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“We were new to town and was told about Oakcrest by multiple friends. We are so thankful to have found them! The staff at Oakcrest is always pleasant and informative about everything going on with our two pups! We have gone through emergent dental assistance, routine check ups, and have an upcoming surgery for one of our pups coming soon & I know & trust we will be well taken care of as we have in the past! Thank you Oakcrest staff for all you have done for our 2 dogs and giving us a peace of mind that our dogs are being well taken care of!”

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“The staff is wonderful. We were looking for a vet to take care of our new rescue Great Dane. They took time to do a complete wellness check and answered all of our questions for his care. The entire staff is very personable and we could tell they genuinely care about their patients. Very satisfied with Dr. Walker and his staff.”

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“Took the puppy to puppy camp. The dog loved it. Got him to experience so many diggers things and sounds. Their vet care is top notch too. We have dream h and English bulldogs and they have been spectacular with them.”

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“In January, my senior cat, Seeley, stopped eating and drinking; and he was growling at me when I went near him. I knew something was wrong right away because he usually is the most friendly of our cats, and he’s very food motivated. I called the emergency line and they told us to drop him off right away, even though they were short staffed. After a couple days with them, they taught me how to give him his fluids and meds, and let me take him home so he could recover better. It took a little while, but he’s 100% better now, and still gets the zoomies like a kitten. A month ago, our min pin and I were on a walk and were attacked by two large dogs, and they were there for us again! He’s still healing, but they saved him, and gave us the tools we needed to get him home and keep the bandages fresh. We are forever grateful for the amazing people at Blair Doon for the amazing care they give our pack and clowder.”

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“I took my cat Frankie to the one on Maize due to my original vet not having any openings to see him for an emergency urinary visit. Immediately when I walked in the staff was kind and got us in a room to check-up on Frankie. They weren't too pushy either and made our first experience the best by far. Previously we went to VESH when he had a urinary issue, however, they weren't as nice and didn't seem to care as much and seemed like they wanted to just get my bill paid and leave. I don't remember her name but the lady that helped me at the Maize location was wonderful. She even suggested looking into changing his urinary food and the Dr helped prescribe enough medicine for him. I definitely found my new vet and will be taking Frankie here moving forward!”

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“Each employee at All Creatures is kind, gentle and calm. Taking in an ill or injured pet is a difficult experience and the staff provides professional and gentle care.”

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“We had a great experience at the Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills. The staff was great and took great care of baby Oswald "Ozzy" Peterson, the kitten! We recommend!5*****”

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“I know a lot of people ask about good Veterinarians in the area and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Blair Doon. Our sweet girl had been battling kidney disease for a while and they worked so hard to make her comfortable and increase her quality of life. They gently nudged us by being honest but incredibly kind. When the decision was made and it was time, they were compassionate, tender, and so incredibly thoughtful. A week ago we gave her cuddles and said goodbye. Today, I received a card in the mail expressing their condolences and in the card was another little card with her paw print. I was not expecting it so it caught me off guard but I so appreciate it!Thank you for taking care of Gingko and us!”

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“I love this place! They are fantastic! I have taken 4 of my dogs here and will never go anywhere else! Thank you for your amazing service and wonderful staff! ❤️”

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“Both of the Docs and all staff are kind, compassionate and caring. Dr James has been caring for my fur babies for many years. Dr Skinner took us through the compassionate end of life for one of our babies and though I had seen him only a few times before, he was amazing with his kindness and understanding of our broken hearts. I highly recommend this clinic for the care of your fur babies.”

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“Absolutely top notch care. Everyone from front desk to tech to vet is kind, thoughtful, and patient. If you want honest opinions about your pet's health or how to improve their well-being ask and they will help. Won't try to upcharge you and I've never had a negative experience here (unlike prior vet clinics).They saved me thousands when my girl had to go to K-State for treatment after a reaction to meds by calling the manufacturer and getting the visit covered. Currently working with my other, skittish, pup during "no-poke" appointments to create positive associations with vet visits for free. They also offer care plan packages that are cheaper than yearly visits. Love and appreciate everyone at Skaer.”

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“Very kind and compassionate, best place to take my cats. We got a new cat in August and she started throwing up blood/having other problems and we rushed her to the vet. They were very patient and helped us figure out she has chronic pancreatitis. She is on a special diet now and is doing great! They were very open and upfront about the cost before anything was done and were also quick to respond to any questions or concerns during her recovery from surgery. Also much more affordable than vets I've been to in the past! Definitely our primary vet for all our pets.”

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“I don’t usually write reviews, but Dr. Johnson and all of the Vet Tech’s at Willowbend are so kind, attentive, and loving towards our pups! We have never had a bad experience and the visits are always filled with laughs. They are also a saving grace with their costs. We wasted a lot of money going to “money hungry” Vets over the years with no results, so it is refreshing to have a Vet that cares more about the dogs than the bottom line. We’re so grateful for this team!”

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“We love Dr. Summers and how she is so personal with our dog. She and her staff always remember who we are and Care for Bailey as they would their own pet. Grooming is a breeze to set up as well as other appointments. We are excited that we've been with Dr. Summers through her first opening of Prairie Ridge Animal Hospital and now her new building. Highly recommend!”

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“We love these people. They have taken wonderful, kind, and knowledgeable care of our std poodles, and their humans. We're so grateful for their help and concern.”

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“This really is the most wonderful group of humans! Always a warm welcome to me and my cat Daisy, I know we are going to get taken care of with all the tenderness they can offer. Not to mention it’s a cats only spot, so their team has the specialized skills and affection to take care of your cat babies that you may not get at a normal vet. I’ve also used their boarding services that are available only to their clients and was so happy with their whole process. Daisy, my cat, wasn’t flustered or anxious when she got home from boarding - Obviously they take the time to be attentive. Dr. Jones and the rest of her team really are the best, couldn’t suggest them more highly! ❤️?”

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“Dr. Olsen and his staff have taken care of my pets for years. I live 30 minutes away but gladly make the trip to their office. I lost my first dog years ago and Dr. Olsen took amazing care of her for as long as possible then his team made a donation in her honor once she passed. Dr. Olsen takes his time, and answers all questions- all staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I love that we get a write up after every visit to keep for our records incase we need to look back. I cannot recommend Village Animal Hospital Enough!”

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“I have used Pet Traditions 3 times now and each time i have been overly pleased. The staff here goes above and beyond to make a very sad time in one's life so much easier.”

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“This is an amazing vet clinic with excellent pricing and outstanding animal care, on North Seneca, between 2nd and 3rd Street. Zane and his staff have done it all for me including saving the life of a loved pet, providing countless services to improve the health and well being of all of my animals, they have been a true source of sympathy in the trying times of family pet sickness. I recommend this business as strongly as I possibly can to anybody seeking animal care in the Wichita area.”

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“They take great care of my cat! She is kind of rude to strangers, but they know how to work with her. They always have last minute appointments available if you need to see them urgently. They also have an in-house groomer!!”

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“Great vet office! Jim Speers seems to really care about the best interest of the animals and their people. Appreciate his advice. He gives great insight into how to give the best care to the animals without wasting money unnecessarily. The rest of the staff there is top notch also as they all pay attention and remember my horses and me and are very helpful and caring. Highly recommend!”

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“Excellent service, great care. Dogs don't love getting shots or occasional procedure, but I have confidence that they do the job right and put my pet's well being first. Dr. Dalton is a very friendly young veterinarian, and we trust his judgment and expertise, he's given my wee dog back quality of life twice now through minor surgery. Highly recommend, usual and customary charges are very reasonable and they don't ambush you with a huge bill. They've always been transparent and we appreciate it!!”

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“Doctor Cowan and his staff are professional, caring, compassionate and love their patients. They are very prompt at notification when treatments are due. Miss Maggie, who isn't fond of going to the doctor, is normally quite comfortable in their clinic.”

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“I love the staff at Southside Veterinary Clinic! Every single person has been so kind. I have been taking my animals here since about 2016 and have never felt pressured to spend money I cannot afford. My animals are well taken care of and they truly care. Something that I find hard to find anywhere these days. Thank you for all you do!”

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“2 of the most Knowledgeable and caring veterinarians in the city . Don’t let the size of the practice fool you - it’s home . They take the time to make sure you and your pet are totally at ease and questions answered. The techs are kind and genuinely love animals , you can’t fake that .”

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“We love the care and attention given to our pets by Sunflower Vet Clinic. Our new puppy,foster-to-adopt from the KHS, developed an unpreviously identified illness. Both our vet (who was VERY proactive)and KHS worked together provide care for our new girl. Sunflower Vet Clinic is fantastic!”

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“Cutie was my childhood cat and therefore VERY old, Dr. Beetch was very good at calming my anxious mother and I and helping us know what was best to help her until it was her time. I'm very thankful to have had her then and have her now as a Doctor for my cats. She's very kind to my current baby Jasper, he has a great time going to visit Dr. Beetch (and opening the cabinets to try and find treats). Here's a picture of him being healthy and a clown”

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