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“There’s always so many books I want to buy here but can’t afford. I do always buy my bullet journals here. They have a wide variety of books and the people who work there usually leave you alone to browse, which I enjoy.”

4.9 Superb15 Reviews

“WOW. I love this bookstore! The employees were so sweet and polite. They have a great selection with plenty of inclusive titles (queer, trans, people of color, fat, etc). Amazing to see such an inclusive and welcoming space.”

4.8 Superb14 Reviews

“This bookstore took too much of my money, lol. The selection runs from new to used, with the used books i found could be better described as overstock. The used books i bought looked new, but prices half of what was listed The prices were so good, i went back and bought more. The staff was friendly, definitely a place i'll visit again.”

4.5 Superb38 Reviews

“My Bible arrived yesterday and it is beautiful! Audra did wonderful work on it. The pages look great and the leather cover is so pretty and durable! When I was reading this morning, I felt it was a very cared-for-book in the work she did on it.”

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“I absolutely loved the Loose Moose. It is a vintage book, clothing, and ect store. Heavy on the ect. It was clean, friendly, and well stocked! There wasn't a corner that did not possess a tchotchke. And I say that with affection. Come check it out if you are in Downtown Missoula, it is a treasure.”

2.8 Average5 Reviews

“We were in today and Meghan (receiving manager) was AMAZING! My kid and I were scouring the shelves looking for this book. We searched high and low in the horror & mystery/thriller sections and couldn't find it anywhere but it said it was in stock online. We went over and asked Meghan for help pointing us in the right direction and she not only pointed us in the right direction but went over and helped search the shelves. She ended up hunting down the only copy left hidden away in a special section of Young Adult that seemed geared towards books turned into movies (Hunger Games and the like) so we NEVER would've found it without her. Then she made some amazing recommendations for my kiddo based off this book and convinced my reluctant reader to go home with THREE more books. Fantastic!! Super appreciate that she took so much time to help us out while they were so busy with the holiday rush ❤️”

3.7 Good48 Reviews

“The staff turned in my lost wallet frok out of state, so they get huge ups! Only taking off a star because the stock on so many supplies was incredibly picked over. I haven't been home in years so I'm not sure what has changed or why, perhaps supply chain stuff.”

2.7 Average13 Reviews