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“I've lived in the neighborhood for about 19 yrs. I don't usually do reviews, but for this new owner of Riverside Farms. "Lucky" I'll make an exception.. The price of pretty much everything in the store is very reasonable. He's got a great selection of Food, beverages, alcohol.. and of course we can't forget a huge selection of lottery Tickets?. And last but not least, I have to say He's the most nicest, generous store owner I have ever met. And look forward to going in there when I need something. And to you Lucky thank you for taking over the corner store and cleaning it up, it's like a whole new store. THANK YOU??”

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“I really do recommend this gas station store to others. They have a lot of things and some things that other gas station stores don't have. They have been very friendly to me every time I've gone in the store.”

4.3 Superb28 Reviews

“They have exclusive snacks from all around the world but at a very expensive price. We bought probably 20 items for a total of 192$.I’m from Canada and we have multiple locations of exotic snacks from around the world at cheaper prices.”

4.3 Superb27 Reviews

“Stopped in this store the other day and was greeted by the store owner. Very courteous and full of energy. I only needed a few beverages for me and the family. I ended up buying items I TOTALLY FORGOT back at home in NY!!! This is now my bodega away from home”

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“Sunny its billy you know me last 10 year i m your customer all the time i m going low price for play my lotto I noticed always the guys on the phone talking to someone and taken care of customer and one more thing not welcoming customers he never say hi or hello i hope you hope you resolve this issue by the way I don’t have your contact number that’s why i need to write review thanks”

4.5 Superb16 Reviews

“They have a loads of pumps, so you never have to wait in a line. Just pull up, pay, pump & off you go. Because of all the pumps their isn't alot of parking spots & can be tough to maneuver if it's is packed. They have a very small kiosk where you can buy snacks, drinks & automotive essentials. Easy on/off highway access & it has a JR's Superlube (Their both in the parking lot) the very next building over in case you have some emergency mechanical needs that need to be fixed.”

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“Excellent Asian grocery store. Large selection of produce, meat, sauces, frozen stuff, etc. They have what you're looking for, even Japanese sweet potato. Bring cash. They also accept Venmo.”

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“I come here all the time on my way home from work. Everyone is very nice and friendly. One thing I will add is their hours are wrong they are not open until 10pm on Saturday they close at 6pm”

3.8 Good33 Reviews

“The last of the real family corner stores, they've kept prices low for basically all there products such as tobbaco etc. They are the cheapest in the city and awesome family atmosphere! Brings back Fall River use to be! !!”

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“JONATHAN SOUSA , This girl is very thoughtful. Maybe ? you may have misunderstood. You can be sure, she is very attentive, great professional.Sorry for you bro!BENTO69.”

3.8 Good13 Reviews

“GREAT SERVICE !!!! morning girls are GREAT !! i believe Mariabel and kiersten such great workers!! Night people are great also !! was super surprised to see all these negative comments. I go in everyday for my cigarettes and coffee for 3 years”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“$1.00 Slushy currently. Very good. The Speedway rewards are the best rewards I've ever, in my life experienced . The cashier's are nice people , friendly, good with people.What a gold mine location as well. Very convenient location for so many people.”

3.6 Good27 Reviews

“Love this store, definitely need to keep up with stock in store as far as food products but other wise love everything else. An the customer service is always outstanding.. down to earth people that welcome everyone..”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“This is my favorite speedway location, I will go out of my way to go here rather than a different location. The employees are the best, always friendly and super helpful. There's one young lady that is pregnant and shes the one that has always been super helpful and will go above and beyond to assist you in any way needed ?”

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“Conveniently located (e.g., near Bristol, Roger Williams University), Rite Aid provides a range of essential products and services. As of my recent discovery, I have especially remained thankful for their pharmacy and medical expertise. Their support means the world for our community, our support of Rite Aid empowers our neighbors. Happy New Year ??”

3.4 Good36 Reviews

“Its Close by and Moe and his brother are friendly not rude like some other little store owners in the area.. Open until 11pm.Also if They don't have something you like it buy often,if they can they will order it for you for the next time,but that's only if its possible.Not many stores in the area that will do that for customers..”

3.6 Good8 Reviews

“I just picked up prescriptions at the drive-through. Lori went above and beyond helping me with the items I needed. I have always received fantastic customer service at this location, today it was extra fantastic.! Thank you Lori I hope you feel appreciated!”

3.3 Good50 Reviews

“Always a quick stop and familiar faces that remeber your orders and preferences. Great customer service skills. Never a bad experience. They also have snacks I can not find any where else. Largest selection around.”

3.8 Good4 Reviews

“Well I have to say that Shell is absolutely fair with their gas prices considering the upside and down with prices. Staff is great. Good location. Make sure to have a rewards card to save on fuel at shell. Adds up. The app is great. Can you link stop and shop card and dunkin' donuts to save even more on gas, so that's Kool. And it's true that shell gas is the best and keeps your car performing like it should. So go try some shell gasoline today!”

3.3 Good30 Reviews

“Great place for quick shopping. Sky and zee are very friendly and always helpful. They did increase selection of beer and also got frozen food section added which previous owner did not care about. Still need more improvement but they doing little by little.. ohh and yeah I won $500 2 times in same day.?”

3.6 Good5 Reviews

“The bald guy was very welcoming. He was knowledgeable about the different types of gasoline and helped me make the best decision for my Subaru. I would shop here again.”

3.5 Good6 Reviews

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