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“As an employee I give my store this rating due to my customers coworkers and boss. Such a great place to be. Nice,quiet,well kept maintenance. Coworkers are friendly and helpful and The Boss is very helpful, understanding, caring. It's a great place for leadership growth and teaching.”

4.3 Superb15 Reviews

“If you came from a City you'll understand this complement when I say " This is my Corner Store" anything I need from gas, food, nic/Nacks, gift cards, Snack,.... Deserts.... My spot...”

4.3 Superb44 Reviews

“I really like this gas station/truck stop. Has free truck parking, about 15-20 spots. The food was made fresh 24 hours, which surprised me. Most trucks stop they stop making food around 9 pm. The food is very good and affordable. I am definitely saving this place as one of my favorites. Also very clean rest rooms.”

4.4 Superb23 Reviews

“This is literally the best 7-eleven I have ever been too. I love the staff, they are always so nice and always make sure to great everyone who walks in the door. Always clean inside as well.”

4.5 Superb19 Reviews

“I have always had a pleasant experience at this little store. I drink a soda that most places don't carry and when they ran out, they ordered it for me. They are one of the few places that sells kerosene too and ALWAYS have it. They take care of their customers and the employees remember you when you're a regular. Great place for my needs close to home. Kudos to all who work there!!”

4.1 Good42 Reviews

“Very nice, expansive liquor store that carries everything I've wanted. The owners are extremely nice people, extremely helpful, and they've always treated me with a friendly smile. Prices are very competitive with other liquor stores in the area.”

4.2 Good23 Reviews

“every time i stop in they are friendly and very clean store and drinks n snack are fully stock prices are very reasonable and just wish had more of variety of coffee creamer for the coffee”

3.8 Good17 Reviews

“I went here this evening with my youngest son & the clerk, I believe his name was Jon, he was the NICEST, MOST COURTEOUS & HELPUL person I have ever had assist me! Thank you Jon!”

3.8 Good15 Reviews

“Go there just for chicken and have a couple comments on that. 5/6 times it's great but that last time it's dried out. If they are not busy it sits too long - they should toss it after a while. And hard to tell from just looking. I usually find out on the way home while I'm stealing a bite and then don't feel like going back and doing what / waiting for a new batch? A refund from the receipt that I threw in the trash on my way out the door?Also why in the heck after spending $20 on chicken do they charge you .79 for a tiny tub of sauce? Who else charges for condiments?”

4.1 Good7 Reviews

“I've had plenty of bad experiences at 7-11s but not this one. It's clean and employees here are actually polite and speak English well (most other 7-11s I've been to have either rude employees or people that are both rude and barely speak English so it was always a hassle trying to purchase a Powerball ticket from them).This 7-11 even has a lottery machine so you can easily and quickly purchase the Powerball.”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“I haven't been to a 7-Eleven in years. But I was pleasantly surprised how good the boneless chicken on a stick and zero sugar slurpee were. It's to bad I didn't take a picture cause it was filling for the $3 I paid, an I'm a big guy. We'll definitely make a point to stop by here again when we're in town to walk the local park. ?”

3.6 Good27 Reviews

“good royal farms, was in here the other day and and a customer was complaining about the smell of fryer grease ( they sell fried chicken, what did you think it was gonna smell like??) other than they solid place to get food”

3.6 Good24 Reviews

“Been going to this Sheetz for a good bit now and will continue to do so. It's well lit, has a wide selection of snacks/drinks and of course amazing employees.”

3.3 Good22 Reviews

“I love my weekly trips to Highs. I am always greeted with a smile as the workers are friendly and make you feel like family, especially Kim and RJ. The store is always clean which is a huge plus. 5 stars!”

3.3 Good33 Reviews

“I'm share a positive shout out for this highs convenience store First of all, I really enjoy the fact that highs still serves hand scooped ice cream that's a old fashion luxury you can find in many places evening, so-called ice cream stores that serve soft, serve ice cream This past Sunday, 14 May, Mother's Day, I stopped in there and a gentleman name. Sean greeted me at the door. As I expected, I saw my favorite ice cream flavor and his partner and coworker very artfully. Serve me a scoop of ice cream and treated me like a gentleman. I even inquired around the restroom and they graciously showed me where to find it warning me that one of the restaurants was out of order. I had to pinch myself because I thought I went back in the Time Machine when manners and Customer Service, or something that was common place like maybe three decades are for decades ago”

3.2 Average18 Reviews

“This store is family owned and operated!!! The store is always busy and has gas pumps!!!! The employees are very nice and willing to help you any way that they can!! The store is very well stocked and always clean. They offer hot food and drinks. They also offer specials for hot food and have hot breakfast food. They always greet you as soon as you enter the store. They will greet you by name and ask how your doing and always thank you and tell you to have a nice day!!!!! They truly appreciate your business and care about their customers!!!!!”

3.2 Average25 Reviews

“I have been aggravated with how some of my medications are being handled. It is making my life more difficult to track my refills.On my plan I can get my 90 day refill up to two weeks before the actual refill date. For some reason some of my medications I have found that the prescription is labeled "Your pharmacy team has scheduled this prescription to be refilled on this date according to your plan. " With the two week window I can work them around so I can pick them up at the same time. But with the pharmacy controlling it, I can't do this. I also see it as the pharmacy getting around those who are not using automatic refill on there medications.Also, when a prescription is fill, I don't get a call, letting me know it is ready for pickup.Dissatisfied Customer,John Boley”

3.1 Average14 Reviews

“I arranged for a cargo van with uhaul. Guy behind the counter was so patient with me...I spilled coffee on his counter and he got me napkins, I couldn't find my reading glasses and he explained everything. Just really patient and never sighed, rolled his eyes or anything like that. Was really respectful and it lifted my mood for the day. The rental was seamless, the ride much smoother than I thought. Definitely renting from this location if I need a uhaul. Thank you soooo much. Worth. Every. Penny.”

3.2 Average64 Reviews

“I've done lots of pickup orders for regular items and photos. The service has mainly been above par including communication pertaining to item availability with photo orders. The staff has been diligent with each order. I really appreciate them!”

2.8 Average8 Reviews

“The customer service at this store, especially Ms. Donna, is incredible! I always come here for a good quick lunch, and I love the quick chat as I'm checking out. She recommended the soft pretzels, and they were definitely the right call! Puts a smile on my face. Customer service done right, for sure!”

3.1 Average40 Reviews

“Very sweet guy allowed me to use the “employee” restroom after I was traveling back home to VA for work. I’ve had to make frequent stops due to my job at public gas stations throughout the years and you would be surprised how many male workers blatantly refused me access to restrooms after traveling for hours to find an establishment that was open. I work in the restaurant industry so I understand protocol and not wanting questionable people messing up your properties but there is a time and place to make a judgment. I didn’t get the gentleman’s name (mid 20s Hispanic young male with longish black hair), but if the corporate 7Eleven sees this comment I hope they praise him and use him as an example for all of there locations.”

2.9 Average36 Reviews

“Had a little problem with a prescription called in from doctors office. The Pharmacy Manger stopped with her busy day, resolved the issue and saved me much time and trouble having to contact the Doctors office the next day. Great Job and thanks!!!”

2.1 Poor7 Reviews

“The customer service was good and pharmacist was helpful with questions about medication. Never a line when I go. Ive never seen an issue with trash laying outside.”

1.9 Poor7 Reviews

“I've been here alot the past 2 years for prescriptions and shots and have never had a bad experience. Even in the past year when everyone is short staffed. Thank you for all you do.”

2.3 Poor48 Reviews

“Everyone here has always been a complete sweetheart, and does their best to help me find what I need at the most affordable price. They have answered all of my questions about medication patiently. I appreciate their advice and positive attitudes; on some of my hardest days they have honestly turned my mood around with their kindness. As someone with mobility issues, they’ve made the store easily navigable. When I need help reaching something, they’re there to assist me. There are even public restrooms- AND they’re handicap accessible! This is a necessity that most other pharmacies unfortunately don’t offer. I’m very grateful for this awesome team of pharmacists, techs, and other great employees. Thank y’all for making a trip that’s usually stressful so much easier for me. ????”

1.9 Poor26 Reviews

“Pretty much a good experience every time I go. Staff are always polite and helpful. Sometimes there is some miscommunication, but that is usually the CVS app’s fault not the pharmacy or it’s staff.”

1.7 Poor26 Reviews