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  • "Would give a zero if I could. Was at the mall yesterday doing some shopping with my daughter and mom. In the store they had a sign that stated "everything in the store buy 3 get 3 free." Nothing else was written on the sign. My daughter choose 6 items and went to the check out, My Mom and I also had some items. Apparently the sign was not the entire store because the items my daughter picked was not included in the buy 3 get 3 free. I stated that they should take that sign down because that's not right. Long story short we decided to not get 3 of the items when another employee walked up to the register, the cashier stated with an edge in her voice that I was complaining about the sign. The other employee leaned over and stated those aren't included and pointed at a computer printed sign that was about a paragraph long. I stated we already decided to put some items back and still buy something but since you want to be so rude we just won't buy anything. My mom and I put our items back and we left the store. BAD BAD BAD attitudes and customer service. Will never go to this store again!!!"

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