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“Grocery shopping at dollar tree is great. The staff is friendly (but not standing around ,with their hands in there pockets talking, while people are waiting in line friendly). Just work and talk friendly.”

4.2 Good77 Reviews

“They have a unique selection of neat items. Most things are priced at $1 flat. The highest price item I bought was $4, and it was something that I know costs $11 at retail stores. Nice people too!”

4.8 Superb17 Reviews

“First time here, although I have family that loves it so we came to check it out. There is a varied selection, similar to Merchandise Outlet where we're originally from. Much of the Merchandise is moderate quality or higher, and I found several things I was very happy to get. It was cleanly, just out of order from customers moving product around. Staff was friendly and nice. Glad we checked it out, we will definitely be back.”

4 Good102 Reviews

“This store has come leaps and bounds from what it was. I was talking to the new Store Manager there, Katie!!! She is always willing to go the extra mile to help you get the item you need. 10/10 would recommend.”

3.6 Good60 Reviews

“staff is friendly and they’ll have what you need most of the time pretty quickly. but they close and lock their doors in the middle of the day, which is fine, but they should put up a sign or something to notify everyone.”

3.3 Good73 Reviews

“I love they always have deals! The store was a little messy and seemed it would have been helpful to have 2 people on the floor stocking and 1 cleaning. Then have your cashier. Then if the cashier get busy the floor ppl could rotate as being the back up cashier.”

3.3 Good80 Reviews

“I stopped in late last evening, only about 20 minutes before close and was greeted by the 2 nicest employees. I believe the names were Irene and Xavier. (Hope I got that right guys). Anyways, I feel they need some recognition for their concern of guest safety and going above and beyond to prove it. I appreciate the help you provided getting my (very too many) bags to the car. You 2 are Rockstars and thank you for your great customer service ?”

2.9 Average38 Reviews

“This is a new Dollar General and I must say, they have done a very good job at keeping the store clean and the cashier's are extremely friendly. I would rather travel and extra mile and a half down the street to shop at this store, than the one closest to my house. A++++. Keep up the good work!!!”

2.4 Poor18 Reviews

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