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“Rudy and his staff give superb customer service! Makes sure your prescription will be in stock and honors MFR coupons when able. Great location for vaccinations as well. Thank you for all that you do!”

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“I love this pharmacy it's wonderful and I'm so grateful to have them in my corner! I just saw the recording of the robbery that happened recently and I'm mortified. So glad everyone is safe including KC! It's a little too close to home for a group that I love dearly, and who has served me so well and so professionally with excellent products for many many years. Sending you love and healing, Safety and some peace.”

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“It doesn't matter what prescriptions you need, Farmington Drugs has always helped me to the best of their abilities. Theyve helped me with rare prescriptions and extremely popular ones that aren't always available. They order it and call me as soon as they get what I need in stock. I've never had such a great experience at a pharmacy. They also remember your name and make you feel welcome. I used to dread getting my meds every 2 weeks, Now it's an easy errand. I can't say enough good things about them!”

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“This pharmacy is a family owned business and has been for over 15 years. They treat each and every customer like family and work with you the best they can to make sure you get your medicine at the best price. My family and friends all go here. And if asked to recommended a pharmacy Top Care will be my only recommmendation. Mariam is so friendly and helpful and always asks how my kids are. My oldest daughter is a MSU student & when the shooting occurred she called me the following day to make sure she was ok and to ask if I needed anything.”

4.7Superb32 Reviews

“Best Pharmacy hands down. Fast service and friendly staff. Pharmacy setting is clean and organized. Free Delivery. Manager is a young gentleman who takes customer satisfaction very serious. Wish them Best of Luck”

4.7Superb30 Reviews

“Jenna and sofia are one of the nicest people at this pharm, jenna hooks you up even when it's literally impossible ? definitely recommend this pharmacy to your aunt, uncle, mother, dog, cat, bird etc”

4.4Superb46 Reviews

“Over my 40 years this is by far the best pharmacy you could be blessed with. Unbelievable customer service. There isn't anything they won't try and help you with. Your not just another number or file. I never feel nervous calling them. So pleased with the service. It's exceptional ?”

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“I pick up my medications from merriman drugs and the pharmacists there are very nice and helpful. I’m glad I ended up switching my pharmacy to them. They do their best to make it easier for people. They offer free delivery which makes it easier for me whenever I can’t make it to the pharmacy. Their prices are great and I get my vaccines there too with no appointment needed.”

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“This is the best most caring pharmacy I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of pharmacies being a type two diabetic.Shirak is so caring and knowledgeable, especially about diabetes that it makes me feel so comfortable to know that he’s caring for me and my prescriptions. Because of him I have lowered my A1c down to 6.2 and it’s a godsend. I highly recommend this pharmacy and now that I moved to St clair shores they still send my prescriptions via a carrier. If you’re looking for trustworthy and people that genuinely care, this is the place.”

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“Excellent customer service. Fed-ex destroyed my meds that were sent to me. CreamsNCaps sent me out new meds asap. They are also handling FedEx so i dont have to. Thank you, you are the best!”

4.2Good13 Reviews

“My last review is no longer active so I am re-writing it as I think the Pharmacist and her very sweet team deserve the acknowledgement. I would definitely refer anyone to this pharmacy if they want a Pharmacy that is loyal and reliable to their patients. The Pharmacist is so educated that she can answer any question about your meds. She also tries to help patients with regard to the costliness of certain medications. This is so important to those who don't have an income. The entire team is is absolutely great?”

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“I am extremely grateful to MedCart Specialty Pharmacy for everything that they do for me. They are always professional, intentional, patient and hard working. Such an amazing group of people dedicated to their jobs to help people get the medications and supplies that they need in order to be healthy.”

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“Great pharmacy & nice clerks. They don't always pay attention to seniors needing non-child guard caps on prescriptions so be sure to check before leaving.”

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“Mohamed is a spectacular pharmacist who is kind and knowledgeable. His staff do well supporting him. I still do my business here, even though I have to go inside (inside Walmart of all places…) to purchase my scripts. Just people galore!”

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“Denise, (cashier) at Rite Aid on 6 Mile and Newburgh was extremely helpful tonight. I needed a Steam Gift Card and I could not find one. She asked if she could help me and found it right away.”

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“Only one register with a cashier was open. All the rest was self checkout. The cashier was very nice. Like Meijer, but only go when it is very early or late. Hate the crowds.”

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“I've been getting prescriptions from Walgreens for over 20 years \\u0026 the pharmacy staff, in various cities/states, are typically the best-they are smart, helpful \\u0026 friendly. I will highly recommend \\u0026 prefer over any other pharmacy ?”

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“I always get fast friendly service. Only thing I have negative to say, is that I get a controlled med every month for a year. Then in November they didn't have it in stock.”

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“My 2.5yr old son has pink eye. I picked up his drops at the meijer pharmacy, as I always do. Well, my son emptied the bottle all over our ottoman, and my insurance wouldnt cover a new bottle. Meijer wanted to charge me $76 to get a new one. We didn't have $76 for another bottle. I called Target CVS. He said that I could get it from him for $4! And that he thought it was criminal Meijer wouldnt refill it for free after hearing my story. I felt cared for, respected, and like my sons health mattered more than turning a profit. You saved this panicked mama today, and now have my business!”

3.5Good13 Reviews

“New Years Day, urgent care, and my pharmacy closed.. Someone recommended this CVS....Open!! Amazing staff \\u0026 service, the best customer service I've seen in a very long time. Kudos to this staff \\u0026 store”

3.4Good15 Reviews

“Members only wholesale Grocery and wholesale goods store Membership is 60$ and Executive Membership is $120 If you fill Gas here every week which is atleast 10 cents cheaper than what the rate is in the Area sold in other gas stations - you have covered the membership fees. I am not fully convinced Costco is the best place to shop for your daily needs; especially for a family as small as ours. You are buying in bulk and storing it in the house; sometimes for a year if you dont use as much kitchen paper (for example) The good things although are - customer service is good; the checkout lines moves fast even on the weekends! ; the produce is good quality and lasts! Indian food and seasonal indian items are available too. Some times they have big furniture or other seasonal household items on sale right when you need them; which saves you money too.”

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“CVS service was good and a place I would purchase from in the future and now recommend it for over the counter purchases or whatever you may need from a pharmacy and over the counter items”

3.3Good31 Reviews

“I usually do not go to this rite aid location since I live 20 minutes away, but did because of a shortage of my medication and this location had it in stock.It’s been a nightmare trying to find it and my main rite aid and other locations were not willing to help me find it in stock. The pharmacist who I spoke to on the phone was extremely polite, friendly, courteous, and took the time to look in the system for me rather than hang up on me ( like I was encountering from other RA pharmacies). I don’t know his name off the top of my head but a young gentleman. He was the only one who had enough patience to take some time to help me out.What stands about this pharmacist is that he was patient and willing to talk to me where other pharmacist were not willing, and very rude to me because they were frustrated that hundreds of other people were calling them with my same exact inquiry since the medication has been on a nationwide back order. I could tell these other pharmacist just didn’t want to be “bothered” which sparked their rude service.I cannot express my appreciation enough to this pharmacy. Thank you so much for the professional, polite, and kind service to everyone, even to me people like me who is not one of your main frequent patients!”

3.1Average15 Reviews

“Had to switch CVS pharmacies recently and I'm very satisfied with the services I've been getting at this location. Great and caring employees and pharmacists. Not to mention I feel way more comfortable picking up my prescriptions here than at my old pharmacy ?”

3.1Average16 Reviews

“I love coming to this Rite Aid I go out of my way to come here just for the stellar customer service. I don’t usually write reviews but Rick at the front counter was AMAZING and made my shopping experience fantastic! Honestly all of the staff is amazing and I wish I could name them all in the review but it would be way to long. I will continue to shop here and I encourage everyone else to do the same!!!!”

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“Anya at the pharmacy drive through somehow managed to work a busy drive through, answer the work phone in between, and check me out properly with a smile on her face and positive attitude. Not my usual pharmacy, had an Rx transferred from out of state while visiting, but it was a very good experience”

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