantastic.”

3.6 Good4 Reviews

“Just came and visit this place this morning and was greeted so nicely. The woman I can’t remember her name but customer service just isn’t like that now days and I appreciate her smile and happy attitude!! And having a drive thru is superrr convenient for when I’m still in my jammies. And lollipops for the kiddos. Yeah I will be making this my regular spot from now on.”

3.6 Good3 Reviews

“Good clean store. Solid car wash for the price good value. Excellent selection of beverages in both fountain drinks and in the cooler. It is nice to be able to get a few groceries there with a reasonable price (unlike most convenience stores)”

3.1 Average6 Reviews

“This is a good gas station and convenience store. The gas is a little pricey, if you drive a little further down the highway prices are cheaper. They have an operable and affordable air machine that I needed during my stop. The staff was very friendly when I went to the store, and the bathrooms are very clean. This is a convenient place to stop if you're driving through Boise.”

3 Average7 Reviews

“I walked in here at noon to buy a soda there was about 10 people in line and one cashier and he was the best and fastest I've ever seen in my life he kept bouncing back-and-forth between 2 registers and got everybody out of there in a fast timely manner. WADE is a rockstar I hope the company recognizes that.”

3 Average8 Reviews