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“I always make sure to stop by this shop when I’m in town!! The owner is super nice & the shop has name brands like Carhartt & Patagonia. Really good prices too compared to other vintage stores!”

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“Great place to get your Montana GRIZ apparel. They have a good selection, from kids to adults, and lots of extras (jewelry, keychains, dog collars, koozies, etc).”

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“I was looking for Missoula appropriate clothing before coming here and this is literally all I could've imagined! Beautiful sweaters, one of a kind trends, cute and affordable. Love this spot. And if you're staying at residence inn, it's in the same building. Dont overpack, plan to shop :)”

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“Honestly the team at this store never disappoints. I have been all over the country to many different lululemon stores, where it's common for not a single employee to approach me. This is the only store where I consistently receive friendly unprompted service. They treat me like a friend. They know their stuff too! The amount of information they can share about any of their products is impressive. Hands down the best service oriented store I've been in!”

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“I had the absolute best experience with picking out jeans from the buckle on Wednesday! Jordan helped me out, and he was super helpful without being a pushy salesman. Sometimes I go into stores and feel like I’m at a used car dealership, where the salespeople try to get you to buy things just to raise their sales or they’re just desperate to get you to buy things. Not so with Jordan or The Buckle in Missoula. Jordan was tactful and helpful in offering suggestions. He listened to what I wanted and I got the exact things that I needed. Thank you, Jordan! Thank you, Missoula Buckle!”

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“Clean. Friendly, helpful staff. Good prices. My only complaint is the toddler shirts. They are the same weight year round. A little too thin for winter in Montana. But great for layering!”

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“There was a wide selection and lot of good things. This is the place to go for any clothes from work to casual or going out. The service is normally pretty great, but this most recent time there was an employee, Kat I believe, who was very rude and unhelpful to customers. They seemed like they did not want to be there at all and would not help in answering any questions or locating items. I'm hoping this was just an off day for the employee. They also failed to remove a security tag from an item I purchased which was very difficult to deal with when I got home.”

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“I do like Murdochs, but NORTH 40 is way better. Hope Murdochs catches up with what an awesome store NORTH 40 is. Come on Murdochs, step it up. Your what I have local and I hear you two companies won't open in same towns. Become the leader.Just me hoping. Have great day.”

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“With JCPenny gone, Kohl's is the perfect department store to get good deals. And of course easy to drop off Amazon returns. When you drop off a return they give you a 15% coupon for purchase anything in store. Keep an eye on 70% off sales and well its a steal.”

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“I walked into Boot Barn and no later I was greeted and was asked if I need any help looking for anything.I didn’t catch the name of the worker, but she was very helpful and informative along with being patient!My first ever experience at the Boot Barn was great, I will be returning!”

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“I love the men’s wear house. Something to wear for every occasion, and they even have a little more flare for my taste.I wish the ties were a little more reasonably priced and they had a bigger selection color dress shirts. Sometimes the associates that work here are too quick to ask “can I help you with anything.” I know before I need assistance and rushed into a purchase I like to browse and see the selection then ask questions.”

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