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“I worked with Erika at the Adrian branch and she was so friendly and helpful. She really worked miracles and helped me get a Valentine gift for my Beautiful wife. Very happy with American 1 Credit Union.”

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“I don't get to Admirals much, because there are so many other places that pull me in along my route. This is a place for when I need specific items, that are cheaper than all other places along my route. when out and about, I also like to grab scratch offs, Cartons of Cigarettes, and fuel when very Low in price. STAFF, are also down to earth and helpful to my needs. Many of us are on the same page, in Life and just want to enjoy what's out there. Who wants to do or visit the exact same places all the time?, why not expand and switch it up. Who knows who you my run into. On numerous occasions, I've ran into old friends from my Childhood, and each level of School. This made my year, and each time it happened, I felt Blessed for Stopping at Admirals, and felt Happiness and Joy throughout that Day. Swing by when you feel something pulling for you to Stop.”

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“The new drive thru atms are fine, as long as your card can be read by them. Cp's chips on their cards don't work half the time you use them and their own atms at their bank don't read them. There was a line inside the bank because no one wanted to use the atms in the drive thru. I waited only like 10 mins just to despoist some money because the at wouldn't read my chip on my debit card so it wasn't too bad.”

2.8 Average6 Reviews

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