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“Christine is really heaven sent, asked her to get me some items while she was doing another task and she didn't hesitate to give me what I asked for...wish her nothing but the best”

3.9 Good41 Reviews

“This place is a daily stop for me. I love almost everything about this speedway specifically. The customer service is out of this world! They are fast and friendly. If for some reason the line gets longer then 3 or 4 people they open another register. The workers are always talkative and friendly. The restroom is always clean as well as the gas station itself. The reward program they have is great to! It’s very easy to accumulate points. I honestly can’t think of anything that needs to be changed.”

3.9 Good23 Reviews

“Cashiers are always friendly ....hate the beggers .....guess it's the area .....would be nice to have towel paper outside but agian I guess it's the area ......”

3.8 Good24 Reviews

“Patti and the crew stellar performance! Clean...cleanest Speedway around..Tee, your customer service is terrible!Then we have Niki, manager. One register open and running while Niki is busy EATING behind the counter while the line is 10 customers long.Note: the open register was operated by another employee. Only at Speedway....( shaking head )”

3.5 Good65 Reviews

“Christine is really heaven sent, asked her to get me some items while she was doing another task and she didn't hesitate to give me what I asked for...wish her nothing but the best”

3.8 Good15 Reviews

“The owner and his wife are awesome hard workers and I believe they try to help those less fortunate like letting those do things around the shop to help them out they are always trying to make this place better like a deli, large selection of snacks, groceries, and even toys for the little ones keep up good work”

4.4 Superb6 Reviews

“Hey, this place has a White Castle inside of it lol how bad could it be lol. Recommended by me for food, drinks, snacks, and some low-level medicines and lol gas too.”

3.4 Good38 Reviews

“I've been going to this gas station for a couple months and In those couple months I really just enjoy going there cause the employees are super nice.The food is never stale so it is always good for a good price too. The only thing I kinda didn't like for a while is that they couldn't allow more then 1 kid/minor cause they would cause problems or something but they allowed it again after a week.I just love going there for the good price and the amazing employees”

3.3 Good51 Reviews

“I don't really have a review on the actual store itself, but I just want to shout out to the pharmacist at this location! He is always so amazing when it comes to my daughter's medication. He is super communicative, very well educated, and always lets me know what our options are if something is out of stock and tries to help us the best that he can. I honestly forgot his name and I feel terrible about it, but I hope he never leaves the store as long as we are using it for pharmaceutical purposes!”

3.5 Good15 Reviews

“Every other gas station in the area was closed and my gas tank was on E! Luckily I could still get gas from the pump with my credit card even though they were closed.”

4.1 Good5 Reviews

“I come to this gas station for Company reasons. Actually for the past 11 half years. I can appreciate that they have a car wash. Customer service is good overall. Most importantly their gas is usually the cheapest after crossing stateline. So yeah I'd recommend people to stop through.”

3 Average10 Reviews

“The store is under new management since Mar 2023. I spoke with the new owner, he was very courteous and experienced in running a convenience store. I see the difference already in cleanliness and merchandising. Nice to have a change come to the neighborhood”

3 Average7 Reviews

“Shaneka is a soft-skilled and proficient manager. She speaks to any customer like they are a valued customer. Thank you for your critical skill set and impactful communication. She would fit well within the scope in a capacity of Leadership & Development at Corporate. Thank You!”

2.6 Average20 Reviews

“pretty coffee store with pretty boy working :)i recommened brad Pitt and blood orange. Best coffee I ever tried in K town. I should come more often :) i finally found my coffee place”

2 Poor3 Reviews

“I’m a longtime customer of this Walgreens and I’ve never had an issue with any of the ladies or men that work there and young and old. Everyone Ive met Has done an awesome job, considering the Severity of the pandemic that we’ve just had and are going through. Keep up the great work”

2.4 Poor22 Reviews

“GREAT 23.5 hour pharmacy ...Techs are super considering how low staffed it is. This is my go to pharmacy. Also I see many reviews from folks that complain about the techs 1/2hr lunch, seriously? time your visit and leave your attitude in the car”

2.1 Poor88 Reviews

“I had to leave an authentic review after reading all these terrible ones. I can’t say that I know their experience to judge the validity of their reviews, but I can brag on mine!! I appreciate them getting me in & out! Quick and efficient is a win in my book anytime. I arrived for my test more than 5 minutes early and they still accommodated me and took me early. The pharmacist was nice and helpful. The test was done in less than 5 minutes and I was thanked and sent on my way. I also got my results back in less than the time allotted. I’ll be visiting again, and I would refer anyone to this location as well.”

2 Poor57 Reviews