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“The evening customer service here is great. I had quite a few questions about multiple products and I never once felt the gentleman behind the counter was frustrated or annoyed. The store also has lots of different types of products. Best store on the eastside.”

4.7 Superb55 Reviews

“Owners are always nice. Good selection of whatever you need.I have to mention, when I was a kid, this place was a 7-11. I played so much Robocop and Street Fighter here :)”

4.4 Superb91 Reviews

“Lots of interesting choices of food and beverage. Hot food bar with fresh Indian food to go. Specialty desserts fresh in the cooler ready to go. Plainwell ice cream in buckets. Michigan hard ciders and beers also.”

4.9 Superb23 Reviews

“Froendly staff, clean store, easily accessible from Sprinkle with two drives. Large assortment of liquor, beer, wine, snacks and non alcoholic beverages. If your in the area definately stop and check them out”

4.5 Superb39 Reviews

“It may not look like much, but this little shop hides within it a great variety of craft beer, esp. from MI, and for less money than all other places I know of. They get some of the top releases, including occasional rare stuff that otherwise only shows up at Drake or Mega-Bev. Liquor and some wine, too, a few snacks and household items, and of course, lottery options. Service is reliably fast and funny in my experience, and prices on everything are super competitive. Not related, by the way, to the Sunny Mart on Westnedge.”

4.5 Superb26 Reviews

“Great Store. I worked with Herb, B2, Tarkesh for years out there. Great experience. Great people. I felt their pulse. Made many friends. Long Live Kalamazoo. I owe this town.”

4.3 Superb38 Reviews

“Their food is.good and What they do for Pretty Lake is outstanding and being able to pay certain bills and getting stamps plus mailing letters out. I love their services here!😀❤”

4.3 Superb27 Reviews

“Speedway sells alcohol which is convenient the facility is decently clean they're always busy and staff is always polite and can you do a great job I'm waiting on everybody and get out of there in time. The driveway is decent but crowded drive around the building you have to watch there's some potholes on that saying you're terribly he just got a lot of traffic there another busy that can mean only one thing they're good people people like them in need of repair. So what's the potholes”

4.4 Superb20 Reviews

“A nice and large convenience store attached to a reliable gas station. The selection of food and snacks is pretty excellent, ranging from pre-made cold sandwiches and bites to freshly made hot sandwiches and donuts.”

4.1 Good35 Reviews

“I always end up stopping by in the afternoon, under the new management things have been nice and well stocked. The night shift guy is always there with a smile and we usually end up chatting for a while. Glad to have this place up the road.”

4.4 Superb16 Reviews

“Circle k is my favorite store cuz the cigarettes are cheap there the one in Battle Creek's awesome cuz I know a few of the people that work there it's always clean and kept nice and then one on sprinkle road is always the same and I like that a lot they just don't ever have enough variety in donuts by the time i might get there”

3.9 Good60 Reviews

“Ali always greats me with a smile and in my language. Which is quite nice and very respectful to those that don't know English. Thanks for the great service guys and Ali ?❤️.”

4.6 Superb11 Reviews

“I like it, I visit often. Nice employees, and I'm just finding out lately that there are things there that I use alot. It's a little more expensive, but I don't want to go to Walmart everyday.”

4.1 Good24 Reviews

“Clean, friendly staff, they stay opened rather late which is great for me cuz I get service calls at night. Great variety of products, I definitely didnt have trouble finding what I wanted.”

4.1 Good21 Reviews

“Ran out of ROY filter tubes and our vehicle was broken down... due to winter storms no one was delivering timely (Amazon was a week out!). I noticed that Howard's was on GrubHub, and contacted them to see if they had the cigarette tubes available. They did not (yet!), but they quickly logged into GrubHub and added them so I could make a purchase and get them same day (within an hour of calling them). Very happy soon to be repeat customer, Thank you!”

4 Good19 Reviews

“I love down the road from here and i love the fact i can refill my big gulp cup for $0.85, not only saving money but also keeping it out of the landfill. Their app has some good rewards also.”

3.7 Good50 Reviews

“Adrian the fella who was working at 5ish on 9/20/22 really deserves a raise his customer service skills is phenomenal as I heard him greet everyone who walked into the doors of Speedway he was very helpful and kind. He asked customers they want a copy of the receipt and was making awesome conversation very nice guy I seriously mean when I say he deserves a raise you don’t come across a lot of good workers”

3.6 Good50 Reviews

“Good service by familiar faces for years. I must say I think your ID policy on beer and tobacco is pretty exploitable. Asking to scan the back of my ID but not actually looking at who's on the card? I could be using literally anyone's card to buy beer and you wouldn't know. I would like it if I could just have you look at the card and confirm the date instead of scanning anyway as I'm a private person and don't know what happens with the information you all scan off my card.”

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“This store definitely deserves five Stars as well as Q the cashier! Such a sweet woman with beautiful smile :) The store was spotlessand refreshing especially the men's bathroom.Thank you for the good customer service!- ConnerFlint, MiOct 18, 2023”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“I come from Illinois and by us they don’t care too much about being clean. I walked into that gas station smells like fresh coffee and cleaning supplies. Cashier Tiffany was super friendly and she kept that bathroom literally spotless. Like it was just put in. The floor was freshly mopped and smelled great. & the store was stocked and had almost everything you possibly needed for snacks. Which was good because I had two dogs with me that were lil hungry and she helped me out with a cup for my pups! Thanks girl!This will be a shell I come back to everytime im traveling to portage Michigan. Thanks y’all!”

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“Omg they have this new stocker, he's changing the game with his innovations. Very in your face displays and it's so provocative it will blow your mind. I hear he works in the cooler for hours at a time shirtless with a body like Colt Seavers Come on how is it possible for a stocker to have legit groupies? Bro! I'm like damn....”

3.8 Good9 Reviews

“Owners are nice people but they have been hiring bad eggs. A follwup to another reviewer I too have experienced harassment from a new employee at this station. She brings her male ponytail friend into work with her. The times I have gone in the male friend has made atagonstic comments towards me. Has stuck his leg out trying to trip me in the store and has even lightly shoved me while I walk by. I do not know who this person is but he's clearly a bully. Not sure if he is employed there or not but I don't believe so. I've made mention of these things to the owners but it seems they have fallen on deaf ears. I was a customer her for a while but now I will take my business elsewhere”

3.8 Good6 Reviews