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“Waited an hour for a pizza that I was told would be 35 minutes. Got it home and the pizza was wrong. Drove 15 minutes to return it and get my money back. Store clerk never bothered to make it right. Went home and had a Jacks pizza. Service was better at home. Not in a hurry to rush right back...”

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

“I wish more jobs were closer to this spot. They have the best cheesiest Subs! And a surprise gourmet chocolate section that will have you geeking out call and asking if they got any more chocolate covered freeze dried cherries.”

4.8 Superb26 Reviews

“I stopped here for the first time yesterday even though I've driven past here dozens of times. Their chocolate-PB ice cream is to die for and the portions are HUGE - I ordered a "single" scoop and it was easily twice as much as other places give you - I can't even imagine what a double or triple would be like! They do have pizza but I believe you have to order it ahead of time, they don't have any slices ready to buy. And of course they sell gas & liquor and all the other convenience store items too. Update 2014: the ice-cream store part was still going strong this summer, although the service can be hit or miss. The one curly red-headed girl w/ freckles always seems glum and/or icy demeanor. Even on the phone - just gives off an unfriendly vibe....probably not the best choice for a customer service position.”

4.6 Superb37 Reviews

“I dont go here much. I was accidentally charged the amount of the person in front of me. The cashier instantly fixed it. And informed me that because it was the weekend it may not hit till Monday. Then, signed the receipt in case something went wrong. Everything went just as they said. I am very greatful all n all.”

4.4 Superb27 Reviews

“Excellent selection of delicious food; pizzas, hot sandwiches, deep fried sides and many other tasty options. Great customer service, good prices, online selection and ordering as well as delivery available.”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“Awesome people working there today! The pizza was very good as was the baked potato soup. Very friendly workers. One of them even shared her Oreo cookies with my grandson. ?”

4 Good24 Reviews

“At first I felt they shorted me on toppings then I ordered several specials of the week. You wouldn't want anything over powering that flavor. What they do is perfectly done. Wouldn't want my pizza any other way. That flavor is the bomb!!!”

4.1 Good10 Reviews

“The folks at this location are awesome. They allowed me to collect donations for our veterans . Their thoughtfulness in making sure I was comfortable and had a place to sit down. It goes without saying, the people in Sheridan Mi are great. I would highly recommend this facility and their great employees”

3.8 Good26 Reviews

“The gas station has a hometown feel to it and the fuel prices are always the cheapest in town. A gas station/convenient store that is open 24 hours is always great for a small town. They make pizzas and bread sticks during the day and early evening and also have a variety of doughnuts and muffins with fresh coffee all day long. The establishment is always clean and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommend...”

3.6 Good11 Reviews

“Stop in for fuel or some lottery, and perhaps you might be the next lucky customer to purchase a winning Club Keno ticket worth $20,000 like some unknown customer did on January 15, 2020.”

3.1 Average9 Reviews