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“I moved to Slidell 2 yrs.ago. I was looking for A foodservice/ catering Supplies Store. I got directions & My First time shopping there, I found everything I needed at reasonable prices!! I've Been back several times since Then????”

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“About 2 weeks ago went in to pick up a few items. Noticed a garden soil display outside. Since I had some bulbs to plant decided to pick up a large bag.. When I started to put a bag in my cart, BECKY noticed that I was struggling. Asked me if she could help. I appreciated her offering and help.It was very nice for her to notice my dilemma and help me put the bag in the cart. Thanks, Becky.”

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“A very clean station for which to refill your vehicle. If you have questions or need help, there is an attendant on duty.Use your Sam's Club card to save money and to order a car wash if you need one.”

3.8 Good26 Reviews

“Came with my mom to buy supplies for home, and then stop by for some snacks, got a hot dog combo and a vanilla frozen yogurt. Food quality was very great and service was stupendous! :)”

3.8 Good46 Reviews

“Parking: Plenty of parkingKid-friendliness: Plenty if space for kids and families.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible but motorized carts are difficult to obtain after 10 am.”

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“So I was at Sam’s club last month to replace 3 worn out tires but end up getting 4 All terrain Good Year tires since Sam’s gave me a deal worth $120 off with 5 year/ 60,000 miles warranty and 24/7 road side assistance for $950 bucks. I checked with Costco and local auto shops and this was the best deal and no one even came close. I went to Sam’s at the last minute without any appointment but early in the morning when they opened up and the guys there, accommodated me. It took couple of hours but I was able to do my groceries while they replaced all 4 tires. The staff was professional and courteous and I would recommend everyone to go to Sam’s for there tire needs for peace of mind.”

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“I went in today and as I was checking out the lady that was working the self checkouts seen that I had dropped some money on the ground. A old lady in a scooter that was behind me,seen the money and when the employee went to grab it for me, the old woman put her foot on it and she yelled at me and said ma’am you dropped some money. I proceeded to walk over there and the old lady gave us the dirtiest look because the employee was being HONEST! I told her thank you so much and I thanked god that they are still honest people in this world we live in today! It was only $40 but we have to survive in this world some kind of way! I wish I could of gotten her name. And thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

3.4 Good18 Reviews

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