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“Great customer service. I upgraded my phone yesterday, but they couldn't fully set it up because their wifi was not working properly. I was able to bring it home and set it up myself.”

4.9 Superb29 Reviews

“This T Mobile Store is THE BEST! Ryan is awesome and completely set everything up for my parents and me. My faith in cell phone carriers died with Verizon, but was resurrected by Ryan and his Greenville MI store! Thank you team for all your help!”

4.2 Good35 Reviews

“Go in, meet a gamer, find what you like.Almost every employee I've met, is a well versed gamer. And they would be 100% best out there if corporate, and stock would allow. As is, in store selection is being beat down. I've only JUST seen the sign PS5 in stock... not employees fault. But, they'll do there best to get whatever you need. Bravo”

3.1 Average26 Reviews

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