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“This is one of the nicer family fares it has all the usual stuff it's a little bigger than some so maybe a little more but it is on a busy street so not entirely easy to get in their but it's possible shelves seem to be stocked If you have a yes card they got good savings and or sales for that I believe there is a pharmacy I think and I think it's a drive through one if I recall correctly bit overall a good one to go to”

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“UPS just dropped off my first order. It was very well packaged. The ice packs were still frozen and I just enjoyed the first Dutch herring in years. They added a free Dutch food magazine, which I enjoyed reading. Excellent business! We will order again!”

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“My partner and I usually travel to Buyers Flea Market (4545 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60651) it's HUGE but when we came across this mexican store it's been our go to ever since plus, it's closer then the 4-6 hour drive to Chaicago. I also travel 2hrs here just for some agua fresca and tacos.”

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“I love working working as a cashier at the Burlingame store love the people I work with all 9 of us stuck together last night after the store lost power thanks to our for helping us out”

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“My husband and I stopped in here to get a few things to finish making some pho that you just can’t find at a regular grocery store about a month ago. I believe the gentleman that helped us was the owner. Before we left, he quietly & politely said “Thank you for supporting our small business.” It really hit home for me knowing what he meant behind that as I am a new business owner as well. We stopped back in last week and got ingredients to make pho again. It really made me think about how this store is not ever busy like the Asian store down the road, my own shoppe is not busy majority of the time either so I know the feeling of thinking & struggling “how are you going to make it?” I think everyone should shop here for your Asian Market and support this newer business since the other one (Kim N) is always so busy and there’s barely any parking on the weekends anyways! They are all very kind and helpful at the Hawaii Market!! Not just Hawaiian food, all Asian food and ingredients are available here!! Thankful for their kind & helpful service!!”

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“I am a CA transplant and a Mexican cook this is a small store but it seems to have all the basic for a good Mexican meal. The meat market is clean and always fresh.”

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“I like this store the products they sell, the steaks they sell, even the frozen vegetables are nice the food is all locally sourced and nice serving proportions, might wanna bring a few extra dollars for bags tho or bring your own.”

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“Big Top is an awesome store!Lots to choose from in their deli section..many different kinds of salads...the meat dept. you can find a great variety choice of meats as well...”

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“Heffron Farms carries THE BEST quality meat you can find! No antibiotics, steroids, hormones, dyes or vaccines in the meat! Also many other delicious products! They also offer meat bundles including 1/8th, 1/4, and half a cow and more”

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“Maria, que le va muy bien fin de Semana, such an inviting market and Mexican spices smells just like a kitchen should. I'm so hungry now. Thanks for practicing Spanish with me Maria. Make sure to come here for your table tortillas and Mexican sodas especially mexican squirt bottled.”

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“I've shopped here for 12 years. There have been ups and downs to going here, but I always get treated right by the owner and his staff. I go here instead of Grandville market, which is closer to my house, because I get treated better, the prices are decent, and there usually aren't people outside trying to bother me when I'm trying to leave. This is my local liquor store and I love it.”

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“Tried for the first time tonight. Omg the Asada quesadilla was sooooo good. Horchata was to die for!!! Guac was creamy and delicious. You can tell it’s made fresh.”

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“Good store, great liquor prices and selection! Everyone is polite and storenis clean. They have a small snack selection that I wish was slightly bigger but other than that it's what you would expect from a liquor store. Sometimes a bbq stand is set up outside which is nice and fairly reasonable prices in the store as well.”

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“The staff is always friendly. I love the products they carry. The vegetables and fruits are fresh and flavorful. They are a small store, but I find that pretty convenient.”

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“The atmosphere was nice. However, the checkout lines are super long. Wrapped around the bread isles. 20 registers with only 1 open. Thankfully they had some self service under 6 items open and I only had 5 things.”

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“Awesome place great pharmacist. They're super fast. Always going great for our family. Had a simple mistake on syringe size easily corrected. Great place awesome recommend them way better and faster than the Meijer pharmacies”

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“This store has come leaps and bounds from what it was. I was talking to the new Store Manager there, Katie!!! She is always willing to go the extra mile to help you get the item you need. 10/10 would recommend.”

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“Anna went above and beyond in assisting me for something that was mostly an issue on my end, with the day I was having it meant the world for me and she deserves alot of recognition for the way she handles her customers. Easily could've turned me away but went out of her way to make sure I was set.”

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“staff is friendly and they’ll have what you need most of the time pretty quickly. but they close and lock their doors in the middle of the day, which is fine, but they should put up a sign or something to notify everyone.”

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“I love they always have deals! The store was a little messy and seemed it would have been helpful to have 2 people on the floor stocking and 1 cleaning. Then have your cashier. Then if the cashier get busy the floor ppl could rotate as being the back up cashier.”

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“This is a new Dollar General and I must say, they have done a very good job at keeping the store clean and the cashier's are extremely friendly. I would rather travel and extra mile and a half down the street to shop at this store, than the one closest to my house. A++++. Keep up the good work!!!”

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“Ever since Rohan left the staff, service has been great. Overall the pharmacy seems pretty busy, but if there's an issue they do their best to explain it or take care of it. Ron's pretty cool.”

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“I own walmart it is a magic egyptian store things just appear. I am discontinue all of walmart. One in a few states for children only. Wyoming I save this one. Love the owner”

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