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“Selection of wines, cheese and meats for charcuterie is great, the bins of dried goods were cool I got to get two different dried favas nuts and hubby got dark chocolate espresso beans! Got to try the cheeses before we bought them and even received recommendations. We will be back. So many more things to purchase like the tea blankets and kitchenwares, spices etc. a plethora of Portuguese authentic items foods and spices!”

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“Absolutely fabulous Linguica and Chourico Sausages. We have to mail order online but it's worth the effort. Usually ships fast and arrives well packed and cold. A regular custom with my family in Massachusetts. They fed it to me all day long when I visited. My aunts would claim they had a special store. One day she said she was going to Fall River to get some linguica. When I moved south, I could not find the real thing. Then I remembered what she said (Fall River) a number of years after leaving New England. Then came the internet!”

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“I LOVE this Market! Great fresh vegetables, the best meats and fish. Large selection of fresh local breads. I always find what I need at a fair price. Some small markets over price, their product, not at Amaral’s!”

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“? By far the best authentic Portuguese chourico in the area. Get the spicy "picante" chourico. Reminds me of the chourico I had on my trips to Portugal as a kid.”

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“I like it my mom goes here good bissnues if he reads this hi renember me I was the little kid with my mom she whare sun glasses alot like the one in 4th grade I live right next to the store”

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“This store continually provides great deals on frozen and non-perishable items. The savings are worth the trip. The prices are so reasonable that I try new foods. You should check this store out if you like to save money on groceries and snacks.”

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“Was missing a little hometown food. Called to have 10 lbs of chorico delivered to Co. Staff was pleasant over the phone order was pcked great and delivered as promised. Satisfied my need”

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“Great place. They have some interesting things there. They also have some good deals.You can definitely save some money there. They don't have a super selection like other Supermarkets ,but they have the basics.”

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“I really like coming here and buying everything I need! Especially that delicious Brazilian bread Everyone is so nice that they make us feel like we are in BrazilThanks”

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“Amazing! The selection of fresh,?well made food. The way it’s cooked with just the right spices and flavors that I thought were perfect. Portuguese food from the heart.”

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“Hands down the BEST convenience store in the Corky Row area. The guys that work there are always so pleasant and kind. Tad pricey, but everything is nowadays with inflation, so I don't even feel bad spending money here and helping them keep going in this economy as well! Highly recommend if you want to be in and out or have a friendly chat at the neighborhood bodega ??? ?”

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“We usually stop in to pick up stuffed grape leaves, couscous salad, and feta cheese. The feta wasn't out so a very helpful employee offered to go in the back and get some while we continued to shop. Gave us the opportunity to really look around and compare prices to where I normally shop. There was a great deal on chicken leg quarters and ground beef plus many produce items not available at our regular grocery store. Decided we really need to start doing our regular grocery shopping here.”

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“Always well stocked and very helpful employees. Normal grocery store rules don’t apply here. People are all over the place and sloppy with their grocery carts. Over all a great place to shop”

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“Excellent service ! Recently placed a very large food order for pickup. Very easy process from selection of items on the web page and pulling into the special pickup area at the specified time. Then calling the number on the sign. Within minutes out comes your food order and packed in bags with a copy of the bill generated at check out on the web. Any item that was substituted is clearly marked. This is a contactless service in which you stay in your vehicle while your items are loaded in the trunk or the back of your SUV. I have used this service three times and plan on using again when reordering product. It's much better than pushing a cart around the store and loading it on the belt and loading the car. Thank you stop and shop!”

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“Most amazing convenient store!!!!!! His products are the best, he is so down to earth and willing to help people, which goes a long way with me in this day age we are living in!! His employee is soooooo nice and considerate, why would you go anywhere else!!!!! I appreciate you Nick and Donald!!!!”

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“It's not as big and expansive and well-known as Patel Bros., but you can get pretty much everything you want or need for your curries and masalas. Except not much fresh veggies - at least on this visit. And if you don't feel like cooking, they have plenty of ready-to-eat options as well as fresh homemade samosas (vegetarian and chicken versions). Well worth a visit!”

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“The fall river Walmart has friendly associates and always help. Store seems stocked most of the time even though they are remodeling. Ogp is a great department as well super friendly.”

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“This Stop and Shop location is good. It has a large parking lot, with plenty of entrances and exits. It also has a Stop and Shop gas station, for those looking to save some money on gas! This is a super S&S, so it is large, but the selection isn't as great as the one in Somerset. This location also has a Nature's Promise section, so that's a plus. But again, the Somerset location is larger and has a better selection. I don't eat meat, but my fiancé does and while here he noted that the selection was smaller than other locations. He still found some of what he was looking for though, so he was happy. The produce here seems to be good. I've always found what I needed and it has all looked and tasted great. The staff we've dealt with all seem nice and friendly as well. While I prefer to go to the Somerset location for the wider selection, I've come here when I've been in the area and need just a few items.”

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“Fabulous chicken wings! The meat department is excellent & very accommodating; if you don't see exactly what you want in the meat case, just ask! They either have it in the walk-in or can often cut the, uh, cut of meat you want (at least when it comes to beef). You can also have your meat 'cubed' for you if you ask!Nice selection of beer, wine, & spirits, if that's your thing.It's a small market in comparison to the supermarket chains in the area, but they've always had nearly everything I need!”

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“The fall river Walmart has friendly associates and always help. Store seems stocked most of the time even though they are remodeling. Ogp is a great department as well super friendly.”

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“The fall river Walmart has friendly associates and always help. Store seems stocked most of the time even though they are remodeling. Ogp is a great department as well super friendly.”

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“Really nice fruit! A great big selection of ethnic foods & bakery sweets, too. However, I want to make sure I mention that customer service here was absolutely by far the best I've experienced in a very long time! It wasn't because there was an abundance of employees working and they had nothing else but to take the time to help me either! When I asked for help, I got it! When I became confused with the large list of baking items I needed, they stopped what they were doing and literally helped me! When it became very close to closing time and I tried to rush, they didn't make me feel as if I was ruining their life! Instead, they became steadfast and focused on making sure I got what I needed. I can't say enough about how great that experience was and in seeing people appreciate others and in having respect for customers in general. Nowadays, I'm constantly in situations where I feel as if I should be apologizing, when asking for help, running late, or for just being there! For retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, or Target, I find myself shopping at almost every day in one way or another because of the great products they carry, but the constantly awful service is seriously beyond the pale quite frankly. These large retailers should seriously take note because, like for most, it's definitely getting hugely sickening experiencing this every single day! Fyi: i find it to be the "culture" mostly coming right down from the top!! Ty Price Right Fall River, MA.”

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