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“I visited the Hammond Vytos location in need of equipment for my husband’s restmed machine. The staff made me feel welcome, and heard my needs and concerns. They were very kind and supportive. I can’t thank them enough for their assistance and willingness to help. Than you so much for all your patience and care, you guys made my day! ”

3.8 Good32 Reviews

“Christine is really heaven sent, asked her to get me some items while she was doing another task and she didn't hesitate to give me what I asked for...wish her nothing but the best”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“I don't really have a review on the actual store itself, but I just want to shout out to the pharmacist at this location! He is always so amazing when it comes to my daughter's medication. He is super communicative, very well educated, and always lets me know what our options are if something is out of stock and tries to help us the best that he can. I honestly forgot his name and I feel terrible about it, but I hope he never leaves the store as long as we are using it for pharmaceutical purposes!”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“Christine is really heaven sent, asked her to get me some items while she was doing another task and she didn't hesitate to give me what I asked for...wish her nothing but the best”

3.3 Good41 Reviews

“I've been going for years to this pharmacy. Not a big fan of Walmart but the people at this pharmacy are so helpful, knowledgeable, and warm that I refuse to go to any other pharmacy even though I have moved away.Remember people, you get what you give! If you are kind-hearted and have the openness and willingness to receive help and could be patient knowing that you can't expect life to go your way, then you will come to feel like family with these people - Terriah, Carly, Octavia, and Sapphire are the sweetest!!!If you want greatness, you must give it or it will not be reflected back.For those who wrote negatively about this place, please try to approach people with loving kindness, gratitude, and patience...not only will you bring this out in others but you will also have blessed/better days to come.”

3.3 Good23 Reviews

“Ok so , becareful because they have to scream to everyone at the store what your medication is and what it's used for ,other then that it was ..a trip to Wally world lol”

3 Average35 Reviews
3.3 Good7 Reviews

“Shaneka is a soft-skilled and proficient manager. She speaks to any customer like they are a valued customer. Thank you for your critical skill set and impactful communication. She would fit well within the scope in a capacity of Leadership & Development at Corporate. Thank You!”

2.6 Average20 Reviews

“I’m a longtime customer of this Walgreens and I’ve never had an issue with any of the ladies or men that work there and young and old. Everyone Ive met Has done an awesome job, considering the Severity of the pandemic that we’ve just had and are going through. Keep up the great work”

2.6 Average22 Reviews

“It's a great place to shop, and the prices are reasonable, but you are expected to check yourself out with there being fewer cashiers. The layout of the store has greatly improved.”

2.6 Average55 Reviews

“Oh boy, where do I even begin? My recent visit to the Claire's Accessories in the Hammond, Indiana Walmart was an absolute riot, thanks to none other than the wondrous MaryAnne, the manager extraordinaire! Let me tell you, this place is more than just a store; it's a whole new dimension of wild and wacky accessories!From the moment I stepped foot inside, MaryAnne greeted me with a dazzling smile and an infectious energy that could power a small city. She led me through the glittering aisles, which were basically portals to a world of fantastical fashion and outrageous fun. I swear, it's like Alice's Wonderland, but with lip gloss and unicorn headbands!As I perused the aisles, I couldn't help but notice the sheer variety of accessories Claire's offers. I mean, they've got everything from tiaras that double as disco balls to socks with built-in rocket thrusters (yes, you read that right)! It's a madhouse of creativity, and MaryAnne is the fearless ringmaster, making sure every customer gets their ticket to pure joy!Now, let me tell you about the highlight of my visit: the fashion consultation with MaryAnne herself. Not only is she a style guru, but she's also an undisputed master of the arts of laughter and silliness. We tried on feather boas, oversized sunglasses, and neon tutus while giggling like schoolkids on a sugar rush. MaryAnne even managed to convince me to don a pair of neon green leggings that, against all odds, somehow made me feel like a superhero with a knack for fabulousness.But it doesn't end there, my friends. The surprise came when MaryAnne unveiled her secret talent: balloon animal sculpting! Yes, you heard me right. In between the dazzling displays of jewelry and accessories, she transformed ordinary balloons into wearable works of art. I strutted around with a balloon poodle hat, feeling like the most stylish pet owner in the world. Who needs a regular hat when you can rock a balloon menagerie?All in all, my experience at Claire's Accessories in Hammond, Indiana Walmart was nothing short of a laughter-filled escapade. MaryAnne, with her infectiously joyful personality and knack for turning fashion into a circus of fun, made this visit an unforgettable adventure. So if you're in the mood for some outrageous retail therapy and want to experience the magic of Claire's, make sure to look out for the one and only MaryAnne. She'll take you on a wild ride that you'll cherish forever!Thank you, MaryAnne, for creating a retail experience that transcends the ordinary and tickles the funny bone in the most unexpected ways. You're a true gem in the land of accessories, and the laughter you spread is worth more than all the glitter in the world!Keep shining and making the world a more fabulous place, MaryAnne!”

2.5 Average13 Reviews
1 Poor3 Reviews

“I had to leave an authentic review after reading all these terrible ones. I can’t say that I know their experience to judge the validity of their reviews, but I can brag on mine!! I appreciate them getting me in & out! Quick and efficient is a win in my book anytime. I arrived for my test more than 5 minutes early and they still accommodated me and took me early. The pharmacist was nice and helpful. The test was done in less than 5 minutes and I was thanked and sent on my way. I also got my results back in less than the time allotted. I’ll be visiting again, and I would refer anyone to this location as well.”

2.4 Poor57 Reviews

“I have had nothing but great experience here . During Covid this store was open . So many challenges this store may have had but they remain open . I see them cleaning and I see people / customers putting things anywhere . Sometimes the people packing online orders don't say excuse me but overall Management continue illustrating how a community can depend on our neighbor store!!!!! Let's be grateful for the BIG picture....”

1.8 Poor12 Reviews

“GREAT 23.5 hour pharmacy ...Techs are super considering how low staffed it is. This is my go to pharmacy. Also I see many reviews from folks that complain about the techs 1/2hr lunch, seriously? time your visit and leave your attitude in the car”

2.2 Poor88 Reviews

“Destinee was a great help. Had a superb attitude was very patient with us. Willing to go out of her way to get us what we were looking for. I couldn't thank her enough.”

1 Poor8 Reviews

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