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“Thank you so much for the Dublin Coddle tips and authentic Irish bacon and sausage! I wish I would have taken a picture before my church scarfed it down at our potluck. I left with an empty crock pot and recipe requests. I’ll definitely be back and of course I’ll send friends and family your way!”

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“We moved back to Niagara Falls NY in 2013 and have not had anything even close to the kielbasa from Lewandoski's. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas breakfasts just aren't the same.”

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“Hanz is the man. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with him and his staff. The meat is quality and the shop is very clean. He’s also processed meat for me and I wouldn’t take it to anyone else. Best in the area. He’s busy but worth the wait if you can swing it.”

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“Great selection of meats, cheeses, & groceries. Still great! One of my favorite places to shop. Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Keep doing what you're doing”

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“I messaged the ahead of time and they had my stuff ready to go! Everyone in there was helpful and nice. Loved the extra stuff they have for sale too. Highly recommend checking them out for your meat needs.”

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“Simply the best butcher shop in GR. Not only is their selection top quality, the guys working here are knowledgeable, friendly, and will always make sure you get what you’re looking for. Always look forward to my weekend walk up to their shop!”

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“Great place to get almost any kind of meat! I love going in and having the staff help me find something new to make! They have great recommendations about how to cook, grill, or smoke any kind of meat. Highly recommend.”

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“I’ve had jerky from all over the country. From Dublin to my favorite spot in rural Kansas. This is by far the best jerky I’ve had. Not only is it flavorful, but it’s not dried out. I’ll be ordering from them again!”

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“I stopped in to Grand Butchers to look for some steak for my Christmas Eve meal. I was greeted right away and the friendly employee cut me two generous ribeye steaks. It was about $20 per pound, which is certainly better than any restaurant pricing so I was happy. I don't buy a ton of meat so I'm not sure if that pricing is in line with other stores, but I wanted to support this local shop right in my own neighborhood. They had a large selection of other cuts of meat, chicken, and packaged items like crackers, sauces, dips, gifts, and more. I'm definitely coming back to Grand Butchers the next time I need a more special cut of meat. Love the large parking lot and I was in and out in no time.”

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“We found Bob’s butcher block about three months ago and we are so happy we did! We are there weekly buying food for the family. They make it very easy to buy it and bring it home and make it. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable and they’ve all been very helpful telling us the best way to cook everything and answering any other questions. The meat is always amazing and they also have a variety of other food. Highly recommended. Everything we’ve had there is good! Highly recommended!”

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“Just had their 10 dollar rib special this past week, very good , amazing deal and good quality, extremely friendly staff. Look forward to making another stop in soon”

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“My boyfriend and I LOVE Franks. We buy all our protein from here. Everything is so fresh and yummy! I can’t even pick a favorite. I like to buy the frozen chicken breasts that are already marinated… they are huge & I always have left over. For football games we buy the chicken wings. & don’t even get me started on the NY Strip! For snacks we always get Hot Shot beef sticks, I like the cheddar ones! You can’t beat the price too!! The staff is great, Nolan Collins and Matt Bilski are always so helpful!!”

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