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“I was looking for pure 100% gasoline for my new generator and, being a new homeowner, I had no idea what that pump even looked like as it was my first time using one and also learning to use a generator.Tonight a very nice cashier working at 6:25pm 'I believe its Brenda' totally went above and beyond.I would like to express my utmost gratitude for your kindness and generosity.From the moment I walked in, you were willing to help me, even when your co-worker refused to help me multiple times. You took the time to explain how to use Pump #13 and the proper way to store the red tank. Your leadership and initiative were both very much appreciated. It's people like you that make the world a better place.I now know what to do next time I need to fill the red tank. You are an amazing individual and I wish you much success this year and beyond.Thank you again for your kindness.Dama”

4.6 Superb17 Reviews

“I currently live off foodstamps so having this place accept the EBT(foodstamps) card is a godsend. Their sandwich selections and fresh products are on par with the big stores, in my opinion. Of course, being quick and easy also helps. There's never too big of a line and I'm out of there in seconds, if not a couple minutes. Awesome place to stop by if you need something quick.”

4.3 Superb31 Reviews

“Let me tell you. Mobil is a solid gas station. This location though? Amazing staff. My all time favorite is Joy. (Don’t tell Todd) she cracks me up and brightens my day every single time I walk in the door. As a company, treat her right. She’s a solid asset.”

4.2 Good21 Reviews

“Jenison location the staff is awesome. The store itself is clean, the shelves are always stocked. Its in a prime location, so foot traffic is always coming through.”

4.6 Superb9 Reviews

“Good selection of gas station food and snacks. Decent gas prices compared to other stations in the area. The staff is friendly & courteous. Even when the lines are long, keep them moving at a decent pace.”

3.9 Good21 Reviews

“Love this station. We use them for our fleet vehicles at work. This is also my personal go-to station when I'm in the area. Cashiers are knowledgeable, friendly, and keep the place very clean. 5 stars all day long.”

4.4 Superb6 Reviews

“A Marathon gas station that participates with the Upside app for a cash back on so much per gallon. I also have subscribed in the Marathon rewards program. Bonus!”

4 Good7 Reviews

“Average gas station and convenience store. Kind of old school. I like this store because I can walk in on my way to work and get some drinks, snacks and gas. Most of the stores around here don't let you come into the store after a certain time. This one does, which is nice. If you're driving by there and you need gas and such, it does the job.”

3.7 Good15 Reviews

“Love it, and love the faces. Don't get upset if you get carded as a regular. I love next door and I don't fuss - it's protocol. Always yummy warm food option if needed and always stocked with my favorite drinks. No complaints!”

3.5 Good71 Reviews

“I do love me some meijer gas station except after 12 cause you can't buy lotto but I get it and they always have great prices on their gasoline because there really is no competition right there. I must say the employees are friendly and the selection is good. No real complaints cuz believe me you guys would hear it. ??”

3.6 Good8 Reviews

“I believe that you most of the time leave with a smile on your face which I don't have a smile so today' my truck was below e however I literally only had 3dollars to my name I elermt and put the nozzle in my truck pushed reg gas my friend went to the bathroom and fell to the ground and he said i can barely feel my legs so now I'm really stressed cause I just had my right breast removed because of cancer and weighs around p180 any way I turned and said what did you say ge told me I turned to grab the nozzle out and it said 16 something I so i yanked to nozzle out put it in its place and left b now i am petrified i will i get into trouble”

3.4 Good16 Reviews

“I was in your store at around 10:00 Wed May 19th to grab a couple of diet cokes but the ice machine was out of ice and as everyone knows ya can't have a diet coke without ice so the young man at the register who unfortunately I did not get his name was so helpful, kind, and courtesies went and grabbed me the ice I needed. Thank You J&H for hiring this wonderful employee. A grateful customer. Becky Emery”

3.5 Good4 Reviews

“I called ahead to see if they sell Kerosene and was told that yes, they do. I arrived a few minutes later , went in to pay and was greeted warmly. The station itself was Bright and clean,as well as well stocked. I needed prices on a new items and they didn't get grumpy in the least when I decided to Not purchase them. All in all it was a very pleasant experience on a day that hasn't been too friendly for me. Thanks Guys, Keep up the good work.?”

3.3 Good12 Reviews

“I don't normally leave reviews, but Scott and Ashley went above and beyond on my most recent visit and it took me by surprise!! I've never had a bad experience here, but this time, the customer service was spot on! Thanks for the good visit, I'll be sure to recommend this place to my family and coworkers :)”

3.2 Average37 Reviews

“I've said it before, I don't normally travel to this place, but I was super disappointed that the station down the street, where I originally went, had all but one pump down. So, I didn't even bother and I drove the street to the city. I'm telling y, this station is always clean, organized, in stocks products, and the employees are super nice. Maybe I should have gone there in the first place.”

3.1 Average20 Reviews

“Anna went above and beyond in assisting me for something that was mostly an issue on my end, with the day I was having it meant the world for me and she deserves alot of recognition for the way she handles her customers. Easily could've turned me away but went out of her way to make sure I was set.”

2.5 Average6 Reviews

“The female worker with the teal blue hair is an absolute sweetheart, saw a customer catch an attitude with her but she kept her cool even though it was busy and resolved the situation, but despite that she’s so nice and has a beautiful smile.”

2.9 Average28 Reviews

“The staff here is amazing they’re so nice and the friendly banter they have with each other makes your experience much more enjoyable and makes the environment very welcoming”

2.3 Poor24 Reviews

“Speedway is always as great place to get gas. I like to visit there because of the Speedy rewards. The service is always nice and the stations are always clean. Sometimes they are a little more expensive in Gas but I gladly go out of my way for the rewards and service.”

2.3 Poor35 Reviews

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