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“Yes, literally never knew getting my medicine could be so easy I dealt with Walgreens for years. Call just to be put on hold for 45 minutes all to hung up on. Brad and his staff go above and beyond to make sure that you are well taken care of. My medicine is always ready I never have to wait they also do same-day delivery. I will never use another pharmacy as long as they’re open. God bless Alfonso. I don’t stress out about having to call Walgreens to get my prescriptions refilled or to wait in their lines just to be harassed,or put on hold for a ridiculous amount of time. Alfonso pharmacy is an amazing locally own business.”

4.8 Superb24 Reviews

“Came with my mom to buy supplies for home, and then stop by for some snacks, got a hot dog combo and a vanilla frozen yogurt. Food quality was very great and service was stupendous! :)”

3.8 Good46 Reviews

“The store is clean and can find some items there if you can't find elsewhereI gave a 4 star because there are no cashiers there early in the mornings, and I don't like self check outs. Everyone is very friendly.”

3.8 Good32 Reviews

“A very clean station for which to refill your vehicle. If you have questions or need help, there is an attendant on duty.Use your Sam's Club card to save money and to order a car wash if you need one.”

3.8 Good26 Reviews

“This is my favorite and only place to get all our medication! They always have what I need or can get it in a timely manner! Katie answers my questions without hesitation (she has to stay at the east location) and the Jermey’s are amazing and treat my family like their family! 5 ⭐️ all around!”

4.6 Superb7 Reviews

“The dude in charge was helpful. They didn't have the printer ink I was looking for but neither did Walmart and that's where I purchased my printer.The staff is customer friendly most of the time. Walgreens is super pricey so it is usually my last resort place to buy things. Winn Dixie has a much better card selection.”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“Best pharmacy in the town!Lowest prices for prescription medicines.We enjoy picking up our prescriptions from them.Everyone that works there are very nice and knowledgeable about the medicines.”

3.7 Good12 Reviews

“I went in today and as I was checking out the lady that was working the self checkouts seen that I had dropped some money on the ground. A old lady in a scooter that was behind me,seen the money and when the employee went to grab it for me, the old woman put her foot on it and she yelled at me and said ma’am you dropped some money. I proceeded to walk over there and the old lady gave us the dirtiest look because the employee was being HONEST! I told her thank you so much and I thanked god that they are still honest people in this world we live in today! It was only $40 but we have to survive in this world some kind of way! I wish I could of gotten her name. And thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

3.4 Good18 Reviews

“Staff is courteous ,addresses you by your nameNever have to wait ,more than one or twoMinutesThat's what I loveWorse is Walgreen's and cvsI hope this store never changesI like them all Angelica”

5 Superb3 Reviews

“I give it 5 stars only bc of the manager Kim C. She helped me out with an incident I had with the horrible manager Ryan. He said he was the highest manager there and didn't want to give me his managers name so I had to go to customer service to get another's manager since he didn't want to help me. He treated me like a second class citizen and didn't let me get a word out. There was an advertisement for Halloween candy and the dubble bubble box had bats and Halloween theme and he argued and said it wasn't Halloween candy even though it says it's 75 percent off. He didn't want to give me the deal. Also the girl at the pay it yourself named Jessica was also rude to me. I even told her I was sorry for inconveniencing her. She just rolled her eyes. Again only 5 stars thanks to a blessing for Kim C the manager who took care of me. Thank u so much! I will be reporting Ryan and Jessica to the corporate office!”

3.2 Average25 Reviews

“Parking: Plenty of parkingKid-friendliness: Plenty if space for kids and families.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible but motorized carts are difficult to obtain after 10 am.”

3.8 Good5 Reviews

“This pharmacy has a outstanding pharmacist named KY. He is very professional and helpful. He explains all medications and questions very clearly with confidence.”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“So I was at Sam’s club last month to replace 3 worn out tires but end up getting 4 All terrain Good Year tires since Sam’s gave me a deal worth $120 off with 5 year/ 60,000 miles warranty and 24/7 road side assistance for $950 bucks. I checked with Costco and local auto shops and this was the best deal and no one even came close. I went to Sam’s at the last minute without any appointment but early in the morning when they opened up and the guys there, accommodated me. It took couple of hours but I was able to do my groceries while they replaced all 4 tires. The staff was professional and courteous and I would recommend everyone to go to Sam’s for there tire needs for peace of mind.”

3 Average5 Reviews

“CVS on 21st avenue in Covington is excellent. Pharmacy is very efficient and gives great QUICK service. I wanted to wait for a prescription to be filled and it was done in less than 10 minutes. Very thankful since I had a sick patient waiting in the car. CVS on Gause west is frustrating. The poor pharmacists are overworked. The helpers in the pharmacy are SLOW. I detest going in that store.”

2.7 Average14 Reviews

“I’ve been using this pharmacy & store for convenience since I moved to Slidell a few months ago.The pharmacists have helped to get me the best price when I’ve used GoodRX & the store manager is always so friendly! I see him almost every time I have to run in for something & he always asks if I need help with anything.(As someone who goes in there at least once a week, I’ve never had an unpleasant experience & find everyone to be really nice at this location!)”

2.7 Average11 Reviews

“I don't come to this one very often bc it's a smaller store and on the other side of town but their staff is the best. Yanelle went out of her way to accommodate and the other cashiers were also sweet and helpful.”

2.5 Average11 Reviews

“I was in there today. I was the ONLY customer in the pharmacy. The pharmacist was talking to me about my script and personal items. The technician was not friendly at all and she was VERY pushy with my signature and credit card. She heard the pharmacist and I talking. EASE UP. Don't be pushy. If felt terrible.”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

“I have been getting my prescriptions filled here every month for the past 2 years. As far as the pharmacy goes, everyone is very helpful and they have accommodated me especially with my coupons that need constant call-ins. I think most of the employees are very polite and customer service oriented with the exception of one thus the 4 star review versus 5 star. She is very arrogant, abrasive and is not customer service oriented like the other team members. It hasn't happened just one time but multiple times. She hasn't been working at the pharmacy counter lately. Otherwise all of my experiences at cvs have been great and wonderful. Thanks!”

2.3 Poor7 Reviews

“Just went and got my prescription filled. The woman at the register in the pharmacy was so nice. And then when I went to the checkout, the gentleman at the register was so kind! He gave my daughter two stickers! She was so excited and I’m so appreciative of all the kindness shown to us today! I hope these employees have a blessed holiday season!”

2.1 Poor24 Reviews

“I'm giving a 5 star review because of the good employee I dealt with.First off, I placed an online order for a snowglobe. It sent me a notification saying that the order had been fulfilled, and was ready for pickup.This location is about a 30 minute drive from me, so, I called first to confirm that they had the snow globe in stock and that they had put it to the side for me to pick it up.The first woman I spoke too, transferred me while I was explaining, like in the middle of me talking.The next person I talked to, when I explained that I was trying to verify the order had been fulfilled, she said that they did not have the snow globe in the store yet. and not to trust the online inventories. and that they didnt have any of that stuff in the store yet. This was around 10am.Went ahead and drove over there. Went to the photo counter to pick up my snowglobe, and sure enough the order had been fulfilled and set aside in the back. The woman working the photo counter, Her name started with an "A" but my phone autocorrected her name to "amish". But SHE was helpful and nice and professional. and that would've been around 11:30am.”

2.1 Poor39 Reviews

“just wanted to say thank you to the very considerate pharmacist who took time out to answer a question about food. i understand that you're not required to do so however, she did. thank you again”

1.9 Poor15 Reviews

“The staff at this location is always helpful! Luke & Rebecca both pharmacist have been a huge blessing to our family, I even got a call from the pharmacist to alert me that my doctor prescribed an antibiotic that I was severely allergic, too - huge lifesaver & I highly recommend using this cvs!The Farmer Family”

1.8 Poor22 Reviews