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“I liked it besides The 10 min wait due to only 1 cashier, wasant there fualt even at 2 cashiers" there was like 8 people in line.. But still Recommend this gas station.”

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“This is a pretty handy spot. It's open 24hrs and for the many times I have been here, there has always been no line at all. But you have to remember that this only an ATM and nothing more, You can deposit, withdraw and check Ballance but that's mostly it. Hope you found this helpful.”

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“Visiting Greenville and in need of Little Remedies® For Tummys™ Gripe Water for our infant daughter, I stopped by to try it get the product. The store is extremely organized and clean. After walking around trying to find the item myself, I asked the pharmacist if he was aware if the product was stocked. He was familiar, but he still stepped out and helped me looked. In the end, I didn't buy anything, but the customer service offered especially by the pharmacist was really appreciated. I'm sure if I'd been looking for any other product, it would've been in stock.”

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