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“Collin is superbly friendly and has a great mechanical skillset. Was able to complete multiple repairs in a short time due to the ability to retain job focus while talking, unlike any other mechanic I've ever seen. His shop looks a little post-apocalyptic with the remains and carcass of jobs yet to be completed, but it is still a great experience. I strongly recommend him.”

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“Found myself in a tough spot trying to make my way East on 80 with a slow leak in my tire. I found Tires & Service on Google maps without any other options in the area. I rolled up on the shop just as they were probably looking forward to closing and going home in less than 20 minutes. Kent met me in the parking lot as I was getting out of my car. Asked what he could do, I explained I had a slow leak in my tire, and without hesitation, he said pull on in, and we'll get you taken cared of. Thirty minutes later, they had done just that. The staff was knowledgeable, efficient, and quite courteous.”

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“Scott Harkin was amazing! Our car broke down just outside of Adair Iowa and he came and picked us up at 8:00 at night, and had our car working by 10:00 the next morning. He was so kind and courteous and down to earth. He even dropped us off at a hotel and stayed and helped us unload all our stuff making sure we were okay before he left for his home. He is the definition of great service.”

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“While driving across country, the "Maintenance Required" light came on in our Toyota. We stopped here, and the gentleman at the shop (whose name I didn't catch, unfortunately) reset the light and assured us there was nothing to worry about... and refused to let us pay him for his time. Sure enough, we made it from California to Pennsylvania without incident. Much appreciated!”

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“My daughter stopped in Adair for gas, and her car wouldn't start. Craig or 1of his employees came to the gas station to help her. They were able to get car started with a booster, and my daughter followed the man to their shop. After a quick battery test, they found the battery was shot. They put in new battery, and she was on her way again. She told dear ole dad, how nice they were, so I just wanted to say, Thanks, for taking care of my daughter. I would give them a Very Good Rating!”

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