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“The evening customer service here is great. I had quite a few questions about multiple products and I never once felt the gentleman behind the counter was frustrated or annoyed. The store also has lots of different types of products. Best store on the eastside.”

4.7Superb55 Reviews

“I only really come here as a bottle cap collector, but I really appreciate their selection of single beers and ciders. Even if I'm not after the caps, it's nice to be able to try a beer, without wasting a six pack.”

4.5Superb74 Reviews

“Owners are always nice. Good selection of whatever you need.I have to mention, when I was a kid, this place was a 7-11. I played so much Robocop and Street Fighter here :)”

4.3Superb89 Reviews

“We have many items that our family saves on regularly such as toilet paper, paper towel, vitamins, vitamin water, and coffee. Additionally, we stock up on food items when they go on sale. We also love the seasonal items and clothing selections.”

4.1Good195 Reviews

“It may not look like much, but this little shop hides within it a great variety of craft beer, esp. from MI, and for less money than all other places I know of. They get some of the top releases, including occasional rare stuff that otherwise only shows up at Drake or Mega-Bev. Liquor and some wine, too, a few snacks and household items, and of course, lottery options. Service is reliably fast and funny in my experience, and prices on everything are super competitive. Not related, by the way, to the Sunny Mart on Westnedge.”

4.5Superb26 Reviews

“Great Store. I worked with Herb, B2, Tarkesh for years out there. Great experience. Great people. I felt their pulse. Made many friends. Long Live Kalamazoo. I owe this town.”

4.3Superb37 Reviews

“My husband turned me onto Doughtery's subs. Their steak sub was fantastic. Previously, Doughtery's ran the sub shop. Now that Kazoopy's is inside, the subs have changed. The steak sub is still good, but I did think they went a little overboard with the Kazoopy sauce. The sub shop is located within the convenience store so you have access to pop, beer, wine, liquor, cancer sticks, snack foods, candy, chocolate, and so on. Whether you're heading to the beach in South Haven or heading to the medical provisioning center down the road, Doughtery's is a great place to stop for everything but gasoline -- sorry this convenience store does not sell gasoline.”

4.2Good46 Reviews

“Clean, friendly staff, they stay opened rather late which is great for me cuz I get service calls at night. Great variety of products, I definitely didnt have trouble finding what I wanted.”

4.1Good54 Reviews

“A nice and large convenience store attached to a reliable gas station. The selection of food and snacks is pretty excellent, ranging from pre-made cold sandwiches and bites to freshly made hot sandwiches and donuts.”

4.1Good35 Reviews

“Everyone who works there is extremely nice and helpful. They even ordered on one of my favorite wines. They have so many drink and candy choices to choose from. I hate that the crowd can be extremely violent. Seriously, it's ridiculous. I've almost had my vehicle hit from people fleeing out after an altercation. I still go because it's so close and the owners can't choose there customers, I just go at a less risky hour of the day. I highly recommend this brand they sell it at a great price, and I believe there are 3 different types, but I only buy the blue and red bottles.”

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“I live closer to the Drake/KL Speedway, but they were closed, I drove to the one off Stadium past the 131 towards 9th and was helped by a very kind woman/mother. I wish I knew her name, but she was very sweet and extremely helpful. She explained the hours for the other speedway, which will help me in the future. I hope someone can give this woman recognition for service because honestly, I admit that I was thinking about going to a closer store in the future, but she saved a very loyal customer. Great job to the staff that worked until 6AM the next day before having to go home to get her child off to school the next day :-)”

4.1Good26 Reviews

“Clean station competitive price on fuel, with newer pumps. Best of all you can buy recreational ethanol free gas directly at the pump with your credit card without going inside unlike at some other area stations that sell Recreation Gas. PS no potholes either like some of the other older stations.”

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“This is the absolute best shop around Kalamazoo mi, abe is awesome if you haven't been there you need to visit him.prices beat anyone around..and Sunday is 75% off bongs.”

4.6Superb10 Reviews

“The NEW OWNERS of LIQUOR MAXX are very detail oriented and updating the store to a high quality experience that we all deserve! Here’s to you Justina and Victor and the best of luck to your new store.”

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“Nice little station with quick stop for candy bars,ice cream by the half gallon,rolls and coffee. 2 or 3 isles of all kinds of goodies potato chips and candies. You do have to pay before you pump your gas or pay at the pump. They also sell lottery tickets. They have oil for the car and boats. Credit cards accepted.”

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“All Costcos are good, mainly because the CEO isn't a greedy pig and the workers are paid pretty well so they generally like what they are doing. Costco is seriously better than the rest of the genre. And the prices, so good that the place is insanely busy. No better gasoline prices anywhere, enough savings to make it worth it to wait in line. Gasoline lines like 1973, only with a little less rancor because this is Western Michigan. No better prices on computers. No better prices on cat litter. That's all I really need, gasoline, cat litter, and a computer. That's all I need in this world. And this lamp. The ashtray, this paddle game, and the remote control, cat litter, gasoline, a computer, and the lamp, and that's all I need. Sorry, I'm being a j**** This Costco, like all Costcos, is a good place to shop even if it is crowded and busy.”

3.8Good52 Reviews

“Owners are nice people but they have been hiring bad eggs. A follwup to another reviewer I too have experienced harassment from a new employee at this station. She brings her male ponytail friend into work with her. The times I have gone in the male friend has made atagonstic comments towards me. Has stuck his leg out trying to trip me in the store and has even lightly shoved me while I walk by. I do not know who this person is but he's clearly a bully. Not sure if he is employed there or not but I don't believe so. I've made mention of these things to the owners but it seems they have fallen on deaf ears. I was a customer her for a while but now I will take my business elsewhere”

3.9Good27 Reviews

“Ran out of ROY filter tubes and our vehicle was broken down... due to winter storms no one was delivering timely (Amazon was a week out!). I noticed that Howard's was on GrubHub, and contacted them to see if they had the cigarette tubes available. They did not (yet!), but they quickly logged into GrubHub and added them so I could make a purchase and get them same day (within an hour of calling them). Very happy soon to be repeat customer, Thank you!”

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“Brandon was awesome! Went above and beyond for loosening my lug bolt and gave my lost key bolt that I left in the road!!! Help me out so much and couldn’t thank him enough”

3.6Good83 Reviews

“Very nice family run and worked business. Every time I go, they always give my little one a s***** for free. Like I said, very nice family run business. I'll return for sure.”

4.1Good9 Reviews

“Very convenient little store. A little pricey but people from India are very nice.especially the women staff. They order cigarettes that I smoke and they are reason ably priced. Will continue to shop there.”

3.9Good13 Reviews

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“Good service by familiar faces for years. I must say I think your ID policy on beer and tobacco is pretty exploitable. Asking to scan the back of my ID but not actually looking at who's on the card? I could be using literally anyone's card to buy beer and you wouldn't know. I would like it if I could just have you look at the card and confirm the date instead of scanning anyway as I'm a private person and don't know what happens with the information you all scan off my card.”

3.6Good47 Reviews

“Adrian the fella who was working at 5ish on 9/20/22 really deserves a raise his customer service skills is phenomenal as I heard him greet everyone who walked into the doors of Speedway he was very helpful and kind. He asked customers they want a copy of the receipt and was making awesome conversation very nice guy I seriously mean when I say he deserves a raise you don’t come across a lot of good workers”

3.6Good45 Reviews

“This gas station is tiny, run down, and has weak product selection. But it's safe, they have gas and it's in a really convenient location being the only gas station within miles in the city.”

3.6Good38 Reviews

“I have recently fallen in love with speedway cafe fast food. I found this place to be the closest one for my craving. I decided to go to this place and ordered few wraps and fries. Firstly the fries were raw and crunchy. It was also soaking in grease. My wraps were mediocre and soggy. This is not the experience that I had at other places. It also took like 15 minutes to get my order. I don't think I will return again.”

3.6Good17 Reviews

“I love going in here because even if I haven't been in there in awhile the guy (owner) I believe remembers who I am every time I go in there and I believe it's because he thinks I'm cute and he thinks I am very nice and friendly”

3.5Good31 Reviews

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