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“Quick and easy! Don't have to worry about dragging all ur kids in with u cuz everything is outside. Staff is always friendly and they don't price gouge u.”

4.6 Superb51 Reviews

“Nice employee helped me find eye drops for my daughter.... Which is a very random product I was so grateful they had it in the store! Bathroom was decent as well, and gas pump was...well... Not memorable....??? Can't remember any particular things about filling up there.... so I suppose it's fine.”

4.4 Superb31 Reviews

“The lady working was very polite and cordial. We chatted some about the bucket she was using to clean . I was getting a fountain soda and she walked behind and she startled me asking if rhw bucket was in the way. Well there was mo bucket. She was great. Always makes stopping and spending money a little easier when the store attendant is ailing”

4.4 Superb20 Reviews

“Good gas station with lots of soda options on campus. The only gas station that is on Purdue's campus, and they don't price gouge for gas prices. No hot food options.”

4 Good33 Reviews

“The one and only gas station near the Purdue University. They have the best rewards program with speedway cards. I love them for their prepared food which is like a 24x 7 food option”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“Definitely one of the best locations I have ever ran across. They always make sure everything is in stock and fresh, they are super friendly and have some of the cleanest bathrooms in town. 9th Street location in town needs to take notes. I have literally been filling up a fountain pop that starts to run out of syrup when the front register attendant here is this he immediately comes over and says just a moment and I will fix that for you without me even asking. Wish every gas station was like this one.”

3.8 Good24 Reviews

“This station has E85 fuel which is one reason I come here. It's also cheaper than the other places in town. I like it because it's close to work.They keep it stocked and clean.”

3.6 Good28 Reviews

“Had a wonderful cashier around 1230ish today, super super nice!! , complemented me and was so very gracious! Loved his bag too!;)!!! ? he needs a raise! I haven't had a gas station employee be that nice and sweet in a lonngggg time! Thank you for being sweet! I'm gonna come there now for my gas!!!”

3.6 Good34 Reviews

“Yes I came into this store, many more times than just this time and every single time the story is in very neat order in the clerk is very professional and pleasant. I always purchase my lottery tickets here and I will continue to do so.”

3.4 Good8 Reviews

“Vacuum machine took my money and the cashier didn't hesitate for a second to give me my money back, which is the exact opposite from the previous station I tried. Thanks!”

3.3 Good20 Reviews

“Good selection of typical beverages and brands. The usual station with decent prices but Meijer has tightened the higher savings it used to offer compared to others. M-Perks is awkward to use and never feels it is worth the hassle. Meijer needs to get back to the better prices it used to offer on gas and ensure its rewards program is worth the time.”

2.7 Average25 Reviews

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