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“My experience today was nothing less than amazing. I needed to do an exchange and Angel and Keyshawn (sp?) were amazing. They were so welcoming, kind, professional and made me feel good. I really appreciated their warm welcome as well as their help with the exchange. I will definitely recommend this location for 5 Below. I will come here again because they have amazing customer service. Thank you both and please if a district manager can give them props and something good for their amazing customer service!!!!!!They deserve to be rewarded.”

4.2 Good28 Reviews

“I walked around after dropping my rental car off and found this small dollar store next to dunkin donuts.. I was small but so much to buy, I had so much joy shopping here for cheap household items.”

4.1 Good26 Reviews

“The other day I went by & was greeted so well by the male manger on duty , always asking if we need help and if there’s anything we need. I love coming into this store ! Always positive energy”

3.9 Good31 Reviews

“Really like this location, they have a wide variety of things. The only downside is that the store can be a bit trashed..but I don't blame the employees. It's really the customers. Please watch your children and be considerate of the work the employees put in to try and make the store look decent. I've worked retail, it's not easy keeping a store clean everyday from customers.”

3.8 Good33 Reviews

“This is my favorite store for discount clothes , shoes, accessories , health and beauty iems and everyday items. My husband loves this store also. it's similar to a Ross and so nice. The one in Manassas is huge and the people are nice. The one in Alexandra is not as but the people are nice and you can find just about anything you need there also.I recommend this store to everyone”

3.8 Good30 Reviews

“Please seetotal 3 photos. This is one of two bottles bought yesterday 11.10.23 Friday in this dollar tree store, which is an Oak Beverage, another is Almond yet not try. Only half bottle left but the remaining are full of thick stickying liquid. Not only this drink was tasteless from the first sip, but keeps going. It doesn't taste like a pure plant-based drink it labeled, rather a drink seemed full of seeming thick-water-some like. Was it actually filled in a lot of something else or..., otherwise why half bottle are all the thick stuffs?Remember yrs ago, bought a couple of soy milk bottles from an Asian small market who carried its all soy by-products from a manufacturer in PA, got home to drink it immediately then smelled something weird and discovered its thick and stickying liquid like this Oak one but more yellowish from the very beginning of drinking. Immediately called the small market and addressed the issues. Brought the bottle back to show them: they all were convinced, the owner and the employees! Agreed with me that they needed to be careful for carrying products from that manufacturer meanwhile tightly controlled their products channels and supervision in apply on manufacturers. They also at once refunded me not like before they were so stingily for refunds. From back then of now on, I carefully never bought any Soy Milk from that brand of manufacturer except tofus!They actually added overdoses of PRESERVATIVES!This Oak maybe that Almond, both from the same manufacturer used UHT for this solid drink not preservatives? Please the store chain hdqtr investigates this.It labeled as "pantry freshThis seal marks our .... " see 2nd-3rd pic. Thanks.Called today (11.11.23) immediately a few times before run this review, but only got a fast busy tone. Generally speaking their employees are good some are super stars ?!”

3.9 Good14 Reviews

“Great customer service and helpful people. Just always a wreck due to the horrible customers. They pick up after them and the customers come right behind them and throw everything around.”

3.5 Good16 Reviews

“I came in and saw Mr. Wilson stocking and tending to addressing a holiday endcsp. I had to stop him and commend him for the stores appearance. He was working diligently and in all areas. When the line got too long he even stopped what he was doing and took on the register to help out. He is an asset to that store. People are so lazy and do the bare minimum. His work ethic was superior. You can tell he cared about his job and it shows when you walk in the store. I had to take my time and leave a review just so his management could see that he is definitely a hard worker. He needs to be future management! His ethic can not be taught.”

3.4 Good25 Reviews

“Um when I came in I saw a rude cashier and didn’t like it but then we got a little of stuff like makeup but some of the customers were MEAN so just the stuff is good not the service.”

3.2 Average23 Reviews

“I love Dollar General. It is always much better than Dollar Tree. Dollar General seems to be a step above typical dollar stored and one step down from a grocery store or department store. Quality of product is sacrificed slightly for reasonable prices. Bought a cellphone here, actually...?”

3.2 Average70 Reviews

“I am visiting from Charlotte NC. I visit the Black Friday store there at least twice a week. I was looking forward to stopping by the one here but these reviews! Going to give it the benefit of the doubt and decide for myself. To be continued....”

3.1 Average58 Reviews

“I went into the Dollar tree to purchase some balloons And a few other items for my birthday celebration. I incountered 4 awesome employees who took their time to help me get exactly what I imagined. The balloon assortment was beautiful. I am beyond happy with the customer service I received! I will definitely come back for any future parties I have.. it was also a gentleman that I didn't catch his name, but he was a great help also by grabbing the refill for the helium.. thank you Tameia, Tiffany, Jennifer, and the other male employee who is a stocker and name i didn't catch. My bday was wonderful”

2.6 Average32 Reviews

“Service was great. Quick and easy checkout. James was very helpful and nice. I prefer this location over the other ones in the area because it is well kept and the staff are respectable.”

2.2 Poor32 Reviews