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“I love the location of this store! Right where you'd Not expect to see one it's like... Boom and there it is!! Very Nice Employees! Stores Clean! Very Respectful and Friendly! I was very impressed! Keep up the Good Job!!!”

3 Average2 Reviews

“Depending on what it is, they have just about anything you want . Sometimes you may get lucky and find just what you're looking for and it's not been damaged. Usually everything checks out and is ok. However, I will say that ⚠️ must be used about certain products that is bought or purchased here. Remember, this store is a 2nd hand store, meaning that they are purchasing the Overflow or a completely full trailer of Returns straight up. So with that in mind, if it's a rather typical item that doesn't look like it's been Used , abused , then sent back, maybe it's a good buy for you. Other items I just wouldn't do it. I do understand some ppl say that food is Super cheap there and you can't pass it up. I can , have, and will just because I prefer to reserve my own opinions towards that. To each their own , I do understand that some people are only able to get by with what they can the best they know how. Do you .. To the rest, just keep in mind my self-advice/Rules and maybe they'll help you ..”

4.3 Superb59 Reviews

“Wish this store carried the same potato wedges in the cooler section, not the frozen ones like Winchester's store does. Also can you PLEASE start carrying Bootleggers Beer Cheese!!!!”

4.4 Superb24 Reviews

“Wow! I had not been to our local SAL since it opened, until today. It is clean, very well stocked, carries a lot of name brand items...and has bathrooms!! Big plus for me, lol, overall, a winner!”

4.7 Superb10 Reviews

“Great store good options of stuff at a fair price. Would recommend this store. They get a four because there employees need better manners and need to help elderly customers carry larger items to there vehicle instead of standing and watching”

4.5 Superb2 Reviews

“The employees of this store are very polite knowledgeable and helpful. Plenty of parking a great place for your shopping needs whether it be just a loaf of bread or a pair of socks”

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