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“Clean, clean, clean store! Bathroom was very clean and the entire store was well stocked. The staff was absolutely lovely. Professional, courteous and very VERY helpful. Fuel is comparably priced as are all their items. Nice coffee area too!”

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“Everyone complains about things being overpriced, but as a former employee, I can tell you those girls work very hard, care about their regulars and the owner regularly puts money back into the community. He donates to the local police, and even sponsors a young racer, and I'm sure does many other things I don't know about. If they know you and you don't steal or cheat, and you come in a little short one day, chances are they'll cover the extra. Good people and a good small town business. I loved my time there.”

4.2 Good62 Reviews

“Love Tito and Minnie!! Sweetest people and store owners in this area. I have eaten good food here, love the burgers, gizzards, wedges and I go there almost every day, have been for the past 4 years! Never seen anything less than good customer service from Tito and his wife. People want to pick and choose who runs a particular store and that’s why people have a “negative review”. Personally, I have had only 1 particular employee of his that I had to put in her place because she was picking & choosing when it came to customers (just like customers pick & choose with store owners) but other than her, his employees are kind and caring. Store is clean and stocked and apparently he is not all that bad considering his lunch rush hour with a packed store and early morning rush before work!!”

3.9 Good23 Reviews

“Have been stopping at this station for years and it was always kinda drab and unkempt. They must have changed management. It's clean and organized now and the prices are always cheaper than the others close by.”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“Place was very clean and modern. We tried the pizza for the 1st time by calling ahead for a whole pie. Never know how's it going go with it being made at a gas station but I was pleasantly surprised how good it was! Will definitely get it again.”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“Love this place! Owners are super friendly. The whole family works there and always treat me with respect. You can tell the owners son really cares about the business, everytime i go in he addresses all the customers by name. Feel welcomed”

3.5 Good20 Reviews

“I had a strange experience last week with a cashier. The customer in front of me wanted to buy six packs of hot dogs, but there was a three quantity limit per customer. Seeing an opportunity to pay it forward I told the other customer I would get her other three packs. When I got up to pay I asked for those three and the cashier said not if I was buying them for the first customer, only if I was taking them home for myself. Really? I wish I had pointed out the gifts I was getting for my friend's kids and asked if I needed to put those back as well. These are strange times we're living in, but let's not lose common sense and make it worse for each other. The lack of logic really ticked me off and I resent the idea that a store can tell me what I can and cannot do with what I've purchased.”

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“I don't care what other people may say Walgreens is the best pharmacy better than meijer's better than rite aid better than Walmart. I'm glad I switched from Meijer's to Walgreens. It's easy to fill my scripts on the app. If my scripts need pre-authorization they call for me instead of me calling the doctors”

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“Great place for quick in and out. Generally have some of the best gas prices in town. They have iced coffee, a shake machine, lots of hot food, donuts and muffins. Friendly service with a smile.”

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“Did my first online order for curbside pickup. I ordered Nicorette lozenges along with other things. I didn’t realize I would have to go into the store to show my ID for the lozenges and I have Covid. I called the store while I was in the parking lot and ended up being helped by Matt the store manager. He took the time to come out to my car and have me put my ID against the window so I could get ALL of my order, then brought my order out to my car. Thank you Matt for going above and beyond for me!!”

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“The woman that was working on my last visit was just a wonderful person because I am an insulin dependent diabetic and my blood sugar had dropped so low I couldn't think. She was immediately beside me and said you're a diabetic aren't you? And I was just nodding my head and shaking and she asked me high or low? I was too low. She knew exactly what she knew what I needed and gave me some milk and I felt better within 10 minutes. She is an Angel. And the store was so clean and the bathroom was as well. Johnny's Shell has my business and has had a good relation.”

2.3 Poor4 Reviews

“Really convenient for shopping when you're on a walk, especially after the dollar store nearby closed down, always have donuts, a surprisingly good food selection, like I've never seen those salami/cheese/cracker things in gas stations before, but they have those here. They also have a freezer/mixer thing with milkshakes/smoothies cups that you mix at the thing, never seen one of those before either. They also always have flowers and more coffee machines than they need.Staff has never given me any problems either, so that's a plus too.”

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