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“Joe’s offers a pleasant experience when shopping at this store. I found this place and thought I would give it a try being they stay open until 11:00 PM. Prices are reasonable and the service is great. The reason I give it 4 stars is due to the people who hang around across the street. Not the Crowd I recommend to be around!”

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“I can't imagine anyone having a complaint about this place! I'm an older university student who has frequented this place for years and the staff has always been exceptionally professional and very courteous to me. I always buy wine there, and they have a selection that isn't just Barefoot, Yellowtail, and Mark West--which is great! Parking can be tricky, but they have better hours and better selection than your average package store. Always worth the trip!”

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“Been going here for years and if I could give them more then 5stars I would. They have so many options and the staff and owner is awesome Alex, Lorenzo and Keith are awesome!!! The place is always clean and they are an awesome friendly crew....I ALWAYS leave here with a smile or laughing!!!”

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“The only place that sells my beer in Fall River, MA. I drink Labatt Blue or Molson Canadian. I spent 35 years living an hour and 1/2 from the US/Canadian border, so it's all I drink. Thanks Jay's! ?”

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“The best wine store in Southern Massachusetts. Conveniently located in Fall River, right next to Tiverton RI, I shop here as it is closer to me than the Savory Grape -- my favorite wine store in all of New England -- it has an incredible selection of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Napa, Argentinian, and Chilean wine. They even have a ton of French wine, if you're into that overpriced and underwhelming wine those people produce?.In addition to wine, they have a very impressive selection of commercial and craft beers. They even have Moosehead beer! Being an honorary Spaniard, I am impressed with their sherry selection. This is the place for anyone living within 30 minutes of Fall River.”

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“Absolutely love them, I have been going to this store for odds and ends since I was a child, yes they are a liquor store but they have always carried ice cream and my siblings and I always went in to see the family and get ice cream. They are all so nice.”

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“My favorite guys own this place. I go here at least once a week for my husband to get his fit vine wine. He is in love with this stuff. It is a red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon. they also offer a Sauvignon Blanc white wine and a combination red. Every time I go into the store I always get smiles ear to ear from these nice guys. They're always so courteous. When my husband was more into a beer mood I had given them feedback and not even a week or two later they had those types of available in their store. When his fit vine is running low they reorder right away. Not to mention on a hot day it is nice and cool in there. As long as I live here I will be a forever customer.”

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“Jus helped a buddy with some can an bottels went real smooth an fast with the multi bottle an cans in one , glass separate machine took 10 mins 20$ in bottles /cans ,2 people ,, the Store was huge lottery an other trinket.”

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“Simply put, Iv never had a bad expierence, the owner is always awesome to me. Always share something about our days, good or bad. Nd enjoy a good laugh. I recommend this place, always.”

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“The store so organized everything is always in supply you look curious or lost they always seem to ask if you need help even on special order something they don't carry they do a great job on research price is a very good I would shop there and recommend this place constantly”

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“JONATHAN SOUSA , This girl is very thoughtful. Maybe ? you may have misunderstood. You can be sure, she is very attentive, great professional.Sorry for you bro!BENTO69.”

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“Fabulous chicken wings! The meat department is excellent & very accommodating; if you don't see exactly what you want in the meat case, just ask! They either have it in the walk-in or can often cut the, uh, cut of meat you want (at least when it comes to beef). You can also have your meat 'cubed' for you if you ask!Nice selection of beer, wine, & spirits, if that's your thing.It's a small market in comparison to the supermarket chains in the area, but they've always had nearly everything I need!”

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“The bald guy was very welcoming. He was knowledgeable about the different types of gasoline and helped me make the best decision for my Subaru. I would shop here again.”

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