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“I loved it, the music, the staff great!!!! People always talk bad about save alot. Well people need to stop listening to people ? Save Alot was GREAT!!! CLEAN!! STAFF PROFESSIONAL!!! GET MY 5 STARS!!!!!”

3.9 Good18 Reviews

“All items are now $1.25 but still worth it. The store is neat and usually keeps all items in stocks. Friendly cashiers. Sometimes lines can be long but all in all its a good store.”

3.1 Average20 Reviews

“I honestly have 0 complaints about the staff that works there currently, HOWEVER the “powers that be” over the store manager should feel ashamed. The higher ups should come in on a day where it’s a busy truck day to see why product gets out slower than normal.The age limit is already 21 and Maryland already underpays for minimum wage. The problem is not the location or the employees. The PROBLEM IS ANYONE other than the hiring manager(they can only do but so much!). The higher ups need to come in to make some changes, SERIOUSLY.I love coming to this location because they have everything a person could need, but how could anyone stay if there if a lack of staff and funds? If you all need employees, then think about getting rid of nicotine items. It’s a lot of kids that need jobs. Plus in the Oxon Hill area you can buy nicotine within a mile away from the next spot.Sorry if I came off mean, but ahout out to ALL the workers at the Oxon Hill location, the one near Oxon Hill High School! Everyone is so nice, helpful, and makes me feel wanted to shop. Please reward this location!!!”

2.3 Poor9 Reviews

“Dollar General has been the only store that still sells the 5 pack miniature candy (Snickers, Almond Joy, Reese's Cup, Mr. Goodbar, York Peppermint Patties), all costing $1.00 a pack. This store was clean, stocked with merchandise, the cashiers were very pleasant and answered my question when I asked if they participated in the OTC program. I did not get a chance to compare prices to other products and merchandise, but I will do so on my next visit. I was very pleased with my visit. I travel by public transportation on the P12 (Eastover) or D12 (Suitland) from Southern Avenue Metro Station.”

1.9 Poor13 Reviews

“This Dollar Tree visit sufficed for today. It had exactly what I needed and a little more. Its best to het things turn of the season. The cute plates were gone. Thats ok Im crafty. They have other things to make your table festive. Surprisingly enough it wasn't crowded. Thanks Dollar Tree.”

1.9 Poor18 Reviews

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