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“@TomReynolds Given your 90 reviews, many are 1-2 star and how you describe these businesses, its probably safe to say your a petty and pretentious soul and if someone doesnt cater to your every wish you will show them by leaving a review.. I have been coming here for almost 15 years now and have not once had an issue. Anytime I go to the store or wash I am treated very well. Sure you can hear conversation outside your vehicle in the wash so maybe it wasnt directed at you, maybe it was. My betting money is on you showed up acting like the a$$hole you describe yourself as in your many other posts. Lol, who has time to be writing all these in-depth reviews? Maybe you should get a hobby or 2.”

4.6 Superb67 Reviews

“Gerks is our jam I dont have anything negative to say about the old owners or the new. Change is change but you gotta give people a chance. Shout out to the new owners - from Captain boy and bacardi pineapple girl. ?”

4.8 Superb10 Reviews

“Jenison location the staff is awesome. The store itself is clean, the shelves are always stocked. Its in a prime location, so foot traffic is always coming through.”

4.6 Superb9 Reviews

“I’m giving them 5 stars because they were working their butts off. It took some extra time to pick up but that’s okay. You could see they were trying. My complaint would be many times in the past few months they either don’t have pain meds or diabetic meds at this store. I have always like the people who have worked here. Always friendly.”

4.1 Good9 Reviews

“Love this station. We use them for our fleet vehicles at work. This is also my personal go-to station when I'm in the area. Cashiers are knowledgeable, friendly, and keep the place very clean. 5 stars all day long.”

4.4 Superb6 Reviews

“Love it, and love the faces. Don't get upset if you get carded as a regular. I love next door and I don't fuss - it's protocol. Always yummy warm food option if needed and always stocked with my favorite drinks. No complaints!”

3.5 Good71 Reviews

“I do love me some meijer gas station except after 12 cause you can't buy lotto but I get it and they always have great prices on their gasoline because there really is no competition right there. I must say the employees are friendly and the selection is good. No real complaints cuz believe me you guys would hear it. ??”

3.6 Good8 Reviews

“I believe that you most of the time leave with a smile on your face which I don't have a smile so today' my truck was below e however I literally only had 3dollars to my name I elermt and put the nozzle in my truck pushed reg gas my friend went to the bathroom and fell to the ground and he said i can barely feel my legs so now I'm really stressed cause I just had my right breast removed because of cancer and weighs around p180 any way I turned and said what did you say ge told me I turned to grab the nozzle out and it said 16 something I so i yanked to nozzle out put it in its place and left b now i am petrified i will i get into trouble”

3.4 Good16 Reviews

“I was in your store at around 10:00 Wed May 19th to grab a couple of diet cokes but the ice machine was out of ice and as everyone knows ya can't have a diet coke without ice so the young man at the register who unfortunately I did not get his name was so helpful, kind, and courtesies went and grabbed me the ice I needed. Thank You J&H for hiring this wonderful employee. A grateful customer. Becky Emery”

3.5 Good4 Reviews

“Staff absolutely phenomenal! Any problems I've had had been through CVS or doctors and the AMAZING staff here is always ready to help. I couldn't ask for a better pharmacy team!”

3.3 Good3 Reviews

“The two guys in the morning are amazing. They greeted everyone that walked in, were very friendly and helpful. Model customer service employees.2nd shift is a different story, very rude and slow ladies who act like they don’t want people in the store. I stood in line for 15 minutes with only 2 people ahead of me. 1st shift should train the rest of this location on how to act.”

3 Average4 Reviews

“I get one script at Walgreens once a month and always use the drive-thru. Altho the Hastings locale is closest, they would not have my script on time. So I called around and nailed it down and the pharmacist and tech I spoke to were helpful, kind and professional.”

2.7 Average6 Reviews

“I forgot to schedule a pick up time, but went through the drive through and they were still able to pull together my request for an OTC medicine. I was running tight on time as I was on my lunch, really appreciated their help and understanding.”

3 Average37 Reviews

“The female worker with the teal blue hair is an absolute sweetheart, saw a customer catch an attitude with her but she kept her cool even though it was busy and resolved the situation, but despite that she’s so nice and has a beautiful smile.”

2.9 Average28 Reviews

“I love this CVS the service here is by far the best from any other drug store I have been to. They are always friendly and are quick to offer help. Sometimes the cash registers are slow.”

2.7 Average15 Reviews

“The pharmacy staff here have always been super! After moving out of the area, I still go to this location's pharmacy even though there is a CVS closer, all because of the friendly service.I've never had an issue in the retail part of the store either.”

2.7 Average27 Reviews

“This store is fine. I don’t know why people are complaining about pricing. CVS has never really been “cheap”. You’re paying for convenience.... I’ve never had an issue with the CVS staff or the pharmacy. In fact when good ol’ BCBS gave me a hard time on a prescription the staff here went out of their way to get BCBS on the phone to get it resolved.This store is BY FAR better than any other stores on the area. Have y’all seen the Dollar General, Dollar Tree, even the gas stations around this place are trashed. Appreciate it or go else where.”

2.6 Average49 Reviews

“I last minute ordered a photo book and the store had some printing issues. Allison went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the final product. Would highly recommend for all of your photo needs!!”

2.4 Poor27 Reviews

“The staff here is amazing they’re so nice and the friendly banter they have with each other makes your experience much more enjoyable and makes the environment very welcoming”

2.3 Poor24 Reviews

“Speedway is always as great place to get gas. I like to visit there because of the Speedy rewards. The service is always nice and the stations are always clean. Sometimes they are a little more expensive in Gas but I gladly go out of my way for the rewards and service.”

2.3 Poor35 Reviews

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