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  • "Here is another BUYER BEWARE when it comes to Avis and Budget rental car service. They are two different names but they are the same company. See the attached photograph. Some items have been left off for privacy reasons. Long story short, I prepaid for a vehicle. I modified the reservation prior to renting the vehicle and received the attached note showing my estimated balance that I assumed would be refunded to me. I called Avis on 11/16/2017 to inquiure on the status of my refund. Alex from Avis said that AVIS DOES NOT DO REFUNDS ON PREPAID VEHICLES, even if you modified your reservation several days prior to rental. Alex from Avis stated that Avis has a glitch in their computer system that sends people emails with credit balances when it isn't supposed to. In addition, I would adjust the receipt given when the car is turned in so that it does not show REFUND. I find this story that Avis is telling very hard to believe. If I ran a national company and my computer system was sending people credit balances, at the least, I would send them a follow-up email to say, sorry, we changed our policy on the fly, you weren't supposed to get that credit email. I was surprised because NO ONE AT THE AVIS LOCATION IN FLINT, MI Bishop Airport knew this. On the day I checked out the car I asked both Amber and Elyssa how I would get my refund and BOTH OF THEM said I would receive the refund upon return of the rental. When I told this to Alex over the phone he said this wasn't true. Avis AKA Budget has a sloppy customer service process. Their computer systems are antiquated as evidenced by the fact that the Avis location at the Flint Bishop airport claimed they were not able to access my modified reservation. They could barely find my original reservation even after I gave them the confirmation number. Maybe this company is on its last legs. There was another woman being served prior to me who was furious about some issue with her reservation. She had been in town visiting her mother-in-law who was dying and she told me that this was the worst rental car experience she had ever had. I understand her completely. I had a bad experience with them prior and had given them another chance. The Avis Representative contacted me and provided the following copy from the prepaid rental agreement that they say is posted online when you rent a vehicle: RESPONSE FROM AVIS: "Underpayments will be handled at the counter at time of rental return. UNFORTUNATELY, WE CAN'T PROMISE THAT YOUR PREPAID DAILY CAR RATE WILL APPLY IF YOU CHANGE CAR TYPES, LENGTHEN OR SHORTEN YOUR RENTAL PERIOD OR CHANGE YOUR PICK UP OR RETURN LOCATION." This is the relevant part of the response from Avis. I posted it because I did not think this applied to making a change to a reservation prior to the pick-up date, as this company has the words "modify/cancel/refund this reservation" in very visible locations around the website. I thought this copy was in reference to the person who has underpaid and has to stop at the counter to pay and wanted to make changes at that time. P.S., there was a picture attached, not sure why it was removed. '12/14/2017 - also REMEMBER, if you go through electronic tolls, you will be charged the cost of the toll plus a daily fee, after-the-fact, several days or weeks later - also, they do not email a receipt for tolls unless you call and request it."
  • "I rented a one way trip from Chicago O’Hare to Flint Bishop airport from Avis. I signed the contract for $128.47. Filled the car up and turned the car in the next day. I had the car for 1 day. The lady at the Avis counter took the paperwork and keys. I explained to her I had topped the tank off but the gas gauge shows slightly below full. She confirmed it and said it would be fine. That was on Tuesday. On Friday I was charged an additional $51.41. I called their 800 number they said the charge was for not refueling the car. I explained I did and had explained to the counter lady at FNT. They at first insisted I hadn’t put gas in cause I couldn’t produce the rental contract. Told them the lady took it and didn’t give it back. I told them they are intentionally stealing from me when the person continued to tell me they wouldn’t refund me. Asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold for a while. All the whole I was looking up my credit statement online with my phone. Finally got the supervisor who also told me I didn’t gas the car. I accused her of stealing from me which is literally what the Avis company is doing to me. After I told her I had a screenshot of the gas charge they relented and said it will take a few days to refund me and was a mistake. So now I will pay a few days interest on my card and they will gain a few days of interest holding my money. Which is indeed theft. They wouldn’t offer anything to appease me except a lame sorry. I will not use this rental company again not would I recommend them in the future."
  • "I have used Avis at bishop enough that they know who I am when I walk in. Never had a problem. Great staff."
  • "Great service and friendly staff. Kim and her team are doing an amazing job! I've been renting a car there for the last 7 months and they never let me down. Cars are super clean and pretty recent. 5 stars well deserved for a high quality service!"
  • "I would not give this location 1 star but I had to put something. On 3 separate occasions I have got the most awful service you could think of at a rental car location. But Sunday took the cake, I was given a rental car with no gas in it. I did not think to check the tank I just assumed that the car had been filled like the agreement said. I only drove the car about 90 miles before I realized it was out of gas which left me stranded on the express way for 2 hours. Got back to Avis, which I had to call a tow service. There was no one was at the counter, so I went back Monday and the car still had not been checked out to see what was wrong. Got a $172.00 charge on my credit card and was told I didn't fill the tank back up !! By far the worst service I have ever gotten in my life !! Unorganized, unqualified staff, the guy that works weekends is a complete moron, I suggest everyone go to Enterprise of National if you expect to not have a hassle !!!!!"

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