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“The owners and employees are super nice. They greet you as you walk in with a genuine smile.The store is orderly. They have a full service liquor store, but it is not attended, so you must ask to be let into that area.Prices are in part with other marts.”

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4.8Superb11 Reviews

“everyone here is so lovely and kind. they make an effort to get to know their guests and they’re always smiling and positive. some of the nicest people in newport!”

4Good21 Reviews
4.1Good14 Reviews

“They always have hreat customer service. Quick checkout very helpful when looking for something. They know their regulars names which is something I personally love. I also know the long time employees that work there by name and they are all very professional even when I have seen them l on a break. Just great company great location so pretty much they're just great. I would and do recommend my friends to certain locations.”

3.7Good30 Reviews

“I used to work at the CVS pharmacy in Florence KY before they closed that location down permanently. I spent 12 years building my career there; from baby tech to eventual lead pharmacy tech. We always had an amazing team who cared about our patients and about their time. We didn’t make people wait 20-30 minutes before answering the phone or make them wait absurd amounts of time as a waiter in the store. We took pride in how well we treated our customers. You can’t please everyone, but even those who were displeased eventually came back to us because they realized with all of our flaws we did better than most local pharmacies, not just fellow CVS locations, and they started to appreciate our diligence. It’s not easy working in retail pharmacy. It might look or seem like it’s easy to people who have never spent time behind the scenes, but it’s not easy. Not at all. This particular location does go above and beyond. They answer their phones. They give you accurate wait times, even when they’re super busy and can’t guarantee 15 minutes, they’re at least honest and they’re accurate. I appreciate their honesty and their diligence to take care of their patients. My 1 year old had an ear infection and was prescribed the smelliest most awful tasting antibiotic suspension for it, and when I asked for it to be flavored the pharmacist on duty took her time to add both sweat and sour flavors that would best mask the foul odor of the suspension. It was worth the wait. The suspension went from smelling like a p*** filled dumpster to smelling relatively decent. Which is not an easy task with this particular antibiotic suspension. This is my new favorite local pharmacy. They’re so kind, so respectful, and so helpful and friendly. Thank you guys for taking the time that I personally know that you don’t have to make my daughter’s medication taste good enough for her to muster down. You’re awesome. Again, thank you.”

3.2Average29 Reviews

“It's a small Speedway, but they usually have whatever I came for. They're stocked, clean & the staff is always friendly, even when they're busy!I took off 1 ⭐ because the store looks old & worn (inside & out) everything needs some love or maybe an UPDATE. It just needs basic maintenance like lights & paving in the parking lot.”

3.1Average38 Reviews

“So happy that I can refill my coffee container for a little over a buck! Keeps me coming back. Since the coffee is auto serve it is much cleaner at all of the franchises.”

3.1Average59 Reviews

“I love this Walgreens. I try to always shop here if it's something that I know they have because their rewards system is better than most stores. There has never been a time that I did not have at least $5 in rewards when checking out. Today I had $20 and I don't even know how I got it. I've never had issues picking up my prescriptions here either which is always a positive for me. The workers are always very polite, especially the pharmacy techs. I know they get harassed a lot, but you would never know because they're always smiling and helpful.”

2.8Average20 Reviews

“So I do tend to order quite often from Walgreens. Today I got home and my order was on the porch and my soap powder was busted I had soap powder all down my porch all down my steps it was just a nasty mess. I called Walgreens they agreed to resend a couple of the items but unfortunately they did say that the soap powder that I had ordered was not available at that price right now and they would have to send me out a check for that amount. Now I'm not happy about receiving a check but at least I'm getting my money back so I am happy about that.”

1.9Poor88 Reviews

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