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“I love Larry's foodland they are very respectable the employees and staffing in our very helpful if you need something to be found like they will go out there way to help you I would seriously give them all 20 star but I can only rate them at a five star”

4.8Superb314 Reviews

“This store is always clean and well-staffed. I'm impressed that every checkout lane has its own bagger. Prices are a little higher than I'm used to paying but the service is fantastic. There are always great specials as well.”

4.5Superb322 Reviews

“Love this Market! My Grandmother would bring me here to shop. From the first step in the aroma reminds me of her kitchen. The prepared food is absolutely delicious. Huge selection of products dry, fresh, and frozen. Warning! The City Chicken & Fresh Polish sausage smell ? will drive you crazy. Thank you for providing quality foods & incredible memories ?”

4.8Superb119 Reviews

“Great store . Smaller than the other one in Plymouth but with a good selection of Italian products.Eddy is amazing. He speaks Italian and he is very knowledgeable. He always makes sure customers are 200% satisfied”

4.5Superb191 Reviews

“Quality meat, good selection of food. Easy parking. Good people. If anyone posts a complaint about Stans it's probably not true. Very supportive of the community. We've been shopping here since coming to Livonia.”

4.6Superb114 Reviews

“I went in today to look around. Didn’t end up getting anything this time, but I will be going back for a good quality olive oil and feta. The man working in the store was very kind as helpful as soon as I walked in, and everything was clean and organized.”

4.8Superb58 Reviews

“Everyone at this store is friendly and helpful! There were no carrots in the produce section and an Aldi staff member went to the back and brought me a bag! Thanks, Aldi!”

4.4Superb133 Reviews

“This place does not miss. Excellent baked sweets and savory foods. Good international food selection in the market too! The meat burek and cornbread are both delicious”

4.7Superb58 Reviews

“Old world Greek breads and desserts. Like going to Grandma's house. Try the cheese pie and the baklava..also custard pies are wonderful. Like going back to the old country...would recommend.”

4.5Superb63 Reviews

“The store is much more than it appears. Haven't been in one in years and was very surprised at how it looks and the quality and content of the offerings. Will be back”

4.3Superb112 Reviews

“I sadly didn’t take any photos, but I did have a wonderful experience and I’m happy to share. I’m half Filipino and know my way around pantry stables. I come here and things are reasonably priced and easy to find. They have a great selection of Filipino deserts, ice cream, lumpia wraps and premade etc. the owner she is very friendly and easy to talk to also! It’s a small store, but we’ll organized and easy to find things. ❤️ I will be going there more!”

4.6Superb41 Reviews

“First time shopper. Enjoyed our experience. Prices are decent. Store is very clean and organized. Service was excellent!!!! Friendly experience with customer service. Manager on floor was very helpful. Will definitely go back!”

4.1Good104 Reviews

“I must say, I have brought their mustard potato salad and it's better than Joe's up on 7 mile. it turns out that while shopping there the clerk told me that the women that runs the deli taste tests every thing. now I call that good management.”

3.9Good116 Reviews

“Very nice service, clean and organized. Had everything i needed for egusi stew and some good snacks. They have a frozen section with meats like goat and all you would need. Will definitely return! Happy to have this close to my house!”

5Superb3 Reviews

“I love this store. It’s clean, well stocked, it has a wonderful assortment of vegan sandwiches, I got the vegan chicken with dried cherries, it was really good. I also got a drink- the orange squeeze, I really liked it. I was looking for a vegan condensed milk, they had it, this was actually the reason for going to Zerbo’s Market in Livonia. I can’t forget about the staff, everyone I came in contact with were very nice and helpful. If you haven’t been there, I encourage you To go.”

3.8Good151 Reviews

“This store is by far one of the best I've been in. In fact I drive outta my way to go here. The cashier John and the manager Naomie are always there and hard working. They always drop what they are doing to help you and welcome you. Not sure why the reviews of stock being in way are in here. Maybe right before the remodel,but I've never seen more than 2 racks and it's being put up by one while other is ringing customers. Believe me there's others you can't even walk down an isle. Very clean and my go to.”

3.8Good63 Reviews

“Had Joe’s cater my son’s birthday/graduation party. The food was delicious and working with Jenna, the caterer, was seamless. She was great and everything turned out better than expected. Highly recommend.”

3.7Good156 Reviews

“I really love this store, it’s convenient and it usually has what I need. Plus the employees are cool people.What I dont love is when the close up shop a half hour early ?”

3.6Good81 Reviews

“Meijer in Livonia just gained my family as loyal Customers due to the Amazing customer service by Samantha in the Pharmacy. I am in the customer service business and rarely do I experience the Professionalism, courtesy and well experienced care Samantha provided me today. Not only is she a great Ambassador for the Pharmacy but also the store.Bob Davis”

2.7Average9 Reviews

“Please give this store another chance, if you haven’t been there in the last month or so. Brand new Store Manager, CJ and Assistant Manager, Tori and their team are really transforming this store. It’s been a huge undertaking, but in under 2 months there is a HUGE difference! They are all so friendly and welcoming! It’s one of my favorite DGs now!”

3.5Good77 Reviews

“This one is SO SO SO SO much better than the Walmart in Dearborn. I go out of my way to come here instead. This location is always clean organized never crowded the employees have better attitudes and the self checkout actually works. I hate the one in Dearborn with my soul”

3.6Good290 Reviews

“Unfortunately, in the next few days, we’re going to have to switch to Walgreens. They say my copay grant was misunderstood and that they only used it at the beginning of the year. That’s fine, I knew these people, they were friendly. But, for some reason, when I talked the extremely high copays that were supposed to be covered by the grant. The situation got very complicated meaning I couldn’t get my money back. And, what I absolutely thought was a lie? My grant, for a very, very expensive medicine, that other patrons must be using, was a one-of-a-kind. The only one they’d ever seen. And I detest liars.”

2.8Average31 Reviews

“Only one register with a cashier was open. All the rest was self checkout. The cashier was very nice. Like Meijer, but only go when it is very early or late. Hate the crowds.”

3.4Good205 Reviews

“Please thank DeWan at your 5 Mile Rd in Livonia, Michigan location. It was my first pick up order and he brought my order promptly and was very nice and courteous. Thank you!”

2.9Average45 Reviews

“Please thank DeWan at your 5 Mile Rd in Livonia, Michigan location. It was my first pick up order and he brought my order promptly and was very nice and courteous. Thank you!”

2Poor29 Reviews

“Please thank DeWan at your 5 Mile Rd in Livonia, Michigan location. It was my first pick up order and he brought my order promptly and was very nice and courteous. Thank you!”

2.5Average45 Reviews

“They have a new looking interior, lots of self checkout stations and wider grocery aisles. The staff has been very helpful during the construction and changing the location of products. Shelves are always fully stocked when I go to make purchases.”

2.8Average130 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) This store has everything you need. Service is fast. All attentively!(Original)Этот магазин имеет все, что нужно. Обслуживание быстрое. Все внимательно!”

1.4Poor35 Reviews

“I've stopped in a few times and honestly thought I left a review already. If you shop during peak hours (between 4-6p) or even close to closing ... I've experienced super long lines and few lanes open. Not sure why this location operates this way, but it does. However, the selection is on point, the store is usually pretty clean and the staff is friendly. Parking spaces are difficult to find at times. When I shop here, it's usually either curb side or grabbing less than five items.”

2.7Average155 Reviews

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