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“Boys seem to have very competitive gas prices in the area. Large selection drinks beer cave. Simple household and food items avainoble limited snacks. Lottery tickets 5 star to the owner and Staff always very friendly and helpful”

4.1 Good31 Reviews

“Wow. This used to be a Shell station whose owner must have either been deaf, lived a few miles away but yet wanted to still hear the outdoor music or was making a killing off selling Tylenol from music induced headaches while pumping gas. Thank you, thank you, thank you for killing the music. Someone bought the station and completely rebuilt it from the ground up and it looks great. The pumps work great, to the point that every single time my Palindrome stops here for gas he compliments the pumps and station. They still carry Diesel which is wonderful as the only other place close by is kind of a pita. They still have Subway and a nice convenience store here. Which is nice in a town that only has an Amish store and the Dollar store as options for milk & other essentials unless you want to drive to Sturgis or Three Rivers. The only bad side is the free windshield wiper fluid seems designed to leave streaks. Yes I know it is free, but I'd use a lot less if I wasn't trying to clean the streaks.”

4.4 Superb56 Reviews

“Clean, clean, clean store! Bathroom was very clean and the entire store was well stocked. The staff was absolutely lovely. Professional, courteous and very VERY helpful. Fuel is comparably priced as are all their items. Nice coffee area too!”

4.4 Superb40 Reviews

“Gallops off SR13 by Grand Design is a nice shop. There's another off 15 & 20 that's a bit oversized but a he'll of an atmosphere inside for truckers and people constantly stuck on the road. Clean bathrooms, subway, mc donalds, food court, and all kinds of knick-knacks for when your out and about. Serves as a nice little headshop too.”

4.6 Superb20 Reviews

“The review that says their not open 24 hours is not true and all the employees are great never had any problems with shell in white pigeon always friendly and quick thank you shell in white pigeon”

4.3 Superb36 Reviews

“Very convenient location on Michigan n Indiana border next to 80 -90 toll road.A lot of diesel and gas pumps with very cheap prices.lots of snacks and drinks.Great customer service and they have a smoke shop next door called Tobacco Town with all kinds of cool stuff and large variety of vapes.Favorite gasstation always stop on my way to Michigan ?”

3.9 Good53 Reviews

“Place was very clean and modern. We tried the pizza for the 1st time by calling ahead for a whole pie. Never know how's it going go with it being made at a gas station but I was pleasantly surprised how good it was! Will definitely get it again.”

3.6 Good49 Reviews

“It's the only gas station that is open late nearby. It was clean. Has quite a few pumps available. It has a pretty large selection of products inside compared to regular gas stations. It also has bathrooms.”

3.4 Good7 Reviews

“Great place for quick in and out. Generally have some of the best gas prices in town. They have iced coffee, a shake machine, lots of hot food, donuts and muffins. Friendly service with a smile.”

3 Average5 Reviews

“I had a strange experience last week with a cashier. The customer in front of me wanted to buy six packs of hot dogs, but there was a three quantity limit per customer. Seeing an opportunity to pay it forward I told the other customer I would get her other three packs. When I got up to pay I asked for those three and the cashier said not if I was buying them for the first customer, only if I was taking them home for myself. Really? I wish I had pointed out the gifts I was getting for my friend's kids and asked if I needed to put those back as well. These are strange times we're living in, but let's not lose common sense and make it worse for each other. The lack of logic really ticked me off and I resent the idea that a store can tell me what I can and cannot do with what I've purchased.”

3.4 Good22 Reviews

“Have been stopping at this station for years and it was always kinda drab and unkempt. They must have changed management. It's clean and organized now and the prices are always cheaper than the others close by.”

3.3 Good15 Reviews

“This store has been the cleanest and friendliest employees I've met in my years of going to Johnny's and I choose this store for my needs now over most other stops cause it's more like family then a convince store thanks to all employees that keep the store going so well”

2.9 Average9 Reviews

“Last Friday night probably atound 9:30 or so I stopped in as I was having car troule on my trip from Valparaiso to Angola. Spencer was working and as I assume they are trained to ask " is there anything else I can do for you". When Spencer asked I jokingly asked if he knew anything about fixing cars. Before I knew it he was outside looking under the hood. Turns out it was just a loose fuse and he seated it back in. Car has worked great ever since. He is a fine young man and we greatly appreciated his help. I would have had no idea what to look for. Now days nobody seems to want to both to do their jobs then you run in to a young man that is willing to lend a hand where needed. A nice change and much appreciated.”

3.2 Average33 Reviews

“The fuel rewards program is top notch and I regret not knowing or understanding how it works so long ago. Very clean, a little bit of what you are looking for but didn't know it. Coffee and a couple beanie babies? Yes please.”

2.8 Average11 Reviews

“Decent gasoline, I love the rewards!Best price on beer when it comes to gas stations in the area. The new one that just came in next is almost $4 more for a case.Shop speedway for your every day needs!”

2.9 Average18 Reviews

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