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“Had an absolutely great experience last visit to the store with Ciara. She was an IMMENSE help! She laid out all the information we wanted to know in a clear and accurate way. She was not pushy and heard us out completely. We also went on a couple tangents not related to our visit and was pleased greatly with how informative and genuine Ciara was. 100% would/will recommend based solely on my wife and I’s interactions with Ciara.”

4 Good28 Reviews

“Been there several times. I get the same sales lady, shes been there for some time. Fast, friendly service. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Very happy with the service. I will continue to visit Boost Mobile for all of my cell services.”

3.7 Good37 Reviews

“Boost mobil is the best for me. I needed a new phone just like I had paid 20.00 when servi w connected,she said it was old and they don't carry anymore. The cheapest phone with connection fee(which I don't feel I should pay activation fee) 101.00. I walked in wanting to spend maybe 59.00 . That is my only complaint.”

3.6 Good15 Reviews

“Xfinity is my all time favorite service provider for in home internet, specifically for Houma. I’ve never had it anywhere else, but it’s definitely good in houma, and it’s cheaper than most other companies for internet for the same wifi speeds.”

3 Average14 Reviews

“Had to replace my phone due to screen failure. Dreading the process of transferring to a new phone, I went to the local Verizon store and was greeted by the best salesperson I could ask for. Cory explained how I could lower my rate while increasing the service features I have over my previous plan and had me in a new phone with everything transferred over from my old phone and had me out the door and on my way home in no time!”

3.1 Average59 Reviews

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