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“Family run business. Owner Sam is a great guy and Nick has a great sense of humor always helpful with the customers. If there's anything that they don't have, just ask and the next time you go in the store, it's on the shelf. Nice little store with many selections.”

4.8 Superb30 Reviews

“This place is a breath of fresh air in an ever changing cruel world. Now as of very recently open 24 hrs to offer late night services in the face of 7-Elevens closing early. They offer great service and a great variety of products including, possibly the best coffee in the city. They are kind are decent. While I was in line offered a couple drinks at no cost to a couple who were clearly having a rough day. 5 stars ?”

4.7 Superb25 Reviews

“My family recently learned of this store and we had to check it out. Great selection and very kind and friendly owner. From Pine Needle Syrup to Halva, they’ve got you covered.The frozen cheesecake bars are delicious!HIGHly recommend checking this place out.Note: If you’re looking for fresh (not frozen) cabbage buns, go early.”

4.8 Superb20 Reviews

“The dude yep dude working like totally rook over did my app n showed me the way super food jobs job,, great attitude n yummy oatmeal raisin cookiesBring back the moca slurpee it was so good”

4.6 Superb22 Reviews

“gotta say its the best one stop and shop for all your go to needs for munchies and there still open right after they've been robbed unlike some the other store round here lol and pop tarts man bloody poptarts of all flavors XD”

4.6 Superb20 Reviews

“Owner lady and staff is amazing. Whenever person comes, they greet so well. So friendly and welcoming. Food and grocery items are also very good. Must try African people.”

5 Superb10 Reviews

“Unfortunately not all grocery items are available due to the small size of the store. But well worth stopping in for certain items like peanut butter, rye bread and a small selection of breakfast cereal or pet foods. As those items are the best price anywhere!”

4.5 Superb16 Reviews

“So the first days of going to this shop it was amazing. The gentleman that was behind the cash had an amazing customer service that I wanted to keep going back to. He was polite, friendly, and worked smart and fast.Honestly from there on out he started to get to know me, and after two or three trips he knew my order first hand which honestly was pretty easy. However the thought that he remembered what his clientele wants always sticks with me as aces in customer service .I have to say, I was so glad that he got cannabis in the store; he was actually raving to me about it! I gave him a couple of pointers on what to get and yes his other clientele added a few as well.Otherwise it’s a great shop and will continue coming ?”

5 Superb8 Reviews

“Best convenient store in the city best owners and had everything you need and communicates very well with customers I highly recommend all customers to come to this nice and easy convenient store for shopping.Nice and close to residential houses and condos friendly neighborhood I recommend recommend recommend!”

5 Superb8 Reviews

“They have great hours, open every day, and a great selection of stock. I always enjoy going there because they have such friendly staff, Dave who works for sky convenience is a real sweetheart to myself and all of the customers. This business is also pet friendly!”

5 Superb8 Reviews

“Thank you for pumping gas out in the cold for us. The guy was helpful and the cashier was friendly. They have a wide variety of snacks. The washrooms were clean too.”

4.5 Superb11 Reviews

“Incredible prices on smokes and many things smoke related.I love their miscellaneous section to the left of checkout because they have assorted pairs of brand name shoes and other accessories.ALSO being consistently open 7am to midnight year-round truly make this THE one-stop-shop!”

4.6 Superb8 Reviews

“We ordered chips, meat, cheese, and pickle platters from Dakota Family Foods for our social last night. I cant say enough good things about the service and quality we received. Everyone absolutely loved the food and the pickles were absolutely amazing. Thank you to Scott and the Dakota Family Foods team for the delicious platters.”

3.9 Good54 Reviews

“This place is a hidden gem of a small go to quick mart. The drinks like Gatorade and Arizona green teas are super cheap here. When the price is 1.99 for example, you pay just a penny more to finalize the sale. I paid 2 dollars exactly for my big Arizona green tea carton. This store has a lot of Knick knacks and small useful things as well. Whenever you walk or drive by it I recommend stopping by just to take a look. You never know what cool thing you might find for cheap.”

4.7 Superb6 Reviews

“I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use her name but I’ll use her initials! T-L was the most amazing cashier I’ve ever met, each time I went to this 7-11 location and she was working, she was so warm and welcoming! I applaud her and her admirable work ethic, I hope her hard work pays off!”

4.2 Good13 Reviews

“As my household are regs ar Joys! I appreciate the kind, comfortable and professional atmosphere. Amazing customer service, Convenience at its best. Easy and great location, clean, ATM availability, and fair pricing. Prices often match or at times bet other store prices. Highly recommend visiting if you have not yet had the joy!”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“Great people, pretty good selection of frozen goods, package meats, and some fresh produce, prices were reasonable. They are not gouging you with outrageous prices, trying to make a few bucks to pay there overhead.”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“This place is absolutely the best. It's very convenient and everyone there are very polite and very helpful in everything you may need or ask for. J.M. Pharmacy is connected to it. Also an amazing Pharmacy with the best staff there is. I recommend this place to all !Thank you ?”

4.4 Superb7 Reviews

“The lady that owns this place or works here (or both?) is very friendly. My husband goes here a lot for snacks or small essentials (milk, eggs). Very good macaroons at the holidays! (Check the freezer). I only wish they had a slush machine. But otherwise, I like this shop.”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“People that work here are awesome there is the one young guy and he’s the best, always say Hi how are you and when the pop machine is out he always puts in new flavours so you can have your drink, best store ever!”

3.9 Good14 Reviews

“Great little store. Very clean tidy it’s a great store when your on your way home from work to pick up a jug of milk or a couple groceries. The cashiers are nice people it’s better than going to Walmart or any other store.”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

“This little convenience store is under new management. It is very clean and the staff there are very helpful. You can find all brands of cigarettes and they have an assorted selection of canned and frozen goods. If you need a few items to pick up it is accessible through the underground park or a shirt walk out your front door of your apartment of 1660 and 1630 Henderson Highway.”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

“They don't carry auto supply's but why would they its a store. no dust on products very clean store. some in store deals. a nice mom and pop store go visit and support the stores in your hood and keep them convenient.”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

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