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“Went here during our vacation and was surprised by what they had in stock, it was a little of everything but mainly cat and dog stuff and at such reasonable prices too! The owner was very nice and pleasant, we loved shopping here, the space was small but it was worth it. As a lover of small businesses I would recommend this place for your animal lovers gifts and more! If we ever return we will be going back!”

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“1. The help cats.2. They have cats in the store part of their work with safe haven3. There some cats caged downstairs and some play freely in a room upstairs.I loved this place for their work for their stuff ? everything there is reasonably priced better than all the antique stores around it. If you want to get yourself a deal stop there first”

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“This place was amazing. Absolutely wonder items. Seeing each piece and speaking with the gentleman than runs the place, you can see he is very passionate. He has such a genius way of presenting things as well. If you go make sure you see the back building, it's like stepping into another world.”

4.8 Superb21 Reviews

“I did a Maine road trip with my mother, mainly sticking to the coastal line. We found Queen Anne's Lace on our first trip and met Joanne. While I understand the other reviews, I feel like if you just accept a bit of absurdity on your way in, you'll have a much better time! We went back specifically to see Joanne on our last trip, and she was zany as ever. Yes, she's an absolute *character*, but I do think she means well. She's just the kind of lady who likes things in a particular way -- we also touched things we apparently weren't supposed to! But she has some fantastic stories for some of her permanent pieces, and that alone is worth the stop. (Be sure to ask about the vintage Disney figurines she has, because the story is incredible!) Overall, we'll be back on our next trip. It wouldn't be a trip through Maine without seeing Joanne”

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“Some of the booths are very nice and neat, but some of them are just trashed with stuff thrown in them. overall good place to find a Antique you have been looking for a long time.”

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“The owner reopened his store when we arrived (unknowingly) after he had closed. He was very welcoming and enthusiastic, kind to my family and helped me choose some exceptional beer. What a great guy.”

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“Traveled throughout New England and this was our favorite "find"! Large selection of items, beautifully displayed and very reasonable prices. ATM available close by. Owner is super nice man - love to support this type of local business!”

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“Loved it when I went, they were giving all Coca Cola bottles with Coca Cola in them out for free. I bought a few things of their wide variety of Coca Cola items. Amazing place and time there. 10/10”

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“On a visit to Wells for my mom's 70th birthday, I called Christine very last minute (poor planning on my part!) and asked if she would be able to make me a gift bouquet. She said to come on down, and generously said she could swing it on short notice. I soon pulled in to find the most charming shop! The outside of the barn was filled with antiques for sale and on display- clever old kids toys/bikes and warm, rustic decor. Inside was inviting and filled with beauty. Silk and and cut flowers at every turn, inviting wreaths, and some sweet ocean treasures. My first impression was that Christine has an eye for style, quality and aesthetic! I requested a bouquet around $85 and she asked a few flower & color preference questions as she went along. She was lovely to chat with. I left the shop so happy with what Christine had arranged- a lovely and giant bouquet that brought my mom to tears. Thank you!”

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“Excellent shop with exquisite antiques. The items sold are excellent true antiques. Raymond has extensive knowledge which he is glad to share. I always visit this shop when in the area.”

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“Had a great time here in late July. Joanne must either have been home that day or she is no longer around. A friend and I were not even in Maine to go to antique stores. But I asked if she minded if we made one stop! We ended up going into 4 shops here. A couple were closed. Turns out 3 of the 4 are relatives. First met a very nice older gentlemen who was friendly and shared great stories on items I was interested in or asked questions about. Another store was owned by his sister who was just as friendly. Third store was being ‘manned’ by the previous womens daughter. All had great things to look at. Bought a few small things but thoroughly enjoyed the owners company. My girlfriend even said ‘this is fun’. We should come again when we have more time. The last store had equally great things but had items that were not antiques just looked it, and were asking some very unreasonable prices. There were two women working in this store and I think it was the building furthest to the right. Beware in there. But they were still very pleasant. Some prices were high….but the items could have been worth it. The items I was interested in were all reasonable. Definitely no bargains but that doesn’t mean the items were not worth it. You just need to know your stuff or feel good about the price based on what you do know. I plan to head back up in October and can’t wait!!!!”

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