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“Only amazing people work here!!! Not only they have best products and price but they are kindest people. Special shout out to Jason - god bless you! You have touched our hearts… you went above and beyond to make sure we are not stranded.”

4.6Superb46 Reviews

“Really I like most things about the store. Just have 3 complaints: 1. No dressing room so I never buy clothes. 2. Can’t develop my pictures so have to go to Walgreens and 3. Batteries for hearing aids are way in the back of the store so I get them at other grocery stores which, once again, puts me in other stores when I could be doing one stop shopping at Meijers because I think their produce and meat beat most.”

3.9Good166 Reviews

“The drive thru was a great experience. The best customer service I have had in a long time! Kevin valued my time and got my scripts ready promptly.Keep up the great service!”

4.3Superb34 Reviews

“This is the best drug store. I always see the same faces. They are kind, fast, and friendly. I love looking at all the best stuff they have while waiting for them to fill a script. It's a really neat place. You should check it out, even if you don't need medications, they have really cool things.”

4.6Superb17 Reviews

“Walgreens & cvs give me a hard time getting perscriptions . I have Stage 4B Cancer .. i cant wait for pain relief !! Skips filled it with no hassles & issues . Thank you ladies @ Skip's pharmacy.”

4.3Superb16 Reviews

“I was treated with promptness and professional people who knew their jobs very well. I went in for flu and shingle vaccinations. Well done and I thank you. I have to add that you maintained your professionalism to the grouch that was cussing at you. Again thank you.”

3.7Good18 Reviews

“Did shopping on line and this is what I found when I got home. I live 30 miles from the Holland store. I email them and get a response saying “sorry, come to the store so we can fix this”. Wow. Their fault, I need the product this weekend, and they want me to waste my time and money to fix their mistake. How about a full refund on the product so I can buy a replacement locally at a different store? And I selected the wrong option, meant to say I don’t recommend them.”

3.5Good15 Reviews

“They always are so Willing and very considerate to my needs and very polite and friendly considering the amount of people that come thru daily …. the drive thru especially thank you for your kindness..”

2.8Average54 Reviews

“Have had very good experiences. These are tough times for everyone, seems we're all less supportive. Recognizing this is an Era we've not experienced, covid is major scary, we need to exercise patients with our pharmacy. I applaud my Walgreens on Washington Ave, the staff , pharmacists, are doing a great job!A thank you, I'm sure, is appreciated,”

2.3Poor65 Reviews

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