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“We found T to be an honorable and service-oriented mechanic who we now trust, will use when needed, and who we recommend without reservation.We discovered T when our regular mechanic had over a week backlog to look at our Impala that was leaking a lot of fluid and making squealing noises while driving. We called T, who answered the phone himself and had us bring the car in later that day. Upon arrival, he came out, greeted us himself, looked under the hood and crawled under the car to take an initial look at the problems. He gave us his initial opinion and we left the car with him for an estimate. T called us to come back the next day, see for ourselves what he thought was wrong and give us an estimate. When we arrived, he showed us a video he took of the pulsing fluid, shot bearings and other issues he found related to the problem as well as safety concerns he saw related to parts that were worn after 94,000 miles. He gave us a written estimate. After he fixed the car, he showed us all the parts he had removed, and a new video of the problem areas that had been repaired. His estimate seemed fair initially, and was honored when we checked out. T even called a few days later to see how the car was doing – we wish our doctor did that!”

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“Where do I begin...this shop is top notch and I understand why they're highly rated.I went to Gary's for a second opinion after the first shop I went to didn't even inspect my car (literally drove it for 2 minutes and never put it on the lift) and quoted me over $1300 to fix what they guessed was the problem, which ended up not being close to what the issue was.When I called to set the appointment with Gary's, they took all of my information and my description of what was happening. Once I arrived for my appointment, Tony greeted me like I was a high value customer even though I'd never been there before. He already had my name and information pulled up and all he had to do was enter additional details in the record. I've never experienced that type of efficiency in an auto service shop. I gave him my key, verified my contact information, and was out the door.A few hours later, I'm talking to Tony and he goes into meticulous detail of what they did to diagnose the issue. Long story short, it was possibly a known manufacturer issue and he recommended that I see the dealership to confirm instead of charging me to fix something that may not resolve the problem. Tony even gave me a printout of the manufacturer notice to take to the dealership. I was taken aback and right there, Gary's Automotive gained a customer for life.It's very rare that you find an automotive shop with high character. That's customer service. That's integrity. That's who I want to do business with. If you need service for your vehicle, please go here because as Tony told me (and I experienced), they may not always have the lowest price, but they do great work and they'll be completely honest with you.”

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“I come to H&H to install a dash cámara and they did really good job! Best thing they don’t try to sell you other stuff you don’t really need. This guys are very good mechanics. I highly recommend H&H.Services: Electrical repair”

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“I’ve been going to The Lube Center for a few years now. Laurel is the 3rd location I’ve used consistently and the service is excellent. All the staff works well together and customer service is a priority for them. The pricing is reasonable as well”

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“The Thoroughbred team was awesome! I was allowed to drop my car off for a state safety inspection within a few hour of calling. The team was professional, the shop looked very clean and they made the inspection painless. I would definitely recommend them for all your car care needs.”

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“I would 1000% recommend Luigi’s Motorsport to anyone who needs repairs done to their car, especially if you’re a female like myself who knows nothing about cars. Luigi makes you feel comfortable about leaving your car in his hands. He explains things thoroughly and the pricing is great. His staff is also super friendly and are very knowledgeable. 10/10 Thanks guys !”

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“Super friendly owner and always takes care of me! I was recently in an accident where my entire driver’s side was damaged. He did an excellent job fixing it all.”

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“Amazing customer service and these guys are transparent and very professional. They sent me a detailed estimate and they maintained it till the very end so there were no surprises. I highly recommend them when you need to service your car or get the Maryland State Inspection.”

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“My recent experience with Suburban was fantastic. They are totally honest and charged me exactly the fair rate. I would recommend them to anyone.DETAILS: I got my Nissan CVT transmission (the ones that break down all the time) rebuilt at Suburban several years ago ($$$!). When I developed a leak, I wanted Suburban to take care out it even though I now live pretty far from Laurel. It was under new management. I spoke to Elmer Canales, the new manager, and he was a total pro and committed to checking out the problem and hopefully fixing it right away if I brought the car in first thing. The mechanic inspected cleaned up the transmissions, inspected the leak, test drove the car, double checked it (it was an axle seal leak) and fixed it. THEN he took it for another test drive and inspected it again to make sure the leak was fixed. I walked in 9am and was out before noon.PRICE: I was worried about the cost, of course. I had already been on the phone with someone I know who does transmission work, and Elmer charged exactly what I was told it should cost. So these guys are honest.”

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“Just had 2 tires installed prices was great the service was great the environment and employees are very friendly. I'd recommend this to everyone who want all of those type services at one place.4.8 out of 5.”

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“Honestly, this was my first time at a mechanic shop and the experience was exceptional. They provided a ride to and from my home, which was incredibly convenient. The staff was exceptionally friendly and welcoming, making the whole process comfortable. I was impressed with the efficiency of their diagnostic services and the fact that they offer financing options is a huge plus. I wholeheartedly recommend this shop and will definitely return for future car needs.”

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“This is my new favourite car place, and I've gone through 4 others since I've been living again in Maryland (sigh). Just a great place all around. But go there because Miss Lydia at the front is always happy, informative, and helpful. She's The Bestest !!!”

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“I’ve been going to Z Auto repair shop for the last 12 years for mostly every repair that I need get done on my vehicles. Avtar and Mr. Pal have always provided me with reliable, and professional auto repair service. They’re honest, affordable and they stand behind their work. Drop off for repair today and pick up the next day! Sometimes they provide same day service depends on the severity of the problem.Overall, that’s how they work unless something is extremely wrong with the car or more diagnosis is needed. I like their service overall and I’d most definitely recommend Z Auto to anyone who’s trying to get work done on their vehicle (s). Jacques Julot, Laurel, MD.”

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“I have been taking my vehicles to Omega Auto Werks for ten years. I have always found them to be professional, courteous and honest. Because of this I will take the one hour drive to have everything from routine maintenance to major service performed on my vehicles. Julio and the entire crew know cars. The labor rates are more than fair and they warranty everything that they install. I had a set brand new factory shocks installed which failed due to defect. Omega installed an upgraded set of bilstein shocks at no cost to me. I will continue to use and recommend them to others.”

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“For 20 years, North Laurel Transmission is the only place I go to get my BMW fixed. They fix every thing on the car including the transmission. I have tried other places and even the BMW dealership and I was not satisfied with the quality of service or the price. Chris & his team always provide great service, treat their customers as priority at a fair price. Choose North Laurel Transmission, you won't be disappointed!!! Seth”

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“Wayne is an old fashioned SERVICE first type of guy. He is straight forward and honest about what needs to be done. He is also a little bit of a magician, he know vehicles. I recommend him my family.Services: Transmission”

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“Convenient neighborhood gas station. There's a couple of pumps that have broken card readers, so pay attention to signs or maybe just go inside to be safe. They're offering cheaper prices if you pay cash, so this is a plus!!! I love this station because they have snacks, cold and headache medicine, my favorite child hood snacks like sun flower seeds and hot sausages! It's the little things and oh yeah GAS!”

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“Best MB Mechanic hands down. I drive all the way from Richmond VA to get my 2018 C43 AMG taken care of. Their parts for brakes are on par with FCP EURO and their prices are beyond reasonable. As a walk in the two times I've been, they took care of my car almost immediately. You won't go wrong bringing your business here. The staff is also very respectful and very knowledgeable. J&J Benz Service is a hidden Gem ?. Do yourself a favor and come through.”

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“My car was in a front end collision and it looked so bad I didn't even want to be seen driving it. Genesis swooped in and did their thing. They made it look brand new. I work from home so I don't have to drive but they got me wanting to just drive around town. Awesome service from Alfredo. Thanks Genesis!!”

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“I appreciate honest and good mechanics like Abbas at Congress auto. He let me know everything going on with my vehicle and my options on repair work. Will gladly do business again ??”

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“Awesome and excellent fast service, my car sits low and had a flat tire, after he felt he didn't have the equipment to fix , he went out, asked his mechanic and they got the job done with a respectable price.. Thanks ????”

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“Came to get my car tinted a couple months ago -The saying is true that you get what you pay for - I paid for excellence!Service team was very friendly when I got this location. They got me out of the way quick! They extra heated the bottom of my windows so that opening the door didn't mess up my tints. It's been a couple months now and the tints are holding up and looking GREAT!Definitely gave my car a better look! Would definitely bring another car to them!Service: Privacy window films”

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“RPM did great work repairing my drivers side door. When the work was completed they cleaned the car and it looked better than when I first purchased the car. The staff is polite and keeps you up to date in a timely manner with the process. I thank you all at RPM and I recommend this shop to anyone who needs repairs or scheduled maintenance on their vehicles.”

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“Steve and his staff are A1. I’ve been using there services since 1992. Recently, they replaced my timing chain on my Honda Accord. They did an excellent job related to the clanking noise which disappeared after the service. I highly recommend this shop for all your auto needs. Thanks Steve!Services: Engine repair”

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“This company is without a doubt the best I've ever met in its field! Jonathan and Paula are people with an indescribable heart and truth! They are suitable, respectful, loving and true people! Their work is impeccable! I recommend it to everyone and our car is delivered to their hands with their eyes closed! They are a blessing from God in our lives!

This company is without a shadow of a doubt the best I have ever met in its field! Jonathan and Paula are people with a heart and an indescribable truth! They are suitable, respectful, caring and genuine people! Their work is impeccable! I recommend it to everyone and our car is delivered into their hands with their eyes closed! They are a blessing from God in our lives!”

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“Renata was very pleasant to work with!!! She is also very knowledgeable about vehicles and has great customer service skills. She had my vehicle approved by the warranty company and her staff quickly fixed my transmission faster than I expected. I would recommend this shop for all of your vehicle needs.Service: Transmission”

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“The owner, Butch, also does the work. I really like that setup because I imagine he is then personally invested in doing quality work.We brought our car in and said we hadn't had much maintenance in years and told him we were open to his recommendations, literally listing off things we thought we might need. He was very honest and didn't hit us with a million "necessary" jobs like he could have. As one example, my wife said the last place we took the car said we'd need new brakes very soon - the next time we visited. Butch said he examined them, and we still had more than half the pads.At the same time, from talking to him, it seemed like he looked over the car thoroughly and tried to make sure it was getting the work it needed.He communicated clearly and was willing to take time to explain things to us.We've been to a number of mechanics for which we didn't care due to quality or charging. We plan to return to this place!Services: General repairs & maintenance”

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“My husband and I have been taking our cars to Molson for over 15yrs plus, and he is honest and prices are always reasonable. We always save money and our cars over the years have been repaired well without problems.”

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“They have helped me with anything I asked for no matter what it was. They take their time with each service done. The customer service is great and are very friendly people to be around. I recommend going here for anything car related.Services: Auto power window repair”

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“Explains everything you need done. Let's you know what's critical and what can wait. Great value for service rendered. Work is top notch. Have been taking my cars there for 30+ years.”

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