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4.7 Superb18 Reviews

“I love the location of this store! Right where you'd Not expect to see one it's like... Boom and there it is!! Very Nice Employees! Stores Clean! Very Respectful and Friendly! I was very impressed! Keep up the Good Job!!!”

3 Average2 Reviews

“Friendly staff with the fastest service I can provide I calmly manner the food that they serve throughout the day is they offer gasoline at a reasonable they have lottery and they offer fountain drinks was crushed ice and that's the reason that my wife goes there to get crushed. She goes there every day she is a very loyal customer the staff is very friendly and the older gentleman who works there or comes in and have some out at night with trash and stock well my wife is working today is very friendly and don't know no stranger and will help you in any way he can if you have an issue or question about the store the staff will jump on that and help you or they will get someone that will know the answer they will do everything in their power to find that out but now they got a lot of trouble with her ice machine since putting a new one in recently liked does the crushed ice”

4.7 Superb28 Reviews

“Wish this store carried the same potato wedges in the cooler section, not the frozen ones like Winchester's store does. Also can you PLEASE start carrying Bootleggers Beer Cheese!!!!”

4.4 Superb24 Reviews

“Wow! I had not been to our local SAL since it opened, until today. It is clean, very well stocked, carries a lot of name brand items...and has bathrooms!! Big plus for me, lol, overall, a winner!”

4.7 Superb10 Reviews

“It's a decent location. I don't love going in to shop but I do love the grocery pickup. I like knowing it's giving associates a job to do while the checkout lanes are being converted to self checkout. I've never had any issues with grocery pickup. The associates are usually very friendly. Once they got a couple hours behind but that was a rare incident.”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“I just like this place. Pump 2 does not like to take a credit card but the store clerk makes it easy to fill up -- just need to make a couple trips into the store. Friendly. Good price.”

4 Good5 Reviews

“Great store good options of stuff at a fair price. Would recommend this store. They get a four because there employees need better manners and need to help elderly customers carry larger items to there vehicle instead of standing and watching”

4.5 Superb2 Reviews

“Probably the greatest location I've been to in all my life. I can't really describe the passionate feelings I have for this specific Kroger location. In the summer 2022, I literally went here 3 - 4 times a day. Sometimes not even to buy anything, but to experience the atmosphere. If it wasn't a crime and was not strange, I would spend my life here. I hope one day I'm allowed to get married here!!!!!!”

3.3 Good23 Reviews

“Most of the employees are helpful, I've only had problems with one of them. It's an all the time thing with her so I avoid her register. With how many times I've been there, I think that is a great record. The store is always clean, same with the restrooms. Their hot food at lunch is sometimes burned so don't buy any if it is wrapped up to where you can't see it. I really hate that after 10pm all they have open are self checks. Kroger prices are higher than Walmart and that is fine because you are paying for a better experience, but that includes not checking myself out. Lines are usually short when I shop.”

1 Poor1 Reviews

“The employees of this store are very polite knowledgeable and helpful. Plenty of parking a great place for your shopping needs whether it be just a loaf of bread or a pair of socks”

1 Poor2 Reviews

“I hardly ever go in walmart since covid began. I do the curbside pickup for groceries and other items. I'm starting to have trouble getting certain items. It's not that they aren't available. They are being damaged in shipment or even on the way out when picking up in person.This is super handy, especially with kids, and it's a lot quicker. Also, you know what your budget is, so you're not tempted to grab that extra snack if it was actually staring at you :).I don't like how you can't order certain items online, though. I meant they will be in stock, but since they are a (hot item) they don't allow you to do curbside. I am happy with everything else, though, and I will continue to order from Walmart.”

2.7 Average49 Reviews