Dollar Stores in Marlow Heights, MD

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“A couple of years ago when I first started shopping here I noticed problems.I addressed those problems to corporate and the response to correct those problems was very slow.Now a couple of years later this location has new management and new employees and Im noticing changes there.Keep in mind when it comes to any business,it takes alot of effort to keep that business afloat and the employees can't do it alone.IT TAKES US(THE CUSTOMERS) ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO LIVE IN THE AREA.Why are there so many shoplifting incidents there? Is this how we treat businesses in our community? Why? Why can't we have decent CLEAN businesses in our community without some bad apples trying to run a business to the ground? If Family Dollar employees are reading this keep going on the effort to get things right to keep the right customers coming and to tell the wrong customers to go somewhere else!”

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