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“I brought my car in for a loud rattle. I was able to schedule an appointment within a week. Andrew located the problem and called to let me know what the issue was and how much it would cost before performing the work. He then picked me up at my home because I could not arrange a ride to get the car. I have sent family to Trackside because they are friendly, knowledgable and trustworthy.Service: Exhaust”

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“Had a flat tire this am. Called to get my tire changed to a donut. The driver came quickly and was unable to get my tire off with the tools he had. So he filled my tire with air. He did not charge me anything and followed me to the tire shop. Thank you! You saved my day!”

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“I was waiting on AAA, in the Palmer town hall parking for 5hrs. I gave up on AAA and called relentless. They got me and my car to tire shop within 30min. Extremely professional, will only be using them from now on. I apologize I can’t remember the gentleman’s name. But he was excellent!”

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“Integrity towing is fantastic!! They went above and beyond to help me when I was in a tough predicament. Shawn and Gary were very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I was very impressed with their excellent communication with me and their quick response time in getting to my car where I was stranded in an unsafe location. If you ever need a towing service, I highly recommend Integrity Towing.”

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“We drove our car off a small wall which put the car in a very difficult position. BT came right out and spent time carefully move the car into position to get unstuck. The man was extremely friendly and did an amazing job! We are very grateful. James and MikiService: Car towing”

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“Excellent service and friendly people, although they could use a bigger waiting room with heat. If you're leaving your car, that's not a problem. Thanks for the kind service”

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“I can’t say enough about how helpful 1 Stop Towing was. A couple days ago while dropping off the my niece at school my brake line had broke. My insurance company had called 1 Stop Towing to help me with towing my car to the dealer. Brandon was professional and extremely helpful. He wasn't like other drivers, he took his time and talked while he was hooking up my car. I will be referring them to everyone. Thank you again!”

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“The patience the Balicki Auto team showed me was unparalleled in these traumatizing times of COVID. Despite our car's manufacturer requiring the Balicki family to consult them time and time again to delay our repair, I was bone-deep confident that the Balicki Auto family were doing their best at every step. And they were. Our car was in an accident that we were lucky was merely the glancing blow of a Moose. The auto adjuster thought that the kind of repair would be a cinch to pull off--except for the fact he was in a rural town, Ware. One look at the car, and the Balicki Auto family I spoke to, Mike, told me that the damage to the pillar--the metal to the side of the windowshield--would be so bad he might need to send it out to someone in his network who would repair it as good as new. As good as new--can you believe that? When we received our car after weeks of patient updates in my idea of timely, he was right. His team had found damage to parts of the car and had restored them in a way that deeply moved us. We don't have public transport in many places in the USA, and that's doubly true for rural, so your vehicles are a family member and they get you where you go every day. Seeing our car returned to our lot--"Brand Spanking New" I could say after this accident--made me as tearful as a new parent. I'm certain that the Balicki Auto family deserves to be your first stop in auto consultation in Ware, Hardwick, Gilbertville, and the surrounding areas. I heard they had likely decades of work in this area, and the relationships and connections they've built are something that is part of their expertise. I felt I got the best local repair, which surprised me since they exceeded my expectations of what was possible. I don't think it's fair that such a quality local business can provide such expertise and lack the support they deserve. So here's my review to let you know local businesses are worth more than I could ever imagine. Thank you, Balicki Auto.”

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“I want to thank APR for sending a great young man, Ethan, when I was stuck at a rest area on the Mass Turnpike. As it happened I didn't need the tow because he helped me understand that I could drive (carefully) with the crack on my windshield. Even though it meant they didn't get my business, he was very kind and reassuring.”

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“Great company that actually seemed concerned about my family when we broke down. They were really helpful and did a great job getting our van to the dealer. Would definitely use them again, although I hope I don't have to, breaking down sucks!”

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