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“I've used Welch Brothers twice. They are on time and professional. They came promptly once was an emergency situation. I honestly can not say enough good about them.Services: Heating system installation”

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“Harry and his brother went above and beyond on April 10 when they donated gas to frontline workers. This more than generous offering exemplies true community spirit. They are gracious, generous and selfless. Thank you!!”

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“I like Mahoney Oil Co. they offer free air for your tires unlike any other gas station you have to pay in order to use Mahoney offer air for free thanks Mahoney!”

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“A staff from Haffner's, (Renee) came into my office and stated that a customer left a wallet at the gas station. She found my business card in the wallet and came down to my office, so I can reach out to the customer for her. I was able to reach out to the customer on her behalf. And he was able to pick up his wallet. This is above and beyond customer service. Thank you Renee D.”

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“Very convenient, most of all is the "Neon Sign" ,they just don't make them like that anymore. A must see if in town during the evening , absolutely beautiful.”

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“Great service from Ed and Aneil . I started going there about 5 years ago and have never stopped since . Ed and Aneil are always friendly funny and attended to your needs every time you are there . They make you feel welcomed and want to comeback there if you have never stopped there I suggest you do they provide first class service for a simple convenience gas store .”

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“Great place located in a neighborhood, they have all types of beverages and snacks at a great price. I used to go there for gas only, but with their new credit/debit pricing I had to go inside and prepay! so I went in, I saw all the prices I wasn't disappointed they even sell all types of BBQ needs, ice and firewood. The employees were great too, good customer service. Overall a great store, will come often.”

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“I have frequented this gas station many times over the past few years. Not only to get gas, but also to get a State Inspection sticker on my vehicle, or for purchases at their convenience store. They always have an ample supply of a particular type of energy drink that I enjoy! The employees have always been extremely accommodating , courteous and friendly. Their gas pumps are very easily accessible to enter and exit, (unlike some gas stations where you have to literally do 18-point-turns to maneuver in and out) and I have never waited longer than 20 minutes (in total ) to recieve an Inspection sticker.”

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“Elias does great work and charges very fair prices. I've gone there for years and the work is done on time and its done right. It's the only place I take my car.”

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“Really liking this company. They are always so fast and get us oil right away. Thank you. Just wish you could do a 50 gallon fill on a tight budget even 70 would help a lot.”

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“Quick... Like a bunny!! I pulled in, kickin' up rocks... Filled my tank ( that's a lie, I put ten bucks in!! Same thing, rite!?) And I took off outta there like I just robbed a freaking bank!! Go speed racer.. go! go!”

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“The manager at the car wash is professional and personable. My only complaint is the sporadic operating hours. Car wash is supposed to be open at 7AM, but lately, on some days, it doesn't open until afternoon.”

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“The gentleman behind the counter that works at the Super Mobil there is a very friendly and polite person, not only do I purchase my gas there I also buy my lottery scratch tickets there, the place is very clean and the restroom is imaculate”

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“They were very rude. They said come back in 30 minutes. I came back in 30 minutes and they had me wait another five minutes so disrespectful cause I go there all the time is my money. They were very disrespectful.”

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“Elias does great work and charges very fair prices. I've gone there for years and the work is done on time and its done right. It's the only place I take my car.”

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“I have been going to this station for over 15 years. Ray is an expert mechanic. Unlike many other places I had gone to previously (including the dealer), you won't have to go back as he diagnoses the problem and fixes it properly the first time and usually very quickly. He also shows me the old parts that he replaced and why they needed to be replaced.”

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“Employees at this establishment are ALWAYS super nice and friendly every time I've been here. The store is very clean and neat, with a large selection of various "convenience store/gas station type items. Easy to enter/exit parking lot with plenty of parking spots and gas pumps, I've never had to wait in line for gas.”

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“I like this place. Sometimes I just go to the Dunkin Donuts Drive-thru. But sometimes I go in and talk to the people behind the counter. They are always friendly. And by the way I got a scratch ticket there and I hit for $500. Just a lucky a little coincidence but thank you to the woman who handed it to me. She was friendly and we had a nice talk. I didn't know I won in till I came home. But the point is the people that work here are kind and friendly. The convenience store is clean and organized.”

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“Alltown did an amazing job renovating this gas station and giving it a whole new relaxed vibe with amazing fresh food made to order I highly suggest you check them out if you haven't since They reopened.”

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“Late night quick fuel for your car, especially if you are new in town... you'll love there...the staff is good, well mannered, and easy for a quick communication”

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“This gas station is located in the Pawtucket St right opposite to the Merrimack river. They have competitive pricing in the area even though it’s Shell. The gas station is well maintained and clean. Since it’s in Massachusetts, you will have to fill fuel by yourself. They do have a store where you could pick up smokes, soda, snacks and many more stuff. The staff is super friendly.”

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“24 hours, ALWAYS clean, convenient location, literally perfect for when you have weird 2 AM cravings. the workers are always super nice & polite, even when it’s like 1 AM, + they’re always patient too”

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“Store closes from 11:40 to 12:14. Though the exact time has changed slightly, this is how it's worked for years and always will. So those complaining that it's "not 24/7" or "always closed when I arrive", that is why. And the overnight staff is more than willing to explain this respectfully whenever a customer stops by during this period. As for lottery, it closes at that time and stays closed until 5 am. This is true across all of Mass. Lottery sales stores.These complaints are coming purely from the impatient, and the unsympathetic. I've seen legitimate complaints abojt emplayee conduct, and thats understandable. But the complaints I mentioned can be easily avoided and explained.”

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